Ship of the night


"Is a hundred years a long time would you say Jack?" Gibbs asked
"Depends on what you're planning on doing with it mate." Jack was at the helm of the Black Pearl steering them out past the shoals of time,
Gibbs nodded,
"Don't seem as long as it used to seem though."
Jack smiled,
"Even given the lack of rum?"
"Aye." Gibbs took a swig from his flask, "Though it be fair wonderful where you can find it if ye look hard enough."
Jack's smile grew.
"As you say mate, it is."

"Don't think Miss Elizabeth will think a hundred years long enough though." Gibbs said as he put the flask back into his pocket.
"Maybe not. But then maybe she won't be having a hundred years. Maybe she and young William won't be needing them eh?"
Gibbs squinted across at him,
"What be in ye mind Captain?"
Jack stared at the horizon,
"Well there is still the matter of William's heart, is there not? Were someone to stab the beating thing then William would be freed from his shackles to the Dutchman and our star crossed, or rather goddess crossed, lovers could dance away into the herafter together."
Gibbs thought about that for a moment, then shook his head sadly,
"But whose going to stab it Jack? Not you, and Barbossa be otherwise occupied as you might say."

Jack had got that innocent look of his on his face, the one that so often meant trouble,
"Depends on who finds it doesn't it?" he said softly.
Gibbs frowned in confusion,
"Could be anyone, Jack, not a good man, not even a sailor. Calypso would be powerful annoyed by that. T'was keeping Will from such a thought that persuaded her to let him have his life day in the end, even though you cheated. You said so yourself."
"Aye, that I did, and it was. But having had the thought do you think she would leave it to chance?"
Gibbs frowned at him but with dawning amusement,
"Depends on who gave her the thought in the first place I be thinking."
Jack smiled again,
"And you might be right to say so mate."

At the rail Calypso appeared in a wave of spray. Jack gave a sideways look and his smile widened,
"Always pays to be prepared. If the facts are unappealing, then change the facts."
"The facts being?" Gibbs encouraged him.
"Well you want the right sort of captain for the Dutchman do you not? A good man who loves the sea, and not one like to turn into Jones. One who has no...... competing interests you might say."
"Such as?" Gibbs encouraged again.
Jack paused for a moment his smile becoming reflective,
"Would you say the Turners were good parents Gibbs? Raised their children in a manner like to make them good men, and women. Make them a good captain?"
Gibbs looked confused but nodded,
"Aye, I'd say so."
"Well, so would I. Raised a boy they have, fine lad and it's a powerful love of the sea that he has."
"As him should!" purred Calypso coming closer,
"Aye as you say. Sea's all he wants and needs. He'll make a fine captain one day." Jack looked towards Calypso with a grin, "wouldn't you agree."
"Tat I would." she grinned back.
Jack looked back towards Gibbs all innocent and earnest,
"And if he were to find this heart, this dead heart, beating, might he not be fired with the idea to put an end to the weirdness, and the sadness, of it and stab it?"
Gibbs looked at him with horrified fascination, but he nodded,
"Put it out of its misery you might say. Aye that he might, if he were a good lad and the idea were to come to him."

Jack was smiling that smile again, the one that told Gibbs that he was never going to guess what Jack was planning now. Gibbs looked from him to Calypso and back, then he spread his hands, not sure that he wanted to know more but curious all the same,
"And this lad of theirn, the one who might find the heart and have the idea to stab it, what might his name be?"
Jack and Calypso exchanged a knowing smile before she melted back into the sea, but her laughter was still ringing in the wind as Jack replied,
"Jonathon," his smile became wider but his eyes stayed fixed on the horizon, "Jon, but never Jack."