Naruto's Descent into the Darkness

Chapter 1

The Curse Seal of Heaven


--Naruto's POV--

I was trying to find my teammates after I was swallowed whole by a giant snake. I managed to destroy it with my Shadow clones. I heard a fight start up and followed the noise when he heard someone like Sakura-chan scream. 'Damn, I need to make sure if it's her that she's ok!' I sped even faster. As I got to the source of the fight, I saw a grass nin kick Sasuke up in the air then punch him in the stomach sending him flew into a tree, knocking him out. He fell on a branch just laying there. Sakura-chan ran to him which pissed me off but I didn't show it. I frankly am tired of her only acknowledging him even though I've only shown one jutsu I learned that night from the forbidden scroll. I'm tired of always being left behind when someone else gets to learn and I have to teach myself, which blows when you don't know anything so you can't teach yourself. I contemplated staying there until the grass nin took our scroll and left. Would show her just how strong her precious Sasuke-kun is, bleh! I heard the grass nin mumble something as I saw her pull her face off, ew, and it was now a man's face. What she, he, he-she said angered me so much that I just had to step in. The she-male said "not as strong as I would hope, but maybe if I give you some of my power you'll get stronger." That was it, Sasuke has enough power and now, as always, he gets more handed to him! I threw my jacket off to make the clone I made correct and it jumped in front of the guy and shouted

"Like hell you are!" it was time to show just who had the power.

--Orochimaru's POV—

The kyuubi brat jumped in front of me in the way of Sasuke-kun. It was strange that he no longer had the stupid jacket, but I felt that this one was different. "get out of my way." I ordered as I threw two senbon though his neck and something grabbed my interest. The boy disintegrated into crows which fluttered around me. I smirked, maybe Naruto-kun had some talent, I would have to see if he had a decent amount of power compared to Sasuke-kun. Maybe I would give Naruto-kun the Curse Seal of Heaven. Up above he Shunshined into the heap of swirling crows. I have to assume he knows the Shadow clone jutsu on account the only way he would know the Crow clone jutsu if he had read some of the Forbidden Scroll. This would be interesting. The crows scattered and the boy dropped in front of me, charged and swung at me with fists. I blocked them all and he used the momentum of the previous punch to spin and deliver a kick into my ribcage. This kid was defiantly filled with tricks up his sleeves. Continuing the momentum he kicked me in the temple shooting me into a branch. When the substitution took effect he cursed and took a grew very alert at all the directions. Sasuke-kun came to and looked around confused. The girl filled him in on what happened right before I struck. My snake smashed into the tree Naruto-kun was standing on and he jumped out very aware of it coming. Another point to my list of the better shinobi and that gave me confidence Naruto-kun had more talent than Sasuke-kun. I had to have this boy! We engaged in taijutsu again and I took a couple steps back when suddenly I bumped into something behind me. Naruto-kun smirked then chuckled. He snapped his eyes up "GREAT CLONE EXPLOSION!" he announced as I felt the explosion behind me and in front of me. I shed my skin to counter the jutsu. I haven't seen such a promise for a body since Itachi. I swore to make this boy mine!

--Naruto's POV--

I appeared on the branch Sasuke and Sakura-chan were on and I could tell he wanted something. As if he was interested in it. I shook it off. The man gazed at me a gaze that had so much killing intent in it, it rivaled Zabuza's! I simply stood my ground though, as Sasuke and Sakura-chan were struck with massive fear. I wanted to save the Crow clone technique and the Clone explosion for a very strong opponent; well at least I got to use them for that. I knew this person, whoever he was, was WAY stronger than he seemed I just knew it. I knew if I was to beat this guy I would have to use 'it' my ultimate jutsu. Using just one of those jutsu takes a pretty good amount of chakra. But using both and two clones for the Clone explosion has put me at half my chakra. I know this attack will bring me out of chakra, but it's a last resort. I put my hands in my signature seal "Multi shadow clone jutsu!" 1,000 of me appeared and they went towards the guy. I grabbed Sasuke and Sakura and jumped off the branch away from them. I got about 50 feet back as he was fighting my clones. He destroyed about a quarter of them and I formed enough to make the total force back to about 1,000 even after he would destroy more as I made my new ones. I declared my ultimate attack for all to hear proudly "EXPLOSION OF THE HEAVENS!" all the clones exploded in a massive fiery ball of destruction. The winds were so powerful that they blew us about another 50 feet away. I had done it though. It was clear as day, it was day actually because at ground zero the canopy of the trees in a 45 foot radius had all their leaves blown off. I panted heavily as I came out victorious. I looked at Sasuke first and saw him in shock. I turned to see Sakura-chan on the other side and she had the same expression on her face. I gazed at ground zero with a smile on my face. I did it, all on my own too! That was what I thought. The guy jumped out in front of us making this 'kukuku' laugh smirking devilishly.

--Orochimaru's POV--

He proved himself worthy of being my container. With him as my body and having the kyuubi's power, I could get Itachi after all! This had to be the best day of my life. This boy was in a whole league of genius, field genius. That jutsu could've killed me, but I can tell it must really drain his chakra. He has to have a lot of chakra on his own to be able to pull all this off. I snickered as I got to see my new vessel. I could see in his eyes that he wants someone to help him, be there for him for once, instead of doing everything himself. That would be how I'll convince him to come to me, but for now I'll leave him with my parting gift. "kukuku, Naruto-kun, you've proven yourself a true shinobi. I have to leave now, but I will leave you a little present which, in time, will influence you to make the greatest decision of your life!" I stretched my neck and bit Naruto-kun. When I removed my fangs, the two puncture wounds oozed a little blood and the three tomoe circling each other formed blessing him with my some of my power. Even though the 1 in 10 rule was true, I was sure Naruto-kun had a stronger shot at making it with the kyuubi sealed inside him. This was going to be my greatest body yet and probably second best forever as I am sure I will get Itachi with Naruto-kun as my vessel. This will be too easy knowing his background!

--Sasuke's POV--

I watched that snake freak bite Naruto on the neck. It was truly creepy. I heard Naruto make a blood curdling scream which actually made me shiver a bit. He passed out onto the branch the three of us were on. Sakura held onto him and I grew a fit of rage, Sharingan blazing "What the fuck did you do to Naruto?!" I demanded. The guy continued to snicker, I wanted to wipe it off him so fucking much!

"I gave him what he desires. You see my name is Orochimaru, and I intend on Naruto-kun coming to me in due time. now off with you, I don't want you out of my sights!" this guy known as Orochimaru demanded. In disgust at his lack of respect, I flipped handseals "Fireball jutsu!" I yelled and sent it at him. He simply stood there as the fire engulfed him. When I stopped breathing out, the fire died down. That fucker was standing there basically mocking me. "you are a waste of time. I'm glad I didn't take you." Outraged I jumped at him, Sakura shouting for me to stop. I threw my fist back and got ready to strike, suddenly he grabbed my arm, spun around and threw me back. I slammed into a tree, headfirst, and everything went black.