Bella's POV

"I just killed 13 people"

Home from a long day at school. I'm making a pot of spaghetti with sauce bubbling off to my left. Mom will be home in about half an hour.

I look up while chopping onions at a knock on the door. Walking warily I check to make sure I'm presentable. Sauce on my shorts, water soaking my shirt from spilling the first pot of water. Yep, presentable.

Before I even reach the front door it's banged in. Several guys walk in, all wearing masks, all dressed in black.

"Is that her?" one of them asks. "Yep." was the reply. All of a sudden, they all come rushing at me. In a panic I start frantically thrashing the knife I was using to cut up the onions. I hear screams and gasps and there's blood everywhere. They keep coming, like an endless stream of black rapids. Until they just stop.

On the ground is bodies all over the place. If I'm counting right, 12. 12!

Mom walks in just then. She acts like there isn't 12 dead people on our floor. She has a look of complete lunacy on her face.

"Sit in that chair," she orders. I know better than to disobey. She takes the knife out of my hand. "Mommy's going to give you some tatoos. Stay still, or it'll hurt worse."

Then it began.

First she carved three parallel lines above my left eye. One came close, oh, so close, to slashing right through to my eyeball. Then she carved a line twisting around my left arm, starting from my shoulder and ending at my middle finger. She created the same pattern on my left leg, carving like it was an art, giving me so much pain.

I wanted to pass out, but she would hurt me more. I just knew she would.

Finally she moved up to my chest. "Mommy is going to give you a heart, you self-centered bitch." She was going to kill me, and I wasn't going to let her. As she aimed she knife directly at my heart and swung her arm, I grabbed her hand, wrestled the blade from her, and stabbed her. Right where she was aiming on me. She screamed until her eyes glazed over and she dropped. I dragged myself over to the phone and punched in three numbers.

"Hello, 911, what's your emergency?"

"I just killed 13 people," I rasped to the empty, cheerful voice. Then everything was black.