Disclaimer: I own nothing. It all belongs to the incredibly wonderful Stephenie Meyer who has inspired me so much!

Author's Note: Like the summary says, this really has nothing to do with the Twlight story per se. But this was completely inspired by Edward's character. Like many girls I confess I am utterly besotted with him. And in most ways he is the kind of man I hope I am lucky enough to end up with one day.... Edward and Bella are truly soul mates and their's is a relationship that has such a profound connection that I was literally left reeling when I finished reading the books. So much so, that I was moved to write this. I don't know if it sounds corny but I like corny and this is what I hope I can experience one day. I'm feeling a little vulnerable right now, because this poem is very personal to me and I feel like I'm laying myself bare by posting this. I didn't want to initially but I friend insisted I should so here goes...

Hope you like this and comments are most appreciated...

You are everywhere…

In and out of
My thoughts,
My dreams,
My subconscious,
My fantasies…

Yet solidly there…

But not close enough…

…And I'm aware
That you are everywhere!

Aren't you…?

I wonder….

Are you really there
Or is my overactive imagination
Deceiving me?

Are you just biding your time
Waiting for the right moment
To finally appear?

Is desperation for you to be real
Clouding my rational thought?

Do you exist at all?

Who will
This incomplete half
That is me…

Who will
Assuage the wounds
That have healed
Yet ache even now…

Who will
Shield me from
All that threatens to
Wound me still…

Who will
Hold me when
I am breaking apart…

See past the brave face
And understand my insecurities…

Kiss my tears away
Before my life empties out…

Is this who you are…?

Someone I can be vulnerable around,
Let down my guard
And still be safe?

Someone who will
See into my being,
My very soul
And shatter my concentration,
Render me speechless
With the intensity of
Your gaze…

A gaze that will speak
Volumes more than words,

That will see me
As I have never seen myself,

That will awake in me
Feelings I have buried

That will
Assure me I am worth
What I am and nothing less,

Convince me that
I will not be left abandoned
With a bruised and broken heart…

Are you my soul mate?
Destined for me?
Created for me?

I wait for you…

And complete
This incomplete half
That is me…