Usagi's Past Life

by Sara T. Fontanini

(I have a reason for not having the disclaimer here, so ignore it. I'll use it next chapter)

Part 1

Usagi gazed out of her bedroom window, and sighed.

Once more, she was thinking of the past, and how she wished that things had turned out different.

But she couldn't change the past (not unless it was related to some evil enemy), and besides, she was happy now. Truly happy.

Which was more than could be said for a few years before.

She sighed again. Should she tell them? It didn't really concern them, and it wasn't like it really mattered after all. She'd buried the past a long time ago.

But, there was one person she KNEW needed to know. Especially if she truly loved him, which she did.

She resolved to find the right moment to take Mamoru aside and tell him about her past. Her REAL past.


Everyone had gathered at the Hikawa shrine. At the moment, no new enemies had appeared, so it was safe to continue on with their lives. In other words, they could just relax and generally goof off.

Usagi was relieved. She was afraid that her mask was slipping, and she wasn't sure how long she could hold it if another enemy had shown up. Plus, she didn't want to see anyone hurt.

She seperated from the others, looking for Mamoru. She had resolved to tell him everything, and wanted to do so as quickly as possible, and away from prying eyes and ears.

She found him just outside, on the porch. She checked to ensure that noone was eavesdropping. Thankfully, everyone else was gossiping among themselves or too focused on their own agendas to care about what the couple was doing.

Usagi tapped her future husband on the shoulder. He turned to look at the blonde.

"Yes, Usagi? What is it?"

She grabbed his hand. "I have to show you something, away from the others." She looked absolutely serious.

Mamoru nodded. Usagi was rarely serious, but when she was, it was a truly grave matter.

And so, the couple left the shrine, to deal with other issues.


Usagi had led the boy to his apartment. He was currently waiting as Usagi prepared the furo.

Mamoru was pondering about the blonde's behaviour. What was so important that they had to come here, away from the others?

Usagi had come back, still wearing her clothing. She beckoned him to follow, and he numbly obliged. Like Usagi and the others, he had a very strong curiosity that, when met with something tantalizing, must see things through until satisfied. He was just not as bad as Usagi.

She had led him into the furo. The boy quirked his eyebrow, not sure how to take this. He loved Usagi (they were meant to be and all) but he wasn't sure if he was ready for THIS.

"Watch." The odango-haired girl commanded.

Then she jumped into the hot furo.

Mamoru watched impassively, until the girl got up from beneath the water. His eyes widened, not believing what they saw.

The black haired boy dressed in the Juban High School girl's uniform smiled sadly at the other boy.

"Hi, I'm Usagi Tsukino." He said. "Sorry about this."

Mamoru fainted.


Thought I should end it there.

Yes, yet another Ranma/Sailor Moon crossover, but with a bit of a twist. Not sure if anyone has done something like this.

I tried to be as secretive about Usagi's secret as I could, and I think I succeeded. If anyone saw this coming, then I have failed!

Oh, this is an altered timeline of course. It takes off after either the Death Busters Arc or the Dead Moon Circus Arc. Take your pick.

I may or may not turn this into an adventure story. Reader advice is greatly encouraged.

Hope ya enjoyed it! And please comment! (cause I'm a review whore!)