"Bella!" Alice shrieked. "I am so excited that we are finally in high school!"

I groaned miserably. "It's really not that big of an idea."

"What are you talking about? It's a huge deal, Bella! We'll get to meet new hot guys, go to raves and parties, and who knows what else! Which means a new wardrobe for you, young lady," Alice blabbered. She been doing just that all morning.

Alice and I had been best friends since the dawn of time. I was always the boring one who studied and made good grades while Alice was the exciting one who snuck off to high school parties and got drunk. When a guy approached us, he always asked out. This is the way things had always been so I wasn't expecting a change.

"I can't wait for the bell to ring!" she exclaimed as she bounced up and down on the parking lot bench. Her mom dropped us off ten minutes earlier. Alice was kind of pissed to make an entrance so early. She claimed that it screamed "freshman".

I looked around the parking lot as I ignored her. More cars started to pull up into the school. One of them stood out like a sore thumb. It was a red convertible with the top down. Inside was definitely what you would call the "popular crew".

Leaning on the car, was a blonde girl whose hair framed her face and ran past her shoulders. She had the body of a dancer who danced for rap videos. Her shorts hugged tightly on her ass and her shirt was a bright red whose v-cut hung low enough for a baby to get breast fed.

I turned to Alice. "They allow you to dress like that?"

"Ah, she is absolutely gorgeous! That's Rosalie Hale," Alice exclaimed. "She threw that one party that I snuck to last winter. All the guys say she is the hottest thing in the school."

I rolled my eyes. Of course Alice was going to adore her. Their fashion sense shared the same qualities. Today Alice took it easy and wore some khaki Bermuda shorts and a black tank. I had on my usual jeans and a solid color t-shirt.

"Look!" Alice shrieked again.

I glanced over to the direction she was pointing to find the red convertible again. This time there was a motorcycle by it.

"So what?" I asked.

"Not the vehicle! The boy!" she exclaimed.

I scanned the area for the person she was talking about and spotted him almost immediately. A tall, lanky blonde was standing by the motorcycle shouting at Rosalie. His head was a mess of curls that stopped at his chin. He had a particular look that screamed danger. He was Alice's type alright.

"That's Jasper Whitlock. We got drunk together at a party once. Do you think he will remember me?" she asked hopefully.

"Who can forget you," I chuckled. She smiled immediately.

"You're right! I'm going over to talk to him!" she beamed as she hopped up and ran over to the motorcycle. I would have protested, but she was already up and gone.

I watched her dance over there to a spot next to Jasper. She waved and he waved back giving her a confused expression.

This was embarrassing. He didn't remember her and she was about to be embarrassed in front of the whole campus. I had to do something before she reached him.

I hopped off my seat and darted as fast as I could to her. This was a bad idea. I've been a known klutz from the time I first learned how to walk. I could feel my laces dragging under my shoe causing my body to tilt. I braced for the impact. When the impact didn't come, I looked up.

"Hey there," a velvet voice called. I couldn't think of anything to say.

"I'm Edward," the voice said again.

"Uh, hi," I replied. Those were the only words capable of leaving my mouth.

"Watch your step, freshman," he said as he stood me upright. He turned his back and walked away without another word.

"Humph!" Alice pouted. I could feel her presence next to me. "He didn't remember me at all!"

"Sorry to hear that, Alice," I said. I wasn't really paying attention to her petty little problems. I was thinking about that god of a guy who just rescued me from a few cuts and bruises.

"Earth to Bella!" she called as she waved her hand in front of my face. "The bell just rang. We need to get to our first period."

"Alright," I replied. I followed behind her as she led the way. We were lucky enough to receive first, second, and fifth period together. I needed her in order to help make the transfer from middle school to high school. I heard rumors that freshman year would be your hardest year.

"Excuse me!" Alice called out to a dark haired boy. "Where is Art?"

"Down that way, freshman," he replied.

Alice thanked him and we were on our way.

"If he weren't so ugly I would have asked for his number. Too bad," she stated. Alice was extremely shallow. If you weren't good looking and had fashion sense she wouldn't even look your way.

