Okay, so I still have a fair few oneshots to get off my chest, thanks to me finally finishing Path of Radiance. I want to write a lot of support conversations for Ranulf, because Ranulf is excellent. xD And yes, there will be one with Stefan, of course. They need supports possible between any two characters, methinks.

Also - is there a shorter support conversation than C level Soren/Stefan? O.o Because I was all, "Wait, that's IT?! Maaan."

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In my mind, I clutch at the moments before Ike left. Before he turned on his heel and walked away from us all. No matter how strong my belief that he will return to us, for now it feels as though he has left. As though we have been abandoned. "I'm going in alone." Strange how the doors closed behind him, as though an omen of ill fate sent by the goddess. I have stronger faith in him than in the goddess herself. Even so, I can barely stand still. My hands are shaking; I've clenched them into fists to still them, but to no avail.

Even now, I can see him in my mind's eye, standing there with Ragnell gripped firmly in his hand. His face set in a grimace as he told us not to follow him. My eyes close of their own accord, finding the room unbearable without him. I know that Titania is watching me. She thinks I will run after him; she has already stopped me once. I refuse to be held by her. She watches from a distance with a predictable expression of concern on her face, waiting for my slightest movement. She knows as well as I do that logic betrays me when it comes to Ike.

Yet I will not follow him. This is his battle alone, and I shall respect his wishes. No matter how my body wills me to follow, I refuse to give in to reckless abandon. For his sake alone. My eyes open to a room that is empty still. Painfully empty. Reason tells me that it is too soon for Ike to have even lifted his sword, yet hearts do not listen to reason. My heart fears the worst already, since the moment Ike disappeared from sight.

From the corner of my eye, Mist runs forward and through the great doors. She is fast, but should not be fast enough. Yet Titania just stands there and lets her go. I turn to face her, frowning. How could she just let Mist go? Titania meets my gaze as though oblivious to her betrayal. Perhaps she feels that she has done the right thing, that Mist also has a right to avenge Greil's death. Perhaps she does.

But what about me? I want to scream at her with my glare, make her understand. Don't I have a right as well? Ike said it himself when we were younger - "He can be your dad, too." We were more than just brothers in arms. We had always been brothers, closer even than the rest of our mercenary family. I can see that means nothing to her, just as blood means nothing to me. I know who my family is, and he's in the room right in front of me, avenging the family that has already died at the hands of this war. Titania shoots me a warning glance. I turn away from her, no longer able to trust my own face. I refuse to break down here and now. I only break down for him, and this will be no exception. I will wait for him. He is coming back. Safely. A hand rests itself on my shoulder, and I instinctively tense.

Stefan says nothing, though he does not remove his hand. I no longer have the energy to shrug him off. I think he knows this. He knows also that now is not the time for words. There is nothing that can be said, no more words that can comfort me. Not from his voice. At some point in the prolonged moments afterwards, he takes back his hand, though I do not notice at the time. I am too absorbed in my own thoughts.

I am too busy waiting for the doors to open once more.

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