Chapter 7: Darcy Returns

Once they got to the Trix dorm, Karen walked over to Icy's closet and pulled out the ice witch's outfit.

"Who said you can touch that?" an angry voice filled the room, "Who said you can use this room?"

Karen and her friends looked over to the entranced of the dorm. A dark figure was standing there arms crossed. The figure steeped out of the shadows.

"Darcy!" Karen gasped, "No, you're dead."

Darcy strolled into the dorm with a dagger in her hand. The witches watched her movements; she seemed to float instead of walk.

"I am dead. But I wont be the only one," she laughed evilly, going closer to the frightened witches.

Nova walked over to her friends wearing Darcy's witch outfit.

"You're wearing my clothes!" Darcy screamed the room growing darker by a second.

Darcy ran to Nova and sliced her neck with the dagger. Nova stumbled to the ground her body lifeless. Darcy snapped her fingers and Nova was in her own witch outfit.

"You will all pay for messing with the Trix."

Then Darcy attacked…

A couple hours later, Ms. Griffin was making sure everyone was going to bed, but she heard a blood-curling scream.

Ms. Griffin ran all the way to where the Trix's dorm is. She opened the door and gasped. Hanging from the ceiling was the bodies of Karen and her friends. Above the door was a sign, it read: I'M ALWAYS WATCHING. The writing was in dark purple with swirls on each letter.

The End