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Tanya's Pov

Today was my first day at a new school. My parents and I had moved to Forks, Washington from Alaska. At least I was used to the cold. I pulled my altima next to a shiny silver Volvo. In fact,

it was the only other nice car in the lot. As soon as I opened the car door it began to rain buckets. This town just keeps getting better and better. My strawberry blonde hair got soaked in the

rain and I growled up at the sky. I marched into the school and was rewarded with warmth. Heating and Air. Gotta love it. I walked through the door that had a big sign beside it reading

"Office." Behind the desk was an older red head. Her nameplate read Ms. Cope.

"Um, I'm new here?" It sounded like a question. Ms. Cope looked up at me startled.

"Oh yes. You must be Ms. Denali. I have your schedule right here" She replied in a bored voice. She handed me my schedule and turned to the computer. Whoa there. Don't get too excited.

"Thank you." I walked into the hallway and was bombarded by a puppy. Nope, nevermind. Just another over eager boy.

"Hi, I'm Mike Newton. You must be the new girl. Tanya, right? That's a pretty name for such a pretty lady." I rolled my eyes at this. Seriously?

"Uh, yeah. It's Tanya." I said ignoring his compliment. Reply in short answers. Maybe he'll go away.

"What class do you have?" Before I could answer he snatched my paper out of my hand. "Great! We have first block, lunch, and fourth block together." Shoot me now. First block was

English and of course Mike sat next to me. I wanted to kiss the teacher when she told the class to be quiet.

Thank you very much. The teacher talked the entire time, something that would normally bother me, but not today since it meant an hour and a half of Mike not talking.

The bell rang and I bolted to my next class before Mike could even blink. I should be on the track team.

Spanish and gym went by painfully slow, but I met to girls, Jessica and Angela, who invited me to sit with them at lunch. I walked to Jessica and Angela's table with my food and was

annoyed to see Mike Newton sitting there. Angela introduced me to everyone and I smiled and half waved. It was when I was looking around the cafeteria to ignore Mike that I first saw

them. There were six of them. Three guys and three girls. They were all painfully beautiful. There was a small pixie like girl who was sitting on the lap of a gorgeous blonde. Besides them

was a blonde knockout, she looked like she could be the other guy's twin, and a muscular guy who looked like he could turn me into dust with a flick of his wrist. Muscle man said

something which caused blondie to hit upside the head. I laughed. The last two weren't talking like the rest. The girl, the most beautiful girl I had seen, was staring out the window. She

had long, mahogany hair and from what I could tell brown eyes. The guy beside her was gazing at her lovingly, the girl oblivious to it. He was the most gorgeous male and had auburn

hari and green eyes? They were all wearing fairly nice clothes, a little dark, except for the brunette. Her clothes were more ratty.

"Who are they?" I asked Angela who was eating quietly. She turned to look at who I was pointing at but by the look on her eyes I could tell she already knew.

"That's the Cullens." She said quietly. I nodded my head till I realized something.

"Wait, they're all the Cullens?" I asked confused. They didn't look alike and they seemed to be paired off into couples. Plus, they were all the same age.

"They're adopted. All of them. Except for the brunette. That's Bella Swan. The blonde girl is Rosalie Hale, the other blonde is Jasper. He's with Alice, the pixie, and she's with Emmet. The

muscular guy." I nodded my head. That makes more sense.

"What about the other guy? The one with the reddidsh hair?" I asked looking back at the table. Bella was still staring out the window and the boy was still staring at her.

"That's Edward. He wishes he were with Bella." Angela said a little sadly. I didn't blame her. He was beautiful. A Greek God, but she was a Goddess. A perfect match.

"So they're not together?" I asked hopefully, a little too hopefully. Angela shook her head yes.

"But I wouldn't get up your hopes. Edward's love Bella since he's known her and hasn't looked at another girl since."

"Does she know?" Surely she did. Anybody could tell just by the way he looks at her.

"Of course she does. She would be blind not to see it, but she doesn't feel the same way. Edward's begged her time and time again, but she doesn't give in." Angela replied. I had a

feeling she was talking about more than one thing, but I didn't know what. The bell rang shortly after and I looked over at the table one more time. Bella was kissing Edward. On the lips.

I nudged Angela. "She doesn't feel the same way?" I asked a little skeptically. Angela chuckled but shook her head.

"Later." I nodded my head. I could wait a little while I think. I walked with Angela to our Biology class. I took my book from my teacher and he pointed to a seat in the back. Beside Mike

Newton. Joy. A few minutes later Bella and Edward walked in the class. The sat down right in front of me. I was curious and glad. Gives me something to do while Newton's talking. The

entire class Edward would sneek glances at Bella who was writing down notes. He would stare at her for a minute or two and than sigh out of longing I believe. I could tell Bella wasn't

oblivous for she would blush everytime he turned to her. Mr. Banner finished and Edward turned to Bella. They talked quietly so I couldn't hear a word especially with Newton practically

breathing in my ear. Ever heard of personal space? Edward took Bella's hand in his and began rubbing circles on the back with his thumb. Bella didn't seem to mind though. After a few

minutes Edward looked up at her with a look so intense I felt my own knees going weak. And I could only see one eye! Bella shook her head but it wasn't in a way to clear the fog I was

sure would be clouding her mind. She was saying no. Had I missed something? Could she read minds. Edward's shoulders slumped ever so slightly but he smiled a crooked smile that yet

again had my knees wobbling. However, it didn't reach his eyes. I could see the sadness in them and I knew Bella could too. She reached her hand up, cautiously, and put in to his face.

He closed his eyes and wound his own fingers through hers. They stayed like that till the bell rang. Edward held Bella's hand tighter when she tried to go. She sighed and he did too.

Finally, he let go but not before kissing her palm. I looked away feeling as if I was intruding on a moment. As we were walking to the parking lot I looked at Angela.

"Is it later?" With a sigh she nodded and began to speak.

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