Usagi's Past Life

Part 10

The shopkeeper was closing down his store, a little disappointed that he didn't make a lot of money today. He would have to get something cheap for his family to have for dinner, again. But, for some reason, they still loved and admired him. Which made him very happy.

He smiled whimsically at the memory of his wife, two daughters and three sons and their smiling faces. Tomorrow would be better, you'll see.

He would always repeat this mantra to himself whenever feeling somewhat down or depressed.

He turned at the last moment as he heard something approach. And at that moment, Kirin's horn gored through his stomach. The man gasped, mouth wide in shock, blood gushing like a small waterfall from his torso.

Kirin grinned sadistically, taking in the scent of blood and death.

He looked around himself as a thick fog surrounded him. "What trickery is this!" he growled out in indignant fury, angry at being interrupted.

"Hold it right there! We are the pretty soldiers in the sailor suits! The Sailor Senshi!"

"ENOUGH! NOW DIE!" Electricity crackled in his horn as he charged at the young girls, throwing the body of his victim onto the street.

Usagi fidgeted on her bed, growing uncomfortable, and not just because of her seating space. She was emotionally uncomfortable with the atmosphere in the room. Her friends could feel it too. And it was because of the three women sitting opposite them, glaring intently.

Setsuna, Haruka and Michiru. Also known as Sailor Pluto, Uranus and Neptune respectively.

"What is this about?" Rei asked calmly, though seriously. She had learned from past experience that when it came to these three, well at least to Haruka and Michiru, a confrontation is highly likely.

"The future has changed." Setsuna replied. "I was only able to save Chibi-Usa from the change in timeline, but even so, this is still catastrophic."

"Well, as long as Chibi-Usa is safe, then that's all that matters, right?" Usagi said helpfully.

"Stop pretending." Setsuna ordered bluntly. "It is quite unbecoming. We know you are not Usagi Tsukino, aren't you, Ranma Saotome? Now, tell us, where is our real Princess and future Queen?" Her lip tightened. "Or do we need to drag this outside?"

Usagi glared. "Look, I may have BEEN Ranma Saotome once, but not anymore. I am Usagi Tsukino, no doubts about it."

"Impossible." Setsuna replied, her tone harsher. "There is no way you're the Princess, and add to that the alteration of the future, and there can be only one conclusion: you are an imposter, and are hiding our Princess somewhere so you can take control of her life for who knows what nefarious reason."

"I am a lot of things." Usagi said through gritted teeth. "I am admittedly not that smart, I'm a strong martial artist, I have more rivals and fiancées than I have fingers, I am a coward; but one thing I am NOT is a liar...well, at least where it counts. And how DARE you blame me for MY daughter's endangerment. I cannot keep an eye on her, ESPECIALLY when she's back in the future with the other me; THAT is YOUR job. And IF you still don't believe me...then I am capable and willing to fight you over the matter."

"Besides," Makoto added, "it wasn't that great to begin with anyway."

"What?" a vein politely popped in Setsuna's forehead. "What do you mean?"

"Well, it certainly wasn't the kind of place I'd actually see us presiding over. An elite class ruling over an impoverished, some might say even downtrodden lower class? Who you then send away to some fake moon or something because...what, you couldn't handle them?"

USagi nodded. "You know, that doesn't sound too great. Then again, Whenever I DO think about the future, I pretty much just focus on Mamo-chan and Chibi-Usa...never really thought about much beyond that..."

"Not to mention all the stuff we didn't see or remember. There could be lots more wrong with that place."

"So what are you suggesting?" Setsuna said. "That it might be a GOOD thing that the future changed?"

"Precisely." Makoto replied. "Did you actually check to see if the change was for the worse, or for the better?"

"Of course it was for the worse!" Setsuna snapped. "What we had was an utopia, a perfect society! Sure, there may have a been a few...misunderstandings, but sometimes you can't help but accept a few sacrifices!"

Usagi frowned. "I won't accept that. That is not what I have been fighting for. I fight to protect people, no matter what. I do not believe that I'm hearing this from you, Setsuna-san, but...if that is what you believe, then I guess I can't change your mind. But, know that I will not accept any sacrifices. Not anymore."

