Human, Digimon, or...?
Part I
by Christian "Sid" Lang

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This had been a bad idea from the beginning. he thinks.
The floor beneath him feels cold and hard.
But they just wouldn't listen to me. They never did.
Something next to him moves.
Now they're dead. And I'm... I'm... Where am I?
"Hey buddy, you all right?"
His pulse accelerates when he hears the voice.
Human. Definately human. And close. Too close for him.
Humans meant trouble. And he really has had enough trouble for one day...

She is doing it again. Renamon thinks to herself.
The Digimon is lying on her stomach, tail moving lazily.
"What." Ruki asks flatly, having noticed the Digimon's stares.
She looks at the Digimon.
Both of them are in Ruki's room, with Ruki sitting in the middle of it.
She is surrounded by playing cards, there must be hundreds of them.
Renamon is lying in one of the few card-free areas of the room.
"You're doing it again." the Digimon just says.
"So what? I have to work on my Deck."
Renamon just rolls her eyes.
She can beat anybody with any deck. she thinks to herself.
But she doesn't say anything since she is aware why Ruki is doing this.
Or rather, why Ruki has done this every evening for the last two weeks.
No Digital Fields have appeared. None at all.
She sighs.
Ruki just nods grimly.
"I'm getting some air." Renamon announces and disappears.
Seconds later she reappears near the park where Guilmon normally hides.
Since the sun has already set, the park is almost empty.
With no real aim, the fox-like Digimon wanders through the park.

He frantically looks around.
The place seems familiar, yet alien.
A quick look upwards tells him that he is outside, since he can see the dark sky.
Yet the floor beneath him is made out of very flat stone.
Just like in the towns, but much smoother. he briefly wonders.
Then he examines his surroundings.
He is standing between two walls made of stone.
Again, the material seems smoother than any stone he knows.
OK, this seems to be some kind of... alley.
And there is that human. Luckily, the man hasn't made out his true nature. Yet.
As if having waited for it, the man starts to scream and run.
Kill him! Now! Before he alerts the guards!
But he quickly controls his instincts.
No. I'm not like them. Not at all.
So he just watches the man run, shaking his head.
Finally, he starts to look for a good escape route.

"It's a freakin' werewolf! Help! I need help!"
Renamon's eyes widen when she hears these words.
Did somebody see her?
No, the voice is coming closer.
Renamon hides in a bush and takes a look at the street nearby.
As she expected, a homeless man is running straight across the street.
The man even manages to stop a passing car. The driver even gets out.
Renamon relaxes again.
Just some drunken man on a bad trip. she thinks and sighs.
"It's a monster! Police! Help!"
Renamon looks up and sees the car driver running away from an alley.
That man looked normal enough. But if he really looks panicky.
Renamon actually grins when the she realizes what this means.
She flexes her claws, anticipating a good fight.
And silently she prays that it's not just that stupid Guilmon.

The sudden appearance of the second human urged him even more.
He quickly climbs the wall at the other end of the alley and jumps.
His feet land on the strange flat stone again, but this time the space is larger.
It reminds him of a backyard, but it's just as strange as the rest of this... place.
And there's something even more alien.
"What in the name of the DigiWorld are you?"
He just stares at the creature which had spoken.
It reminded him of a member of the Fox Clan, but its fur is yellow.
And Foxes never approached his kind like that.

For a second, Renamon wonders if she had made a mistake.
She had waited for her enemy in the backyard.
But the creature in front of her was no Digimon.
She knew all Digimon. All of them.
Frowning, she examines it again.
The creature is almost 2 meters tall, has broad shoulders and... lot's of fur.
And it really looks like a werewolf.
While the robe-covered body looks humanoid, the head is entirely wolf.
Not to mention claws bigger than human hands. Renamon silently adds.
Slowly, the creature lifts a giant claw.
Renamon braces for an attack, but instead the creature starts to talk.
"Greetings. I am Sanjay of Wolf. If you-"
Renamon sighs. This isn't going as she expected.
But maybe I can fix that. she thinks and charges forward.
The wolf doges her first attack, but the fight has just begun.
"Oh come on! I really don't wish to-"
Again he can't finish his sentence since he has to dodge an attack.
He's holding back. I he toying with me?
That thought alone makes Renamon even angrier.
"So you really want it the hard way? Fine!" she shouts at the creature.
The wolf stops in his tracks to give her a questioning look.
That's all the time Renamon needs.
Rising into the air, she uses her Fox Leaf Arrow Heads.

Sanjay looks up at the rising Digimon, realizing his error.
He can see a whole cloud of shards appear out of nowehere.
Then the shards start moving.
Oh boy.
Screaming, he jumps out of the way.
While he is landing, he can see that his former position is covered with shards.
Then he realizes that the attack hadn't missed completely:
Some of the projectiles have cut through his right leg.
He howls in frustration.
But the fox-like creature isn't satisfied yet.
And to his horror Sanjay witnesses the creature rise again.
Only one option remaining. he tells himself and starts to concentrate.
"Fox Leave Arrow-"
Quickly his left finger draws a circle in his right palm.
"Head!" the creature finishes her strange magic formula.
And as the sharp projectiles fly towards him, Sanjay quickly holds out his right hand, palm facing the creature.

This should finish the fight. Renamon thinks, allowing herself a smile.
Her second set of Arrow Heads is already moving towards the enemy.
But about two meters away from him, the projectiles crash against an invisible barrier.
Through the cloud of projectiles, Renamon can make out a strange glowing red symbol in mid-air.
"What the- How did he-" the Digimon stammers as she lands again.
How did he do that? That shield came out of nowhere!
Renamon is furious. This fight is lasting too long.
And that creature didn't even fight back!
Renamon quickly thanks the Heavens that Ruki isn't witnessing this.
Then I'll finish him with my claws!

Sanjay hates decisions like this.
Unlike other Wolves, he didn't like to kill. He always fought hard to ignore his instincts.
That didn't mean that he isn't able to defend himself.
In fact, he knows more ways to stop an enemy than any of his siblings.
One of the advantages of being able to read.
But he really hates fighting. And he hates it even more to use the Power this way.
But this is becoming a fight to the death. And he doesn't want to die.
So he sighs one last time and concentrates again on the Power.
The yellow fox is only a meter away now.
Its claws look sharp enough to slash his throat. But Sanjay doesn't want to test this theory.
Instead his left index finger draws a straight line into his right palm.

Ruki will be so proud. Renamon tells herself.
Just as she wants to end the fight, the Digimon feels a sharp pain in her chest.
She looks down and is surprised when she sees her fur getting red.
There is a faint red glow coming out of her chest and Renamon traces it back to the wolf's claw.
A... sword? Pure Energy. Must be... she thinks as she slowly passes out.

Back at home, Ruki Makino can feel that something has changed.
She gulps and takes a look around.
"Renamon?" she whispers.
Normally that is more than enough to summen the Digimon.
After a few seconds, she calls the name again.
Still, Ruki is alone in her room.
Cursing, she runs to her table, not caring about the cards under her feet.
Her D-Arc is lying on the table and Ruki instantly grabs it and selects the Radar.
While normally the arrow pointing to Renamon is glowing brightly, it is almost completely gone now.
Calling her Digimon's name, Ruki runs out into the night.