Chapter 27

"Nothing." Hinata answered.

"Hn." Was the reply Hinata was given, "I am quite interested in the development of your Sharingan."

Hinata didn't say anything, "This is a clone. Defeat it. I will be holding back." Madara continued and without waiting for a reply, disappeared.

Hinata stared at the spot Madara was previously at, dumbstruck. Hearing a slight rustle she broke out of her thoughts and barely dodged a kick. Activating her Sharingan Hinata saw Madara twirling a kunai, amused, against a tree.

Hinata took up a defensive stance, praying she wouldn't have to use Byakugan with Sharingan.

"Ah….you have mastered some techniques of the Mangekyou Sharingan. Tsukiyomi…..interesting you have also mastered Kamui and Amaterasu……to a level." Madara said with his eyes closed.

Hinata did not ask how her knew. After all when you're the Founder of the Uchiha Clan you get to know things that normal people don't. Hinata simply stared at him, waiting for him to make a move.

Madara did so…smirking while doing so, "You can either let me see your techniques or I can do it by force."

Hinata didn't reply, still staring intently at Madara, "Very well." Madara said, eyes narrowing slightly.

He ran towards Hinata, Sharingan changing to Mangekyou form. Hinata changed her own eyes into Mangekyou form as well, still glaring at Madara. Why couldn't it have been Kisame or Deidara or Sasori………Hell why couldn't it have been ANYONE else…..not counting Pein.

Madara smirked again and Amaterasu flames surrounded Hinata, "Oh……..shit." Hinata thought, "He's fucking smart or I'm fucking stupid…..probably both."

Hinata tried jumping out of the Amaterasu flames, but knew it was hopeless. Madara was still smirking. Hinata growled quietly, wondering whether she should just give up and use Kamui to kill the flames or be stubborn and die.

Not wanting to die Hinata gave up and used her Kamui to suck the flames, making them disappear, "Not bad, although your control is still imperfect." Madara rebuked.

Hinata ignored him again, making sure not to get caught in any of his Sharingan techniques anymore. Madara seemed to know she wouldn't answer and started to attack her with taijutsu. Hinata groaned quietly and jumped back a good 10 feet.

"How can he not get tired?" Hinata thought, "And how is this holding back?"

Hinata started to dodge his attack, going back every step for each attack. Madara stopped all of a sudden and jumped back, much to Hinata's confusion. Her confusion was answered shortly, "Katon, Fireball no Jutsu." Madara muttered.

Hinata scowled. Uchihas were known for their ability to create powerful fire jutsus. The founder of the Uchiha clan, on the other hand, can literally CONTROL the fire. In easier terms, he's unbeatable on fire element. Or invincible.

Hinata stared for a brief second before jumping back and avoiding the fireball, only to have it follow her. Hinata kept on avoiding it, just barely every time, "Damn. Does the term chakra limit apply to this guy?" Hinata thought.

Hinata thought back to anything Itachi had every taught her that would be useful right now. Nothing. She threw several shurikens at Madara, only to be replied with thousands more.

"Well, there goes that idea. At least he stopped the fireball." Hinata thought sarcastically, starting her Protective 8 Trigrams, 64 Palms.

Madara ran towards her, her attack not even affecting him. How he got through all the chakra beams Hinata would never know but the next thing she knew was colliding against a tree. Grumbling about her luck Hinata stared at the space where Madara was previously at, wondering where the hell he could've gone in a few moments.

"Genjutsu?" Hinata thought, "But I have my Byakugan activated, I should be able to see through a genjutsu. Wait, this is….."

"So you've realized. Most people wouldn't." Madara's calm voice commented, "Yes, this is my special Sharingan jutsu. In here, you must test your ability to strategize under pressure. To put it simple your mental endurance."

Hinata scowled mentally. Why did she always get stuck with these people. It was either Pein, Madara or Itachi for her every single time. Closing her eyes and retreating to the farthest end of her mind so she couldn't feel or see anything Hinata began to think about how to get out of this hell.

The scroll she had read only had limited information on this jutsu. The only thing it said was that you had to remain calm, and figure out a plan to get out. The only way to get out was very obvious. In fact too obvious for most people to think about in their desperation to escape. Helpful, huh?

Looking into the distance Hinata could see a figure coming closer and closer towards her, katana in hand, "Oh shit." Hinata mumbled, reaching for a kunai only to have a large cut appear on her arm.

"What the…" Hinata muttered, trying again only to have the same thing happen, "So I can't defend. Perfect."

"There is nothing you can do." Madara's voiced echoed, "Only the Sharingan can save you."

Hinata growled, activating her Mangekyou Sharingan again, of which had been deactivated when she started using her Protective 8 Trigrams. She didn't exactly like the Mangekyou Sharingan, it took too much chakra.

She found herself back at her surroundings, Mangekyou reduced to normal Sharingan. She saw Madara back on the tree branch, watching the whole scene, amused. He jumped down from the tree, walking towards Hinata.

She tensed, expecting some sort of attack, of which she did receive. Madara had shurikens appear in his hand and the next thing she knew a fire dragon was right behind her. Hinata only dodged it because of her Sharingan.

"Water Style, Water Dragon no Jutsu." Hinata said.

Madara disappeared in a zap of lightning and before Hinata knew it she was again colliding against a tree. Hinata stared. She didn't even feel anything, so how was she thrown back. A second later she found her stomach pounding painfully. No wonder. Her ribs were definitely broken.

Hinata held onto her stomach, hands glowing green. Hands on her stomach Hinata jumped up to avoid a deadly blow to the head. Hinata was frantic, "Come on. 5 more seconds." Hinata thought, barely dodging a kick, "4,3,2,1."

"8 Trigrams, 128 Palms!" Hinata said.

Madara dodged every single strike and again HOW he did that Hinata will never know. Madara stopped attacking all of a sudden but Hinata looked at him warily, "You have improved since the time I fought you in the forest." With that he disappeared.

Hinata stared at the poof of smoke before starting to heal her broken bones. Within' a few minutes she looked good as new and the sounds of fighting became louder and louder. Hinata arrived in the clearing and as usual not a sound was made.

Hinata was walking towards Itachi when somebody came flying her way……