Power Rangers Pants Game

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A/N: If you don't know how to play the 'Pants' game it's real easy. Just take a quote delete a word and substitute the word pants for it. For example: Take the quote "Back to Action" by Jason and change it to "Back to Pants!" or Pants in action!" Either one works for that one. It's a lot of fun and you can do it with books, shows, movies, etc. It's supposed to be funny and light. There will also be top ten lists and other things in following chapters as well. Here we go:

1. "I am Lord Pants, Emperor of all I see!" (Zedd)

2. "So I take it you're pleased with the new leader of the power Pants." (Zordon)

3. "Zordon said these morphers give us Pants. Let's use them!" (Jason)

4. "Zordon said these pants give us power. Let's use them!" (Jason)

5. "Billy, no offense, but can you just cut to the chase? What exactly did you find at the Command Pants?" (Kim)

6. "The object is to get more pants so you can keep on playing." (Ernie, about his new Pachinko machine)

7. "Yes, she brought it on her first date with my dad. I promised that I would not let it out of my pants." (Kim, about her mom's purse)

8. "Siren Song Pants. Who names these things anyway?" (Trini, about a lipstick she is loaning Kim)

9. "Siren Son Red, who names these pants anyway?" (Trini, on #9)

10. "Zordon and Alpha are in a hidden pants making a new ranger." (Billy)

A/N: So what do you think? I know it's short but it's just a start to see if you all like this game or not. Please review and let me know!