We reached our class in enough time so we weren't marked tardy.

"Class, Class," the teacher, Mr. Benson, called. We all stared at him waiting for him to talk. 'Welcome to Art I, freshman. I assume most of you are. For your first assignment I want you to draw anything you like. This is so I can see where your skills lie. You may begin."

As soon as the teacher hushed up, Alice turned her chair to face me.

"I want you to sit at the popular table with me at lunch," Alice said. I looked at her as though she was stupid.

"That's one Christmas present that you're not going to get," I chuckled.

"Bella, don't be such a party pooper!" she begged.

"But I am a party pooper," I whined. "Alice you can sit over there. I'll find somewhere else to sit."

"I don't want you sitting with the losers because I showed up with you. This isn't middle school anymore, Bella. I can't let people think I hang with a loser," she explained.

My face twisted. That was a low blow.

"I'm not calling you a loser. I'm trying to prevent you from being one. You have to see where I am coming from here," she said in an apologetic tone.

My frown was still apparent on my face. I couldn't look at her after she called me a loser. Instead I stared at my white sheet of paper below me and started to draw.

"I'm sorry, Bella," she apologized. "You know I never sugar coat anything."

I hated when Alice was like this. Even though she was my best friend, she was always nagging me about how boring my life is. Most recently she complained about how I didn't have a life. She never understood that I just didn't fit in with her kind of people. I couldn't stand the smell of weed and I hated alcohol. These were all activities that took interest to her. She recently picked up the taste for pills. She couldn't see what everyone at our middle school was calling her behind her back. They all called her names like slut or whore.

She really didn't care as long as her name was in people's mouth. She was so worried about what people thought about her if they saw her with an loser, but I never complained about what people would say about me if they seen me hanging with a slut. Despite everything she was still my best friend.

"Miss Swan, you have true artistic ability!" Mr. Benson exclaimed. I look down at my paper to see what I had drawn while I was lost in my thoughts. On the paper was Charlie, my father.

"I was just doodling," I explained.

"This is not mere doodling, Miss Swan. This is a masterpiece. I'm going to enjoy having you in my class," he said with a smile.

"What about my drawing, Mr. Benson," Alice asked. He looked over to her paper. It was an attempt to draw a bowl of fruit.

"It can use some work," Mr. Benson said. Apparently Mr. Benson didn't sugar coat either.

Alice scowled.

"Bastard," she whispered when he left our table. "Who needs Art anyway?" Alice hated me being better at her in anything.

After fifty-five minutes, the bell rang. I place my drawing of Charlie into my book bag. I decided I was going to give it to him as a gift when I got home.

"Come on, Bella," Alice called. I followed her to our next class.

We sat in our second period as we listened to the teacher talk on about history and the importance of studying it. I actually thought it was interesting. Alice fell asleep on his second sentence.

"Finally, that nightmare is over!" Alice said. "Well, Bella, I guess I will see you at lunch."

She departed me with a kiss on the cheek. I began to make my way to the assigned room number. The class was called Mythology. I was more than excited. Ever since I was young, I loved to listen to epics of the different types of heroes that walked in the ages of B.C. I couldn't wait until we read our first epic.

When I walked in the classroom, I immediately blushed. The only empty chair was next to the upper classman that saved me from myself this morning. He smiled when he saw my approach.

"Hey, freshman," he greeted as he pulled out the chair for me. I took the seat next to him.

"Hey…Edward," I said pretending to have forgotten his name.

"Looks like you're the only freshman in here. Not many lower classman take Mythology," he explained. "They think it's boring."

"I happen to love mythology," I stated.

"Isn't that a fact? So do you have a name?"

"Bella," I replied. He smirked.

"You're blushing," he chuckled. I was so embarrassed that I had to turn away from him and face the blackboard.

"Trying to get your dick wet, Edward?" asked a more masculine voice.

"Not every one tries to whore off every freshman, Emmett," Edward replied to the boy that was sitting behind us.

"That's not what your record says, Mr. I banged almost every girl in the school," Emmett chuckled.

All my prejudices about Edward changed at that moment. It was going to be a long school year