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"Calliope, can you please wait? I can't walk as fast as you. One, my legs are much shorter than yours and two, I'm the size of Texas!" Arizona called after her girlfriend of nearly a year as she waddled to catch up to her. Callie stopped and turned around, smiling at the site of her very pregnant girlfriend behind her as they rushed through the crowd of the airport.

"I'm sorry, baby. I just want to get to the gate before the plane lands. You could have stayed home, I would have rather you stayed home anyway," she said, moving back to her. She laced her hands through Arizona's as she reached her.

"Calliope, I wasn't going to stay home. Your parents are finally ok with us and yes, granted, it took us giving them a grandchild to get them to come around, but I wasn't going to stay home and lay around all day," she said, slightly whining. Callie couldn't help but laugh at her. She was so adorable and pregnancy suited her so well. She placed her hand on the small of Arizona's back, rubbing small circles into it. Arizona sighed.

"You keep doing that we won't make it to the gate. That feels wonderful. My back is killing me. Your daughter has also decided that my bladder is a trampoline," she said, as she rubbed her belly. Callie placed her hand over Arizona's, and leaned over her belly.

"Listen here, baby girl. You need to calm down and let mommy rest," she said softly and then started to hum softly. Arizona placed her other hand over Callie's head, running her fingers through the raven curls. She smiled brightly down at her, shaking her head. Callie looked up, her eyebrows raised.

"What?" she asked, standing back up.

"You are perfect. She calms down at the mere sound of your voice. She knows you're her mommy."

"Of course she does. I've been talking to her from the moment she was conceived," she said the started to pull Arizona toward the gate. "Come on baby, we should really get going."

Arizona sighed at the lost of contact with Callie, and followed her closely. "Cal, please tell me we are eating before we go home. 'Cause I'm starving!" Callie laughed and kissed Arizona's cheek.

"Of course, baby. Where would you like to go?"

"We can just eat at the hotel when we drop off your parents. We can still make a reservation," she said, sweetly. Callie pulled out her cell phone and dialed the number to the Archfield.

"Hello, this is Callie Torres. I'd like to make a reservation for 4, no 5 for the restaurant at 8, nearest the door would be best. Thank you." She hung up the phone and put it back in her pocket.

"Why so close to the door?" she asked, curiously.

"Baby, you're two weeks from your due date. I'm taking precautions. I already have the quickest route from here to the hospital programmed into the GPS just in case," she explained and turned the corner seeing the gate they needed to be waiting at. "There it is. The plane has landed, but I don't think they've gotten off yet. Mom would have had Aria call me and yell at me for not being here yet," she said laughing. "When we get over there, I want you to sit down until they get off." Arizona rolled her eyes.

"Callie, please stop that. I'm fine. I will tell you if I'm not. Please stop treating me like I'm going to break or drop our daughter right here in the middle of the airport," Arizona said, slightly annoyed with her girlfriend.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I worry, ok? It's our first child and you're so close to your due date, not to mention you're about to meet the people that refused to acknowledge you when they found out I was dating a woman. My mom will love you once she meets you, especially since you're carrying her granddaughter. Let me be the worrier here. I promise once Emilee is born, I will slack off the worry thing," she explained and kissed her cheek, before helping her into a chair.

Callie glanced at her watch and before she could say anything she heard her mother yell across the room.

"Calliope!" yelled the rather tall woman as she came barreling toward the couple. Callie stepped in front of Arizona, shielding her from the oncoming hug from her mother. Callie braced herself for the embrace and looked over her mother's shoulder, seeing her younger sister behind her. Aria was carrying her mother's carry on as well as her own. Daniela engulfed her daughter in a large hug.

"Ok, mom, oxygen being cut off," Callie said as her mother held onto her for dear life. Daniela

pulled away, straightening out her clothes and fixed Callie's curls.

"I'm so sorry, Calliope, I, I tried to talk to him but..." she started and looked behind her, giving Aria a nod to come closer. Callie looked around, waiting for her dad but he wasn't with them. Her smile fell from her face and looked to the floor. She bit her bottom lip as her eyes began to fill with tears.

"He didn't come, did he?" she asked, not having to hear the answer. She stepped backward, felling Arizona's belly press against her back and her small arms wrap around her waist. Callie wrapped her arms around herself, holding Arizona to her.

