Chapter 2: Arashi's date! Miracle or Disaster?

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Haruhi: I don't, I meant weird in my sense.

Nxh592: you have sense?

Haruhi: Oh… right.

Nxh592: Okay, next questi-

Haruhi: -Well, what made me start the SOS Brigade was because not one club shared my interests so I made my own!

Nxh592: Are you an Esper? Cause I was just about to ask that.

Haruhi: No, you're just predictable.

Nxh592: (Sulk) I'm not predictable…

Haruhi: I was kidding! But are you an Esper?! A Time Traveler?! A Monkey?! And I don't want to hear a word about Charles Darwin!

Nxh592: I am not at liberty to say… (looks left to right)

Haruhi: WHOO HOO! I found someone weird!

Nxh592: And I found someone weirder than me! So Haruhi, I gotta ask, do you like Kyon?

Haruhi: Well, I can't say that I like him. I just find him interesting. He was the only one to find an interest in what I like, and he reminds me of John Smith!

Nxh592: You know that Kyon really is-

Haruhi: -And he likes to cause chaos,

Nxh592: that's you

Haruhi: and he is the perfect example of Moé,

Nxh592: That's your dress up doll formally known as Mikuru

Haruhi: he's a real bookworm.

Nxh592: That's Yuki

Haruhi: and of course he always smiles!

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(Potato explodes.)

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"Mind talk and summonings"

"Thinking and flashbacks"

Arashi and Kazuma relaxed their chakra once again. Both sighed heavily.

"Well… we've gotten a considerably stronger chakra signature since last time." Kazuma said looking up at his brother.

"Why do you sound surprised, Kazu? We always grow stronger when we fight each other. The only reason we are limited to once a day is because it will eventually destroy everyone in Konoha and giant soba noodles will eventually destroy the world as we know it!" Arashi said laughing quite evilly.

"What happened to the black hole theory?" Kazuma asked

"That's if we were cooking apples in a deep fryer." Arashi explained

"Ah, that's right." Kazuma said looking at his wristwatch. "Arashi, you're late!" he said

"What? Oh, shit!" Arashi said "I'm out of chakra; I can't use the Yellow Flash!" Arashi said running as fast as he could to Kushina. "Good luck on getting home Kazu! Oh, and by the way, this is for running out on me! PAYBACK'S A BITCH!" he said throwing a bundle of tagged kunai at him.

"What the fu-!" A huge explosion shook the ground around Kazuma as all of them exploded at the same time.

Arashi laughed as he rushed to Ichiraku.


Kushina had just got to Ichiraku; it wasn't as packed as she thought it would be. As she looked up and down the street, she wondered where Arashi was. She went inside to look around. She looked through and there were only three people at the tables and one person at the bar, and of course the young ramen bar owner Teuchi.

"Hi Teuchi-san." Kushina said as she walked in

"Oh, hey Kushina. How've you been?" He said turning around with a laughing baby on his shoulders.

"Hi, Ayame-chan!" Kushina said cooing at the little baby.

The little baby laughed as she heard her name.

"Waiting for someone?" Teuchi said as she saw her looking around.

"Yeah, have you seen Arashi anywhere?" Kushina asked

"Well, not yet, but he's due to show up any moment." He said chuckling

Kushina sat down. She decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

As the minutes went by, she counted till it hit seven.

"And five, four, three, two, one…"

"I'm not late!" Arashi yelled from outside. He came inside just as the hour hand hit seven.

Kushina smiled "I knew you wouldn't be late. I was just wondering how close you'd cut it."

"You shouldn't keep a lady waiting Arashi." Teuchi said smiling giving them both their usual bowls.

"Thanks, Teuchi." Arashi said

"Thank you." Kushina said "So, why were you almost late?"

"Sorry, I was training with Kazuma, and I lost sight of the time" Arashi said sitting down next to her.

"Yeah, kinda guessed that." Kushina said "So, where is Kazuma? I was sure he'd follow you here."

"Oh, I gave him something I owed him from this afternoon." Arashi said "He won't be bothering us."

"That's good, what was it he did?" Kushina asked

"He ran out on me when you were chasing us." Arashi said

"Yeah, sorry about that. I don't like anyone calling me a controlling know it all." Kushina said

"And I'm sorry for calling you such." Arashi said "But you seem much calmer now."

"Yeah, thanks." Kushina said "So, did you really mean what you said to Jiraiya-senin?"

"Of course, Me and Kazu have seen him at the ladies bath peeking from the mountains-"

"-Not that!" Kushina yelled "I meant the part of you becoming the next Hokage." She said calmer.