Setsuna glared. "It is not my fault. We did what we had to do. No more, no less. You have no right to judge us. Besides, it was the queen who had allowed it."

"Then I'll change it." Usagi replied. "You said the future has changed, and so I will change it. For the better."


They all turned to Akane, who had been in the room the whole time and had her arm raised slightly, shaking hesitantly. "Um...I'm not quite sure what's going on here...but...I know Ranma, and he...SHE would never hurt anyone, unless they pissed her off, or gave her good reason, or tried to fight her, or..."

"Akane," Usagi interrupted, "stop helping."

Suddenly, their communicators sounded out, and Usagi activated her communicator, with Makoto and Rei looking over her shoulder. On the little screen, they could see Ami's face. There was a weird static, and one could hear explosions in the background. Ami looked incredibly beaten up.

"AMI!" Usagi exclaimed. "What happened to you? What's going on back there?"

"U-Usagi..." Ami gasped out, wincing in pain. "W..we...we can handle this...ourselves..."

"Then why did you activate the communicator?" Makoto asked in puzzlement.

"I..I was trying to reach Makoto and Rei...usagi, just hand the communicator to doesn't concern you..."

"Stop being so stubborn!" Usagi snapped. "I can tell that you're injured...just tell me what's going before your condition worsens!"

Ami sighed in defeat. "Fine...We're down by the market place...not sure which street...we were patrolling when we saw a man get attacked by a...a yoma, I think...but, it's strong...stronger than anything we've faced before...I"m not sure we can even..."

She looked somewhere offscreen and gasped, and then suddenly the screen went to static.

Usagi quickly got up and ran out, followed by Makoto and (hesitantly) Rei. Akane blinked and ran after them as well, not sure what was happening, but didn't want to be left out. The three Outers blinked.

"We better make sure she's not up to something..." Setsuna decided and the three of them left via the window, so as to have the element of surprise. Chibi-Usa had been left in the room, mostly forgotten.

Kirin laughed derisively at his fallen, beaten, foes. These were the great warriors that had thwarted the attempts of foreign invaders? These weak, pathetic WOMEN? It was to laugh!

He strode towards them, electricity gathering into his horn, ready to land the final blow. He smirked in victory.

Suddenly, a small...halo of light hit Kirin directly in the face, throwing off his aim, lightning firing off from his horn and into the sky. Kirin growled in rage, and turned to the interloper who dared to interfere in its revelry.

Usagi, Rei and Makoto all struck a pose, garbed in their Senshi outfits. Usagi opened her mouth, ready to make some grand proclamation as she always did.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Kirin roared angrily and charged at the three, who dodged, barely escaping unscathed. Kirin turned back, electricity crackling in his horn. He snorted, and got ready to attack.

"MARS BURNING MANDALA!" Rei shouted out, throwing several orbs of flame and energy at the rampaging demon, who roared in pain.

Kirin faltered, but stood, breathing heavily out of anger, glaring at the ones who would dare interfere. "Who are you, more Senshi weaklings?"

Usagi growled, frowning angrily. "We are anything but weak, you oversized horse! We're the Sailor Senshi, and we fight for love and justice! And we will not stand idly by as you murder not only our own, but innocent people who walk these streets!" She held up her fist, which trembled in rage.

Kirin scowled. "I am Kirin, proud warrior of the Demon Tribe. You call yourselves warriors? You are merely pathetic children, prancing around in idiotic costumes! You are pathetic!"

"PATHETIC!" Makoto shouted out. "I'll show you pathetic!" She charged after the beast, getting ready to punch its lights out, but Kirin dodged, smirking. The brunette smirked back, and reached up with her other arm and grabbed Kirin's horn. The demon's eyes widened, and it panicked, and tried to shake her off.

"Let's go! Do not touch me with your inferior flesh!"


With that, Makoto yanked downwards, hard, snapping the horn off of the demon's head, who howled in pain and agony. Makoto smirked, but was knocked back as Kirin struck her with its fists causing her to crash into a nearby building's wall.

