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It was Monday morning and she'd already been in England for a week. She loved it here, but it was still so much different than New York. People were stressed in another way. People seemed to be more open and everything seemed so much cheaper. That was the best part. She could shop and her credit balance wouldn't take noticed (almost).

Galleria stepped out of the taxi. Her mother had told her to learn how to use the public traffic, but she was still quite new and she didn't want to get lost and be late on her first day of school.

She looked at the big, almost majestic building on the beautiful campus that she now was going to call her school. She was nervous and she got even more nervous when she stepped even closer to the building. Would she be able to do this? She was alone now. Galleria was so used to have the girls to comfort her. She really missed them. Channel had told her that they'd gone to India to be in a movie. Of course Gabriella was happy to hear that The Cheetah Girls, that she in fact founded a long time ago, was doing fine, but inside she was crying. She so wanted to become something big with The Cheetah Girls and that couldn't happened now. She was in England and they were in New York.

She went inside the building. It was absolute amazing and breath taking. She looked around. People were running with paper in their hands. Some were kissing their love ones goodbye. Others, like her, were just standing, not knowing what to do. A guy was weaving at her. Did she know him? Should she weave back? No. she didn't. Instead she pretended she hadn't seen him. She turned around, but someone tapped her on the shoulder.

"Galleria Garibaldi?" a voice said. Galleria hopped she could ignore the person and move on. She couldn't. "Excuse me. Are you Galleria Garibaldi?" the voice said. She turned around to find a boy with quite messy hair. "Hi. I'm Peter Daniels." He said and held up his hand for her to shake. She looked at his hand and then at him. She wanted to give him a fast 'hi', but his eyes cached her. They were green and gorgeous. She couldn't say anything and now he was just looking at her half smiling.

"Are you okay?" he said in his lovely British accent. If she was okay? She was better than okay. She was excellent. She didn't normally fall for guys just by one look at them, but this one was an exception.

"I…I'm fine" she managed to say and looked down. It was impossible for her to say anything when she looked him in his eyes. "And yes I am Galleria Garibaldi. "She said, still looking down.

"Awesome. We are…ermh…what did they call it…oh yeah, 'freshmen-buddies'" he said, "I think it's because we have the same courses, so we can help each other and so on." Galleria laughed a little. Peter laughed too. "So, 'buddy', let's find our schedules!" he said and headed towards the reception.