"Oh, that. Of course, I have some big ideas for the village. Some jutsu's that ANBU can use, and me and Kazu have studied some of the other villages and we believe me and him are onto creating a new-"

"-It's Kazu and I! Get it right!" Kushina said in anger.

Arashi backed off, Kushina looked angry one moment and the next she looked like she usually does.

"I-I'm sorry Arashi." Kushina said looking at her bowl

"What was that about?" Arashi said getting back into his chair.

"Well, I-I can't control my emotions. So I'm so sorry if I yell at you. I don't mean it." She said sincerely sorry.

"It's… alright Kushina." Arashi said "Chan." He added hastily.

The rest of the time at Ichiraku couldn't have gone better. As they left Arashi paid for their bowls and the left together.

"That was good! Wasn't it Arashi?" Kushina said licking her lips.

Arashi was laughing quietly.

"What?" Kushina asked

Arashi stuck out his tongue like Kushina did and she busted up laughing

"Okay, I do not look like that!" Kushina said as Arashi turned cross-eyed next.

"You become a dork when you want to." Arashi said

"Keep talking Mr. I don't believe in dumplings." Kushina said

"Hey, I have a perfectly valid reason for that." Arashi said he said becoming half serious.

"Found you." Kazuma said hanging upside down in front of his brother.

"Hey, Kazu! You're alive!" Arashi said

"I have no time for ghost jokes now Arashi. We got trouble with the eyes." Kazuma said serious

"What did they do?" Arashi asked

"Wait, what do you mean by the eyes?" Kushina said looking lost

"The eyes refer to Hiashi, Hizashi and Fugaku." Arashi explained "We call them the eyes because they all possess an eye technique."

"So what did they do?" Kushina asked

"I think it's better if I show you two." Kazuma said leading them back to the Uzumaki mansion.

All over the lawn, the windows, and doors were gigantic signs that said "Welcome to where the monkeys roam."

"Uh…welcome to where the monkeys roam?" Kushina said looking at the signs

"How many?" Arashi asked

"Eighty-one" Kazuma said

"Those pricks!" Arashi said "we must have revenge!"

"I agree!" Kazuma said "Eighty one is unacceptable!"

"What's wrong with that number?" Kushina asked

"They all used thirty six signs each. The thirty sixth sign in the chakra system is the middle finger. This is like posting a big F-you on our lawn." Kazuma explained

"Makes… sense." Kushina said "So how are we going to get them back?"

"Kazuma, you take Fugaku." Arashi said as a clone of Kazuma's appeared with a handful of black hair

"Already done." Kazuma said

"Kushina, you come with me to infiltrate the Hyuga mansion." Arashi said "Grab on to my shoulder, and stay quiet."

Kushina had no idea why he told her to grab on his shoulder. "Okay…" Kushina said hesitantly grabbing his shoulder.

She felt herself what felt like melting in the floor and traveling the speed of a bullet. The next moment, the two were in a fairly large room with a bed on each side. Each held a similar sleeping Hyuga in each. Kushina had a little of a hard time getting together again.

"It need's some getting used to." Arashi said noticing.

"You two are nuts traveling like that all the time." She said shaking her head.

"So, what do you think we should do to them?" Arashi whispered

Kushina thought for a moment. "What if we put both of their hands in warm water? They'd pee through the night."

"Nah, too simple. We need something that'll get them for sure." Arashi said

Kushina's foot knocked on a brown box. She looked down and picked it up. She opened it up and almost dropped it instantly in disgust.

"What?" Arashi asked

Kushina showed him the box, and it was filled with pictures of girls from their academy undressing.

"Hah! Kazu owes me ten thousand ryo! I told him he was taking pictures of the girls."

Kushina searched the box quickly, and took a picture out in anger.

Arashi had an inkling that it was a picture of her. Kushina and Arashi both thought of something.

"Arashi, are you thinking, what I'm thinking?" Kushina said smiling evilly

"See? It feels good listening to the devil on your shoulder."


Hiashi and Hizashi were fast asleep all through the night, the next morning however, were woken up by their screaming parents.

"WHAT IS THIS?!" The booming sound of the Hyuga head yelled.

Both Hiashi and Hizashi both sat upright. Hiashi noticed something was glued to his face. He took it off to see Hanatoro undressing in a photo. He looked scared as he looked over at his brother who had just as many glued all over him, Hizashi's scared look was still visible.

"Both of you, get up now!" Their mother yelled as she grabbed both their ears.

