"I loved you...you hear me I loved you!"

Strange that those words echoed in my mind. Watching her fall I saw her cherry red hair obscure her face, now lifeless and pale.

Columbia was dead. I couldn't believe it. It was too surreal to be true.

She had only been a groupie, not even a meaningful relationship. I grew tired of her, like I grew tired of them all. I had never loved her.

Which had been a good thing. Obviously.

Yet I was more upset at her dying than anything else. Weird.

Here I am, once a great prince of Transylvania, now reduced to a shivering wreck on the wrong end of a gun now in a servant's hand.

"Say hello to oblivion...."

Riff-raff had told me that, I was going to die. Yet I didn't feel the peace and clarity that I was supposed to feel, like in the old Earth movies, or even panic. Just Columbia.

Oh God! My final moments and all I could think of was Columbia?!

I glanced at Brad and Janet in a sweet embrace, and for a second I saw myself and Columbia in the same embrace, in the same love we so desperately needed.

But I didn't love her.

I screamed in fear at the sight of the gun in Riff-raff's hand. Trying to flee I hit a curtain. I couldn't die, I couldn't let them murder my Columbia and get away with it.

Wait, my Columbia?

She wasn't mine. I didn't love her, did I?

The laser hit me. Shit.

I hadn't loved her.

I hit the floor.

Oh God why hadn't I told her that I loved her?!