"Shh, baby its okay. Look, he'll come around. I know it," she said, and the baby kicked against Callie's back, making her smile. "I know; it just hurts. He knows how much you mean to me and I thought that, well, he'd come around for his granddaughter."

Callie's mother clasped her hands over her mouth and Callie could see the smile behind her hands. Callie stepped aside, letting her mother get a better view of Arizona. Daniela's eyes began to fill with tears as she looked down at Arizona.

Arizona stretched out her hand to Daniela, to introduce herself when Daniela pulled her into a hug. Callie quickly moved over to them and pulled her mother off Arizona.

"Mom, easy, she's smaller than you and very, very pregnant," Callie reminded her. Arizona shot a glare at her girlfriend.

"I am not that pregnant, Calliope. And if she wants to hug me, she may. You just leave your mother alone," Arizona scolded her. Daniela looked down at Arizona then back at Callie.

"I like her, a lot. Not just because she's carrying my granddaughter either. I couldn't be happier about that fact. I get a granddaughter. I'm spoiling no matter how much your father says I can't." she said, and pulled Arizona back into another hug. The two sat started to walk toward baggage claim, causing Callie to roll her eyes. Aria appeared by her sister's side, laughing lightly. Callie turned her head to the side, staring at her younger sister.

"You little sister, better get over here and hug me," she said with her hands on her hips.

"Don't do that, you look like mom." she said, hugging her.

"Take it back!"

"No! And sorry about the whole not speaking thing. Dad forbade it and since I'm still under the age of 18, I have to abide. It killed me. I could care less if you were dating a monkey, just as long as you're happy."

"I am happy, but don't ever reference Ari to a monkey. She's anything but." Callie said and walked Aria over to meet Arizona.

"Arizona, this is my little sister Aria, Aria, meet Arizona."

"It's nice to meet you Aria. Your sister has told me a lot about you," Arizona said, extending her hand to Aria. Aria pushed it away gently and hugged her.

"Warning, Torres women are huggers, but I have a feeling you already know that." she said, winking at her sister. Callie's cheeks filled with color as she hid her face with her hand.

"So what are you naming her?" Aria asked, ignoring her sister's embarrassment.

"Emilee Aribella Torres. But we don't know if we are going to hyphen her last name or not. But she will most definitely have the Torres last name. That's something Calliope and I agreed on," Arizona told her proudly. Aria and Daniela turned to Callie, both smiling.

"Naming her after dad?"

"Yes, even if he can't swallow his damn pride. The baby was being named after him if it were a boy or girl. I wanted it. Aribella is after Arizona's grandmother."

"Calliope, your father, he has values and this is one he's not ready to give up just yet. I have a feeling he'll come around soon enough. Now let's get this girl home, you're a doctor Calliope, you know better than to keep her on her feet too long," her mother scolded as she pulled her luggage off the carousel and pulled the handle to roll it.

"She's a doctor too, mother, a pediatrician to be exact. She knows more about kids than I do. Why am I the one being scolded?! I wanted her to stay home but she insisted on coming," she said in defense. Arizona giggled and kissed her cheek.

"You know you're adorable when you're flustered. Mrs. Torres, I'm fine actually. But Calliope is right, she tried to get me to stay home but I wouldn't." she explained, and then placed her hand on her side. Callie looked down at her, worry filling her features. Arizona held up her hand, shaking her head.

"I'm fine. She just kicked my ribs a little too hard. She's cramped. How would you feel being cramped in a small place like she is? I've seen you sleep. You take up most of the bed." she teased. Callie was being ganged up on and she didn't really know what to think about it just yet. She was just happy that her mother liked Arizona. Now she just wished her father had changed his mind about this whole thing. She wanted him here for the birth of her daughter even if she wasn't the one giving birth to her; she was just as much hers as she was Arizona's. She would be a Torres through and through. She sighed watching her mother put her arm around Arizona's shoulders as they walked out the doors of the airport. At least she was here and she would focus on that and the coming of Emilee, for now.

A/N: For those wondering. I named Callie's father Luis Emillio and the baby's name is Emilee so she's kinda named after him. It worked out in my head. LOL! Should I continue with this?