"OW! Mom! It wasn't- I-" Hiashi yelled.

"It wasn't us!" Hizashi yelled "We didn't take those pictures!"

"Then what is this?!" Their father yelled as he held up a box labeled "HIASHI'S AND HIZASHI"S: GIRLS IN OUR CLASS."

Their mother pulled their ears tighter as she saw the box.

"OW! We didn't-!" Hizashi tried to explain but it was no use trying to explain.


"A successful first epic prank Kushina-Chan." Arashi said as he high fived her. "I would of never thought to glue it on their faces."

"Hey, what was genius was putting their box on Hizashi's bed." Kushina said

"Why, I must say that it was an epic prank Kushina." Arashi said in a more than necessary British accent.

"Yeah, thanks for taking me along." Kushina said smiling

"Anytime, Kushina." Arashi said grinning cheek to cheek. "All you have to do is ask." A beeping sound broke the silence. Arashi looked at his watch. "Well, looks like we pranked throughout the night. We need to get to the training grounds."

Kushina stretched "Yeah, alright." It looked as though she was a little tired.

"Alright, ready to go again?" Arashi asked

"Let's just hope I'm used to it now." Kushina said holding Arashi's hand

"H-hey, it's alright if you just grab my shoulder." Arashi said a little red in the face.

"Yeah, I know. Maybe I wanted to hold your hand. Ever think of that?" Kushina asked as her face turned a little red as well.

"Alright, then. Here we go." Arashi said as he concentrated on the spot. They both disappeared in a yellow flash


"Kazuma," A voice disturbed the silence Kazuma was enjoying.

'just ignore the voice and hopefully they will go away.' Kazuma thought as he kept his eyes shut.

"Hey, Uzumaki!" The voice said again.

'just keep sleeping Kazuma.' He said to himself again. Instead of a voice he heard a hissing sound. 'hey, is somethin' cooking?' the hissing grew louder. 'wait…' "THAT'S ME!!!!" he yelled as he ran toward the lake. A smoke rose as the fire receded from Kazuma's backside.

"That's for shaving my head you little prick!" said the bald headed boy.

"Question!" Kazuma raised his hand "Who the hell are you?" Kazuma said fanning the burns from his behind.

"Maybe this will jog your memory!" He said as his eyes turned red. He drew his katana and ran towards Kazuma.

"Ahh, It's Fugaku. I gotta say, I did a pretty decent shave in the dark." Kazuma said as Fugaku drew nearer. A beeping sound came as a startle to Kazuma, he looked at his watch. "huh, I didn't set my watch. Maybe Arashi did. Better go see what he wants." He said as he disappeared in a yellow flash leaving Fugaku to try and slash Kazuma. He was blinded by the yellow flash. And tripped into the river.

"You'd better run Uzumaki! You and your brother are dead!" Fugaku said


Kazuma appeared next to Arashi and Kushina in training ground seven. "Hiya," Kazu said. "So whats goin on? Did something happen at the Hyuuga mansion?" he asked

"Yep, pay up." Arashi said flat out. "I was right."

"Oh your kidding?!" Kazuma said in disbelief. "You mean they were taking pictures?"

"Yep, and they'll be regretting they took said pictures thanks to me and our little Tsundere teammate." Arashi said motioning over to Kushina.

"Hey, who are you callin' little?!" Kushina half yelled

"You see; Tsundere." Arashi said

"Tsundere, that's the perfect way to describe Kushina-chan." Kazuma said fapping his hand.

"You see, that's what I said, she's like the perfect example of Tsundere." Arashi said

Kushina laughed "I guess you guys are right, I kinda am a Tsundere."

"Okay, would you all stop saying Tsundere." Jiraiya said from behind them all.

He frightened the hell out of Kushina, "Don't do that!"

"Yeah, do it sneakier. I sensed your chakra signature a mile away." Arashi said

"Ditto, hide it next time." Kazuma said

"uhh boys," Kushina spoke up "Your kinda talking to a log."

Both Arashi and Kazuma opened their eyes. And to their amazement, they were talking to a log that fell to the floor.

They both felt a flick on the back of their heads. "You mean like that?" Jiraiya said

Both of them grabbed their chins inquisitively. "I give it a 8 out of 10."

"I give it a 9." Kazuma said " I had just an instant to dodge. I just didn't act upon it."

"It was the same here, except I found I had a second more than Kazuma did."

"Well, that's better than nothing." Jiraiya said smirking. "Alright, attention all of you. This will be your first mission. The thing is, this will be a test to see of you are ready to train with a Senin." Jiraiya said

"Wait, what do you mean to see if we are ready?!" Kushina yelled "We already passed the test and already became genin!"

