Akatsuki's Pupils

Several things you NEED to know before you read this fanfic:

Gaara isn't a jinchurriki. (sp?) There are jinchurrikis though.

Hinata can't activate her byakugan in the beginning of the story

Toby is just Zetsu's apprentice!!!! Not Madara.

Hinata was lying on the cold, wooden floor for what seemed to be the hundredth time in 3 days. Her father had threatened her that she wouldn't be allowed rest until she mastered the gentle fist, which she hadn't and was starting to think never will. "Get up, Hinata," Hiashi sighed. Struggling Hinata got up slowly and leaned against a wall for support. Hiashi gave her a look that clearly said "Why are you so weak?' Hinata charged at her father just to be, yet again, knocked away. "We are done for now Hinata," Hiashi said. " H-h-h-hai o-o-otos-s-san," Hinata managed to stutter out. Hiashi sighed one last time before heading to his office and sitting down. Hinata than continued to sink onto the ground out of both desperation and out of the fact that she didn't sleep or eat for the last 72 hours. The thing she didn't know was that Itachi Uchiha, S-ranked criminal, was watching her every move.

Itachi Uchiha was, as to put it mildly, very annoyed. He had just received orders from the Leader that every member of akatsuki had to capture a "student".


"You will all capture a hostage, as we call it, to train and perfect," Leader said "But make sure that this person has no skills as a ninja and is not one…….yet. So therefore this hostage must be 4-5 years old.

Every one (every member of akatsuki) was looking at him as if he's gone mad, but of course nobody dared question him.

"Akatsuki is running low on members and I will decide, after 3 years of training, who will die and who will become a member. So everyone has a chance to become a member and everyone has a chance to die."

" If they are not even close to the expectations of an akatsuki member after 2 and a half years than kill them. If they try to run away than it is your choice to either kill them or punish them in any way. If they prove to disobey you than again it is your own choice to kill them or punish them. If they happen to have any contact with one of the five great shinobi nations than kill them immediately."

"Oh and if they die because of any of those reasons than you will be punished as well. But be warned, if by the end of the 3 years and they don't meet my expectation, or in other words doesn't pass my test, than you will be punished even more severely. I will be back at the place you train your pupils in 3 years."

And with that Leader vanished. Every member was looking outraged. "Well it's no like we have a choice at this, un," Deidara said, breaking the silence. Every one glared at him." We will all meet back here by early morning tomorrow with a "pupil"," Itachi said "Agreed?"

Everyone nodded and vanished.

End flashback

Swiftly Itachi climbed into the dojo's window and through the vast Hyuuga Estate. Hinata sensing a strong chakra behind her turned around and gasped. There behind her was Itachi Uchiha. She thought about fighting but was positive that she would've lost and more painfully, than giving up. Besides nobody cared about her anyways, gone or not. Itachi, as if reading her mind, motioned for her to go over. Hinata braced herself, knowing that this was going to be perhaps the worse choice in her life if she didn't run. Yet she couldn't. "What is wrong with Konoha shinobi these days?" Itachi thought and than smirked. "Come with me Hinata and escape from this place where nobody cares about you," Itachi said with a little more emotion than his usual monotone. "How can it hurt?" Hinata thought, while walking automatically to Itachi. Itachi watching his plan work, crouched down and allowed her to climbed onto his back. Once she was safely on he took off into the Konoha Forest with inhuman speed, the cool night wind blowing away his footprints.

Once he got to the meeting place, a huge open area with a waterfall, river, and lots of trees. A perfect area for training. Itachi realized that he was the last one there as all the other member were sitting and arguing about whose captive was stronger. Itachi carried Hinata to the tent where all the others were sleeping and set her gently down. Then he walked out where the others were still sleeping. "Hey Itachi-san," Kisame started, "The only reason you would've taken your time to go to Konoha and get a girl would be because of 2 reasons. One she has a strong kekkei genkai and two she has a strong kekkei genkai." Itachi stared at him as he finished.

"No reason," Itachi replied, "Get some rest everyone, we start training the first thing tomorrow when they wake up," "Hey Itachi who made you the leader, yeah?" Deidara asked. Itachi glared at him. "Point taken, un,"

Slowly the group separated and went to sleep, waiting for the next day. The day when "training" would begin.