An Alternate Meeting


"I can't believe Dad is making me wear this stupid dress?" Haruhi muttered annoyed. She glowered down at her clothing. "I mean, I look like a giant lemon. Was the person who designed this on drugs or something…?"

She gave one final glare at the dress then sighed and looked around the hallway. "Okay, okay, focus." She said to herself as she looked down at the piece of paper she was holding. "Library, library," She glanced at the doors as she passed by them. "Eh? Why can't I find it! It's been thirty minutes all ready too!" She screamed, frustrated. Her voice echoed throughout the epmty hallway. Her eyes began to twitch as she sighed and randomly opened a door.

"Welcome to the Host Club," Haruhi heard seven voiced say in unison as she glanced into the room. Seemingly from out of nowhere, rose petals appeared in the background, swaying slowly down onto the ground. A petal landed on her nose and she stared at it then shook her head, making it fall.

"Hello beautiful Princess!" A handsome blond-haired teenager said as he gracefully walked towards her, behind him where six other males who looked just as attractive as the first one. "What is your-." He began to say, but was cut-off when the door closed.

Haruhi yawned as she started down the hallway. "Eh. That wasn't the library," she said with one raised eyebrow. "Hmm, maybe I passed it earlier."

As she found the room she abruptly smacked a fist on the palm of her hand. "AHA! Here it is!" She exclaimed as she finally found it. "Too bad I only have 5 minutes until class starts." She muttered.

Back at the Host Club

"….What just happened." Tamaki asked, bewildered. The other Host Club members also had a confused look on their face as they looked perplexedly at the door.