AUTHORS NOTE - I had planned to finish the story as it was but a couple of people asked for more, so here you go.

By the time they'd finished working the crime scene - despite Tony already having shot and sketched the scene - it was getting late. It had been evening when they got there and after the body had been taken to autopsy and the evidence taken to Abby Gibbs suggested they take a break and reconvene the following morning at 0600. The others agreed, Tony had been yawning every couple of minutes, Blackadder could barely keep her eyes open and Ducky was quiet - not regaling Tony with stories. Sure signs that all were tired.

He was surprised when Tony invited him to get something to eat before heading to his hotel to sleep. It gave him the perfect opportunity to talk to the young man, who as thus far had thankfully avoided mentioning his family. Tony drove him to a homey looking diner when he agreed and sank into a booth. Only once the meals were delivered did the younger man actually talk.

"When did it happen?" Tony pondered faltingly.

"When did what happen?" he frowned.

"Shannon and Kelly," the younger man whispered.

"Oh," he'd never expected the younger man to read him so well. "Years ago. How did you know they were dead?"

"You're different," Tony stated simply."Darker, more brooding."

Gibbs had to change the subject, it was getting too difficult. Instead the special agent asked about Tony's life since they last met. Sighing dramatically he claimed that 'dear old dad' had disowned him when he was twelve years old, just months after their meeting, for announcing a wish to join the police force rather than taking over the family business. That had to have hurt but Tony simply shrugged. With a smirk the younger man admitted to still having inheritted everything left to him by his mother before adding that it meant DiNozzo Snr had no reason to interact with him. He then went on to assure the older man that he'd been fine, spending the school term and most holidays at the Military academy and the summers working anyway. Almost afraid of the answer Gibbs asked what he had done after school. Grinning widely he told the agent of how he had gotten a sports scholarship to Ohio State and worked as much as possible to pay for food and accomodation. They'd finished their food and moved on to coffee by the end of his story and yawning again he offered to drop the agent off at the NCIS agents' hotel. Also feeling tired, being emotionally as well as physically exhausted Gibbs agreed. The last thing the older man did before heading into the hotel was ask him not to mention Shannon and Kelly at all, to anyone from NCIS. Confused but accepting, he agreed.

Tony arrived at the hotel at 0555 the following morning. Gibbs had to be impressed by the younger man's punctuality since Blackadder was apparently still asleep - not having appeared from her hotel room - and Ducky was yawning in a corner. Practically bouncing into the room with a tray of coffees in one hand and a file in the other the young man offered them a bright smile. The smile was infectious and Gibbs happily accepted a cup of coffee as Tony offered Ducky some tea. It seemed the medical examiner had found a kindred spirit in the younger man as the tea was apparently perfect. Shaking his head at them as they lauched into a discussion about the finer points of tea, Tony adding a Sean Connery impression to the mix, Gibbs headed to see what was keeping Blackadder. In just under half an hour they were in a cafe for breakfast and to go over the file Tony had supplied that morning.

It turned out that their marine had been dealing drugs on the side. Blackadder had glared darkly when Tony provided this information but the young man simply offered her a bright smile in response and handed Gibbs a revised list of suspects - they'd been able to compile a sketchy one at the scene the previous night. The special agent was even more impressed with his work and couldn't help but wonder when he'd had the time to do all the work. After they'd eaten Tony gave them detailed backgrounds on the plethora of drug dealers in the areas nearest where the marine's body had been found.

"How do you know all this?" Blackadder's tone implied that she thought he was 'sampling the merchandise.'

"I'm a cop," he shrugged. "It's my job to know these things. Of course the fact I spent two months on loan to Narcotics might also have something to do with it."

"Blackadder I want you to work on narrowing down this suspect list," he handed it over. "Duck, go do your thing," the county coroners office was graciously allowing the ME to do the autopsy there that morning. "DiNozzo with me, we're going to talk to the vics family."

Despite only having been reunited for a couple of hours, after such a long seperation, Gibbs trusted Tony's instincts. The younger man had proven to be a good cop. So when Tony told him to move to the side of the door - to the house the marine shared with his elder brother - Gibbs did so without thinking. Seconds later a shotgun blast destroyed the door right where the agent had been standing. The brother barreled through the door and made a run for it but Tony was hot on the man's heels. The younger man tackled the brother to the ground and cuffed the man as Gibbs caught up.

It turned out the two brothers had been dealing drugs together but the elder one had gotten greedy. The man suggested expanding the business to deal to anyone who wanted their drugs but the marine had refused - not wanting to deal to teenagers - and had threatened to go to the cops rather than allow that to happen. Rather than taking the risk the brother had simply shot the marine, meaning that not only could the man expand their business but there was no longer a two way split. Gibbs and Tony were both disgusted by the man. Ducky and Abby's findings confirmed the man's confession and with the case effectively wrapped up and just the paperwork to do Gibbs led Tony back to the same diner as the night before.

"How did you know about the shotgun?" the agent had struggled not to ask sooner.

"Heard the click," he shrugged. "So you're heading back tomorrow," he failed to keep the disappointment out of his voice.

"I want you to come with us," Gibbs claimed. "I need a new senior field agent."

"Really?" his face lit up. "Well I was planning to move on soon anyway. Sure why not."

"Good," the older man smiled. "Report to the Navy yard on Monday at 0900."

"Yes...boss," he grinned.

They finished their meals in companionable silence and Gibbs headed back to the hotel with a small smirk on his face at the thought of Tony going to work with him at the Navy Yard, having cleared it with the director before heading to the diner. One thing was for sure NCIS would never be the same again.