Naruto's Descent into the Darkness

Chapter 4

Naruto Reveal's his Hidden Strength


--Kurenai's POV--

I saw what Naruto did and it impressed me. I thought he didn't even know what genjutsu was, but I was wrong. He was able to cast a complicated genjutsu with his finger, which is an impressive feat at any rank, but he was a genin! Itachi must be his idol if Naruto would use the Crow Clone's with the Ephemeral. Only thing, only half of the flock was used as shuriken. I saw Itachi do something similar a couple times. If Naruto adopted Itachi's fighting style as closely as I think, then not only will Kiba be obliterated, but I might need to step in to prevent Naruto from killing my student. My thoughts have been confirmed as I saw the majority of the remaining murder dive at Kiba from all directions, barrel rolling caughing him to become even more disoriented. He swatted at them to try and get away, but he kipt getting clawed in his face. Naruto stopped his crows and they returned to the air, resting on the edge of the balcony. One landed on my shoulder and one landed on Kakashi's. The two of us looked at each other, both wondering if Naruto was foreshadowing something. The crows that didn't land on the railing revolved around Naruto quickly. He disappeared in them and they circled each other with just as much speed on the floor of the arena. Naruto appeared in them and the crows scattered "I decided to not use my Ephemeral technique." He said. Out of nowhere, a shadow clone was behind Kiba, jabbing a kunai into his back. "I decided to have some fun." He finished. Kiba repeatedly let out muffled cries of pain. This is going to be bad!

--Naruto's POV--

After I stabbed him in the back, I planned what I would do next. It wouldn't hurt to tell everyone in one sweep action about my new dreams and such. My clone threw a kunai into the symbol of the Konoha. "I have lost all faith in the pathetic villagers that inhabit Konohagakure. I have lost the faith that one day I will become an acknowledged shinobi and respected, but that will never happen. Not as long as I'm still alive, for they despise me and always will. I thought that if I became Hokage, then maybe, just maybe, I could be respected. How stupid right? As long as people are hated for what they hold and not who they are, I will never be treated or looked at as a human being, but as a savage animal. Since I no longer have any point in becoming Hokage, I have a new dream. My new dream is to become an ANBU captain. I will serve the Hokage and the Hokage only; I will serve the village, not the inhabitants. If I could join the few of the infamous 'flee on sight' shinobi, that would be nice too. That is my new dream, something that is reachable. I may not be respected, but I will have authority! I will have power! I will be feared!" my clone declared, with its arms raised a little passed its shoulders like I've seen the paintings of gods and goddesses. The Konoha nin, even the Hokage looked at me with worry and concern. It was time to end this. I saw Akamaru try to sneak up behind my clone. I decided to take out the stupid dog and break Kiba's heart and will. "Clone explosion!" my clone declared as it exploded heavily injuring the small canine. Everyone was astonished that the shadow clone that stabbed Kiba was actually me and me that made that speech was actually a clone. Kiba ignored his pain from my knife and ran to his stupid friend. I held onto my knife cauging it to withdraw from his spine. He kneeled beside Akamaru and checked the unconscious dog. He snapped up to meet my face and yelled

"YOU FUCKING BASTARD! I'LL KILL YOU!" I laughed a little.

"Tell me Kiba, have you ever killed a man before?"

"No, but you'll be my first kill!" he swore

"No, I won't. not only because you lack the stones to kill, but you lack the ability you see, I have killed before, and I know how it feels. You don't, you're afraid of feeling it, I can see it in your eyes. Until you get over that pathetic fear, you'll never make it past genin. I have no problems killing you Kiba, so I'll give you one more shot. Forfeit now and you'll be able to cling to your wretched and pathetic life." He shook his head and I had enough. I Shunshined underneath him and kicked him in the jaw like the weird ass Rock Lee. I used the Shadow of the Dancing Leaf to appear underneath him. He turned his head enough to see my intimidating gaze. I felt the power well up in my neck. The power, it felt so good. I let it consume my body to make my improvised taijutsu combo pack even more of a punch. "I admit the first part of this technique came from someone else, but the rest is all mine!" I told him as I spun him with my leg making his feet at my face. I kneed him in the back and maneuvered myself into kicking him in the gut. I grabbed him by his jacket so he wouldn't go straight into the ground. I punched him in the face then maneuvered my feet at his neck. I clamped them onto his neck, one on his windpipe and the other on the back of his neck, and spun myself. I let go of my grip on him, sending him into the ground, he was face down and for the final strike I elbowed him in the back of his neck proclaiming my creation "Kitsune Rendan!" I got off of him, stood and felt the power recede, oh well all good things must end one time or another. "Call it before he dies, his neck is broken." I informed the coughing proctor "*cough* do to knockout *cough* Uzumaki Naruto wins the first match *cough, cough*" Kakashi appeared beside me whispering in my ear

"We need to seal that curse mark."

"Why? So you can take away the only thing that someone gave me and not the Uchiha? Look I'm tired of you and everyone else who hands Uchiha Sasuke power and holding me back. And now that someone has handed me power for a change, you take it away!" I retorted, also whispering. This wasn't the place to have an outburst. His eye showed he was shocked for some reason

"Naruto, I didn't know you felt that way. This isn't the place to talk about this, but we need to resolve this issue. Come with me." I didn't want to, but disobeying orders from your direct superior wouldn't be good for my dreams of making it to ANBU. I complied and we walked off to a section of the building behind the arena.