This is probably the crappiest and least serious story I've ever written, but who cares! It was fun to write and I hope it's fun to read! It's also my first story about the Varia...


Something was seriously off in the Varia headquarters. It was quiet. Way too quiet. No loud yelling, no arguments and throwing of glasses and furniture. Just quiet.

And the reason? Why he absence of Squalo of course.

He'd been locked up in his room all day, refusing to come out, even refusing to say something. Also, Xanxus was unusually quiet, just pacing around looking restless and angrier than ever.

Needless to say, the other Vaira members were feeling nervous. And when Squalo didn't even show up for dinner that night and Xanxus disappeared in the direction of Squalos room, they were downright scared. It was Levi who brought up the subject at hand, when Xanxus had left.

"Have you noticed that boss seems a little... restless today? And Squalo is still locked up in his room..."

"Well the boss probably had a fight with the lil' sharkie, ushishishi..."

"Nah, I haven't heard them fighting for weeks~"

"They might still have fought even if you didn't hear anything, Lussuria"

"They probably fought over money, if they fought at all"

"Or maybe the boss was too rough in bed and now sharkie is sulking, shishishi..."

"In which case it seems like boss is going to settle things now"

Silence fell for a few seconds before everyone made a run towards Squalos room, arriving just in time to see Xanxus entering, before closing the door behind him.

As quietly as possible the rest of the Varia gathered around the door, trying, but failing, to listen in on the conversation. Somehow, fear had turned into a ridiculous curiosity for the whole situation.

"I can't hear what they're saying!"

"They don't seem to be fighting..."

"Oh, wait, I think the boss said something like 'paying the price'"

"See? I told you it was about money"

"I think he said 'feeling' just now"

"Hm, but I can't hear Squalo at all..."

"Then it's probably like I said, the boss screwed him so hard lil' sharkie can't stand and now boss is asking how he's feeling"

"That's ridiculous"

"But still somewhat romantic~"

"Oh shut up ya faggot, that's disgusting!"

"I keep telling you it's about money"

"That's what you think, ushishishi..."

"Just listen here-"

"What are you idiots doing?"

A collective gasp was heard as they realised they'd been caught. The door had opened and Xanxus was staring down at them with fury in his eyes. More fury than usual, that is.

"Um, boss..."

"We were just..."

"Just worried about Squalo!"

"Yeah, since he's stayed in his room all day and..."

"And so you thought it necessary to eavesdrop so see what was wrong?"

"Um, well..."

One glare from their boss and they all fell silent. It was with very badly contained anger that Xanxus spoke.

"Well, for your information, the trash in there decided to, against my orders, stay out in the cold when on a mission and is now suffering from a cold which caused him to lose his voice. And if any of you idiots thought anything else, you really are complete morons! Now get out of my sight!!"

Said idiots didn't need more orders than that to run off down the corridor. Though the Prince just had to add:

"I bet the boss will give Squalo his medicine properly, ushishishi..."

This remark earned him a whiskey bottle to the head.

Inspired by my own aching throat. I've been sick for a whole week now. Sigh. Writing this really cheered me up though! And reviews will cheer me up even more *wink, wink*

Anyways, thanks for reading!