Breaking bad: the bad were made to be broken

chapter 1: the rv

Walter and Jesse Plankmen am was driving in Winniebago. They were drive to get to the big Drug Deal and they had Master Plan to make a lot of money. Them plan was to kill guy with money and take drugs and money too.

They drive with a speed to Lordsbrug, New Mexico.

Chapter 2: The Deal

"Jasse did you bring Gun?" say Walter Wite as he hide in behind trashcan.

"Yes mr. White. I am bring the gun." and he brought the gun out quick then put it back.

Then suddenly, bald guy with the money come out and walter yell with determinatino, "GET GHIM!!!!!!!"

Jesse shot him and they grabed the money and the more drugs too and went.

Chapter 3: labort

"Oh no!" say walter and he coughed bloody when he put cellphone in aer.

"what?" say jesse as he drive with scare and vigoration. His heart was beat fast like drum and thud.


So Jesse had to drive fast in low gear first to get to the hospital.

Chapter 4: Hospital

"yo mister white can I come?" say Jesse. He is hungry and want by things in vending machine in labby.

"no." walter say and get out into the outside.

Walter ran fast down the hallway. A nurse try stop him but he yell, "MY WIFE IS HAVEING BABY!

Chapter 5: delivery

"Look," Skylar say and baby is cradle.

Walter pulled blanket off baby face and horror droped inside him.

"Hello, father." the baby say, and her eyes glowed like him blood.