"You think you've won!" The demon snarled, flexing its muscles in rage. "I am Kirin! I cannot be beaten simply by having my horn broken! WATCH!"

Kirin roared, energy visibly swirling around his form, and several new horns tore through from his body, mostly around his shoulder area, but also in his elbows, knees and head. He cackled and quickly shot several blasts of electricity at the girls, who scattred to dodge. Except for Usagi, who frowned in determination at the beast. She positioned herself, ready to attack it.

"USAGI!" Rei called out automatically in concern. Kirin grinned ferally, and charged, ready to gore the young blonde with his horns. Usagi xstood her ground, gathering ki into ehr hands.

"MOKO TAKABISHA!" usgai yelled out, shooting a large blast of energy point blank into Kirin's body, who was barely inches away from her body, and the demon roared in agony as the enrgy tore and twisted its body and hurled it back a couple feet away. The demon struggled to get up, its body battered badly from the attack. It looked over at Usagi, rage flaring in its eyes.

"Y...You're the one...the one Lord Tsunami wants gone...the one who...killed the're...Ranma...Saotome...are you..not..?"

Usagi nodded. "Yeah, that's right. So you work for Tsunami? Why does he want me dead?"

"I know not...only that Lord Tsunami is our Emperor...reincarnated after several centuries of his absence...and that apparently you were his executioner..." The demon grinned weakly. "You better pray Saotome...and have as much joy as you cna while it lasts...for my entire RACE shall ensure your suffering and your eventual destruction!"

Suddenly, a weapon appeared in Usagi's hand. She looked down at it, and saw long, red pole with golden ornaments on either end. Instantly, she knew what to do with it.

She charged at the beast and swung the pole down as she neared it. Kirin froze as she landed, and its body split in half, bisected, and fell to the ground. Usagi looked down at the body, feeling rather ill. Sure as a Senshi she had killed her opponents before, but this time it was different. For one thing, the body wasn't vanishing like other Yoma.

The others walked up to her, some with Ami and Minako being carried over Rei and Makoto shoulders, due to being too injured during the fight with Kirin.

Usagi smiled nervously at ehr friends, unsure as to what would happen.

"Th...thank you...Usagi..." Ami said. "W..We were done fore...that thing seemed to shake off our attacks as if they were nothing..."

Usagi sweatdropped. "Well you know...all in a day's work, y'know?" She turned to Makoto. "Nice work there, Mako-chan. I haven't seen you so worked up like that in a long time."

Makoto smirked. "No sweat. No way I'm just gonna stand and allow some jerk-ass demon or whatever badmouth our group. What kind of friend, and Senshi, would I be if I allowed that sort of thing?"



They all turned to see an out of breath Akane, who was hunched over, catching her breath. " guys...sure fast..."

Usagi smiled sweetly. "Comes with being a Sailor Senshi, Akane."

Akane looked around, and sighed sighed in disappointment. "Don't tell me I missed the fight..."

"You missed the fight."



The girls blinked, and looked up, seeing two figures on the roof of a small shop. One was Mousse, who that had encountered a few days before, and the other was unfamiliar to the Senshi, a young man who wore a a dark yellowish shirt, black pants and a bandana wrapped around his head. Both young men had angry, hateful glares directed at Usagi.

"So, Ranma," Ryoga said, "this is why we couldn't find you. You went and changed the appearance of your girl form, to the point of even wearing that ridiculous outfit, to hide from us. S THIS HOW FAR YOU HAVE SUNK! WHERE IS YOUR PRIDE AS A MAN!"

Usagi growled. " is not the time..."

"NO IS EXACTLY THE TIME!" Mousse cried out, and both men leapt from their position, Mousse throwing small daggers at Usagi, who dodged quickly.

Usagi sighed. "Dammit...oh well, at least I have a couple punching bags to work out my's just not my day..."

Ryoga and Mousse charged at the blonde, as she got ready to counterattack.

Tsunami cried out in agony and despair, waling like a banshee, signalling the detah of some poor, unfortunate soul.


For days, he would inconsolable, staying in his private chambers, mourning for seven days and seven nights.

The Senshi would not get away with this transgression.

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