"Yes, you are Genin; however, this is a test to see if you will be training with me, or training with someone else." Jiraiya said taking out three bells. "If you can take a bell from me by lunchtime, then you train with me. However, if you don't, you won't be able to train with me and must take another year in the academy."

"That's bullshit!" Arashi said

"Yeah, the last that we all want is to spend another day in that godforsaken hellhole!" Kazuma yelled

"Yeah, I can't spend another year there!" Kushina said

"Well, then what should you do then?" Jiraiya said dangling the bells in front of him.

"Does it involve cookies?" Kazuma asked innocently



"Alright, the rules are, you can help any of your teammates, but they must get the bell on their own. Next, you can't leave the training ground, and finally only go when I say go." Jiraiya said

They all nodded.

"Ready… GO!" Jiraiya disappeared before they did.

"Alright, Kazu; find his chakra signature," Arashi said

"Right," Kazuma concentrated for almost a minute, and then growled "He's hidden it pretty well."

"Yeah, I figured he would be a little more careful now that he knows we can sense his chakra. Alright, Kushina; I want you to search between here and the grand tree." Arashi said

"Alright," Kushina ran toward the biggest tree in the region.

"Kazu, I want you to search between here and your sleeping spot." Arashi said

"Oh good, I might be able to see Fugaku and repay him for cooking my ass this morning." Kazuma said

"Kazuma, too much information." Arashi said " I'll be going toward our training ground from yesterday,"

"Fine," They both disappeared in a yellow flash.


Kushina had not seen a hair nor head of her Sensei. But a glint did catch her eye, "Holy crap." She said to herself, "did he drop one?" She went toward the bell. "Kushina, you Tsundere, you are aweso-yaaaaa!!!" A rope grabbed her leg and swung her upwards and upside down. As she flew up, she dropped her bell.

"Ooh, I'll be taking that." Jiraiya said

"You are so fucking lucky I'm wearing pants!" Kushina said glad she decided not to wear a skirt this morning.

"To ones perspective." Jiraiya said disappearing

"YOU PEVERTED CHIKAN-SENIN!!!" She yelled red in the face.


'Alright must search for bald Uchiha, must search for bald Uchiha. Wait… must search for Chikan-Senin, must search for Chikan-Senin.' Kazuma thought

He was at his sleeping spot. "Ahh my sleeping spot, good times here, gooooood times." He said patting the tree.

"DAMN YOU UZUMAKI!" A flash of light gleamed off of a bald head.

"ehh, I'll take it." He said taking his kunai out and blocking. Fugaku and Kazuma fought for a good minute of exchanging slashes.

"C'mon Uchiha, this is all you've got?" Kazuma asked

"Fuck you!" he said while something glinted off his forehead.

"Ooh, shiny." He said looking up. He saw Jiraiya and the bells hanging from his waist.

"Raincheck emo-boy." Kazuma said as he disappeared in a yellow flash "I'll get you Chikan-Senin!" Jiraiya disappeared and left a log in his place. "Damn you Log!"

"Keep trying Uzumaki!" Jiraiya said "Oh yeah, don't get cut!"

"Nyeh?" Kazu said confused. Then a sword came flying at him.

"Get down here! I'll get you for cutting my hair!" Fugaku yelled

"Trust me emo-boy, you needed the shave!" Kazuma said

"Stop calling me EMO!!!" Fugaku yelled

"Like I said raincheck! I'll kill you later!" Kazuma said


"Okay, still no sign of-" Arashi was cut off by his teammates appearing. "Well?" he asked

"I saw him, but he tricked me into a trap." Kushina said red in the face.

"I did too, but he left me at the weak revenge of Emo-boy." Kazuma said

"Hmm…" Arashi thought for a minute.

"Is there something else we could do?" Miyuki asked

Arashi smirked "I got it. Miyuki, I want you to…"


Jiraiya was in one of the trees. "Hmm I wonder where those kids are?" he asked himself. As he was about to go to another tree, he heard a huge smacking sound. "What was that? Sounds familiar somehow." As he was pondering this, he heard rocks crunching under someone's feet below. "Hm, it's the girl."


Miyuki looked around. " oh dammit! I can't find him." She sighed as she looked around. "ooh I hope Arashi doesn't see me." She said as she reached to her back. She unlatched her bra. "Ahh, that feels so much better." she said fondling her own breasts. A wind passed by. "Damn, it's cold in this forest." She said shivering. Her nipples were shown on the outside of her shirt. She could hear a small sound behind her. Not much to make her jump though. The sound was constant, and sounded like a pencil. but the sound that made her jump was a low chuckle. "He's there!" she said pointing to the source of the chuckling. Arashi and Kazuma tackled him down.

