Maisy's Mishap

A/N: Okay. I'm just going to write what we're all thinking. I'm going to bash that STUPID little mouse named Maisy who can't even TALK; she just makes sounds like "ooh" and "e" and "mm". So here we go.

It was a bright Saturday morning, and Maisy awoke with a quite unpleasant expression on her face. "Good Morning, Maisy." Said the announcer who was completely oblivious to the real situation going on in the show. "Uhhh!" Maisy screeched. The announcer gasped.

"What's wrong, Maisy?" he said, finally acknowledging Maisy's agony. "MMMM!" Maisy screamed, throwing a pillow at the camera and suddenly jumping up and grabbing her behind. "Maisy, that's not nice." The announcer said, "You shouldn't throw things at people." "AAAAaaah!" Maisy screeched, suddenly running to the bathroom. "Oh." The announcer laughed in his way-too-patient voice, "You have to go to the bathroom, don't you Maisy?" "Mmm-hmm." Maisy said, suddenly pulling down her red overalls and sitting down on the toilet rather quickly.

"UUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Maisy screamed as she defecated into the toilet, making loud, juicy fart noises as she did so. "Whoo!" The announcer said, starting to gag, "What did you eat last night, Maisy? Was it tacos?" "Mmm-hmm." Maisy said as she screamed, "AHHHHHH!" Using her whole body force to push out more rancid diarrhea. This time it was a little squeaky fart, accompanied by very runny diarrhea. "Was that the meat, Maisy?" The announcer asked. "Mmm-hmm." Maisy said in a cheerful voice. "And the cheese?" The announcer asked, "Where's that?" Suddenly, Maisy's face turned red and she pushed as hard as she could to get that cheese out of her system. "Rruuaggrr!" Maisy said as a large squelching noise filled the room and a runny plopping sound was heard shortly afterwards. "Oh, there it is." The announcer laughed, trying with all his might not to puke.

Maisy wiped her butt and threw the toilet paper in the garbage. "Let's see the tacos, Maisy." The announcer said. "Oooh!" Maisy said, jumping up from the toilet and pointing inside it. "Okay," the announcer said, "Let's have a look." There was yellowish-green tinted diarrhea in the toilet. "Oh, good job Maisy!" the announcer shouted, and Maisy clapped. "Now," the announcer said, "Let's go show your friends." "Uh-huh." Maisy said, and went out to find Charlie and Tallulah.

Charlie and Tallulah were playing catch at the park when they smelled something horrible. "Uggh!" Tallulah said, covering her nose. "Eeuuggh!" Charlie said, and threw up his guts, instantly dying. Tallulah shrugged. Served him right for being a pervert.

"Ello!" Maisy said, waving to Tallulah. It was then that Tallulah realized that the smell was coming from Maisy. "Uhh?" She said with a quizzical look on her face. (Uhh? Translated from bird to English roughly means "What's that smell?) "Ohh. Haha." Maisy said, and turned around, pointing to her bottom, where there was a large greenish yellowish spot. "Eww!" Tallulah said, but followed Maisy anyway.

The announcer finally came back from a drug deal (Yeah, that's where he was, buying weed, kids) and he was quite baked. "Ohhh.." He said in a peculiar voice, "Heyyy, Maisy and Tallulah." "Ahh!" They said in a friendly voice, waving to the camera, and they ran to the bathroom.

"Are you going to give Tallulah a present, Maisy?" The announcer said. "Mmm-hmm." Said Maisy, handing Tallulah her rancid crap. "Aaa-oo!" Tallulah said, and she and Maisy chowed down on the colorful feces.