"Gah! What the?!" Jiraiya yelled out

"I'll take my bell." Miyuki said smiling.

"I'll take mine," Arashi said

"And I'll take mine!" Kazuma said

"Hah! Wait, you…" Jiraiya said. "You little cheaters."

"Man, Kushina-chan. I thought he was going to tackle you first." Kazuma said

"Oh was he?" Kushina said punching her teacher in the head "Pervert."

"Well, the good news is I got some good research, The bad news is, I have three new students." Jiraiya said to himself

"Whoo-hoo! We pass!" Arashi said laughing with his brother and Kushina.

"Well, I guess you all pass. So, we'll start your missions tomorrow." Jiraiya said

"Sweet! We'll see you when we see you." Kushina said

"Just a question, who came up with the red head, doing that display?" Jiraiya asked

"Oh, that was Arashi." Kushina said

"Why didn't he get hit?" Jiraiya asked

"I did." Arashi said showing his bump.

"And it was Fuckin' Genius! You gotta tell me, where you got the idea." Jiraiya asked with his notebook out.

"Nope, the only reason I don't look like Mickey Mouse is because, I promised to never tell you."

"Damn, worth a shot though." Jiraiya said "See ya later researcher-in-training," he said talking to only Arashi.

"Well see you later Arashi, I'm gonna go and give a certain Uchiha a present." Kazuma said

"Don't let ANBU or the police force catch you!" Arashi yelled

"Will do!" Kazuma said disappearing.

"Well, what do you want to do Kushina-chan?" Arashi asked

"Ichiraku?" She asked

"Okay, but we go dutch this time." Arashi said

"Deal!" she said as she grabbed his hand.

They both disappeared in a yellow flash


Nxh592: damn, this one was loooooong! But I'm done. Today, I have the most awesome otaku in the world, Konata Izumi!

Konata: hey there!

Nxh592: So Kona-chan, speaking otaku to otaku, how do you like the story so far?

Konata: Well, not really fond of you using Minato Namikaze's name as Arashi.

Nxh592: yeah yeah, I know. It's just, I started this story back when the rumored name of the Fourth Hokage was Arashi Kazuma, and I really hated the idea that Minato and Kushina weren't married, so I named his brother Kazuma. And instead of having his last name Namikaze, I have it as Kushina's maiden name, and his Uzumaki.

Konata: Oh I see, a lot of people do that, but usually they fix their story after all has been revealed.

Nxh592: I see where you're coming from, but I find it very troublesome to do so, because a lot of the things I have done was proven and are already main parts of my story.

Konata: yeah, yeah. I mean you can't take out Obito as Tobi now, and of course changing the leader to just being a former rain student of Jiraiya would be too confusing to work with. Besides, that's what fanfiction is all about. It's about making your own stories as you see fit.

Nxh592: Ah, a voice of great truth Kona-chan.

Kagami: yeah, what the hell are you two Otaku talking about?!!!

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Tsukasa: Yeah, sis was kinda wondering where Kona-chan was going.

Konata: Oh, were you that worried about me Kagamin?

Kagami: Shut up! It's just your stupid lie got me worried!

Nxh592: Damn Konata, what lie did you come up with?

Konata: I told them, that I was going to a love hotel with this guy I was talking to on World Of ****raft.

Nxh592: man, how did you set that up?

Konata: Is was when you talking to me about coming on the show. You remember, it was when I asked you to be as vague as possible.

Nxh592: Oh, so that's what you were planning you little kyper.

Konata: yeah and the thing that set it was when you said, so when did you want to come over?

Nxh592: oh yeah, they read that on the scroll page huh?

Konata: yeah you should have seen the look on Kagamin's face when I said I was goin to a love hotel (sighs) Priceless.

Kagami: Oh shut up, it wasn't that out of the ordinary.

Konata: (takes out picture) you see, her eyes like rolled back, I thought that part was hilarious.

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Nxh592: Wow, thanks Miyuki.

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Kagami: yeah, I read it too. It was really well done.

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Nxh592:Really, I liked that story too.

Konata: Ooh Oh! And in Old Rivalry, its real cool how you have the Nobodies from KHII back as Soul Soldiers. And even though you have a twenty plus cast, you split it up pretty well. What other things are you thinking up for that one?

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