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Act V: A Surprise and A Happy Ending

* Scrooge, Sirius, and Remus are now outside of Scrooge's house. *

Sirius: We have to go change, so we'll come back in, say, half an hour.

Scrooge: Ok.

Remus: Oh yeah, if you need to take care of anything, like, say, giving Mr. Cratchit a raise, please take care of it while you're waiting for us to come back.

* Sirius and Remus vanish and Scrooge goes inside to his off. *

Scrooge: Let's see. I'll write to Cratchit, tell him I'm giving him a raise, and that I'll pay for him and his son to get anger management and therapy.

* He finishes the letter and opens his window. Scrooge spies an exceptionally large man walking down the start and call out to him. *

Scrooge: You there! * the man looks up * Can you take this to Mr. Cratchit?

Hagrid: * in a high pitched voice, reminiscent of a house elf on helium * O' course I can. Anythin' else, sir?

Scrooge: Could you go buy a turkey for him too?

Hagrid: O' course!

Scrooge: Here's the money! * He throws a bag of money down to the man. * Keep the change!

Hagrid: Thank ye kindly, sir. * he scampers off *

* Scrooge hears two loud pops behind him and turns around. Sirius and Remus are back, wearing pajamas! *

Scrooge: Um, why are you two wearing pajamas?

Sirius and Remus: We're not telling!

Remus: * to Sirius * Do you think my pajamas look okay?

Sirius: They look fabulous, Moony. * he starts laughing *

Remus: What's so funny?

Sirius: * stops laughing * It's just that your pajamas have moons on them and I called you Moony. Get it? * he starts laughing again *

Remus: You're right! What about your pajamas? They have little dogs all over them.

Sirius: I like dogs. There's nothing wrong with that. * he turns into a dog and gives Remus a wet doggy kiss *

Remus: That's gross! * he tries to wipe the slobber off his face while Sirius changes back into a human *

Scrooge: Can we please get going?!

Sirius: Soon, bunny boy. * Scrooge turns red with embarrassment. * We have to wait for the author.

* There is a loud pop and the author appears wearing pajamas with little cats on them. *

Author: Ok, time to go now!

* They all vanish from the room. *

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* They reappear in what looks like the Great Hall of Hogwarts. It is all decked out for Christmas, with exceptionally large quantities of holly and mistletoe hung everywhere. The room is filled with people in, of all things, pajamas. *

Scrooge: * as realization dawns on him * It's a pajama party!

Author: No, duh. * she tries to whistle to get everyone's attention, but fails miserably * Can one of you please whistle, since I can't?

* Sirius lets out and ear-splitting whistle and everyone turns around. *

Author: Now that everyone is here, the party can start officially. Enjoy yourselves, and thank you for all your hard work!

* She walks over to Fred and George and starts talking to them. The author points to a spring of mistletoe, then Malfoy. All three start laughing. After a few minutes, a sprig of mistletoe is seen zooming across the room. It stops just above Draco's head and hovers there. The author walks back over to Sirius and Remus. *

Author: * to Sirius and Remus * Watch Malfoy.

* They watch as Pansy Parkinson walks over to Draco and kisses him full on the lips. The author, Sirius, Remus, Fred, George, and just about everyone else start laughing like mad. *

Draco Malfoy: What the. What'd you do that for? * he starts gagging *

Pansy Parkinson: You were standing under the mistletoe, bunny hunny.

* Draco starts to look like he's going to hurl, looks up with dread at the mistletoe, let's out a silent scream, and starts running around, trying to get away from the mistletoe. He can't, because it is charmed to follow him around, along with Pansy. *

Draco Malfoy: Why me?

Harry Potter: Because we find you rather annoying, and the author is obsessed with enchanted mistletoe.

* The author walks back over to Fred and George, and hi fives them. *

Fred: * to the author * That was great!

George: We never would have come up with that on our own!

Author: Thanks! Oh, I still have to take care of peoples' presents. Let's see, Pansy already got hers and Malfoy will get his in a second. * she takes the charm off the mistletoe following Draco *

Fred and George: What about our presents?

Author: Well, you already got part of it. That was the prank on Draco. * She gives them each a sprig of mistletoe. * That's the other. Katie and Angelina are over there. * She points past them to where Katie and Angelina are. * Have fun!

Fred and George: Thanks! * They run off to use their presents. *

Author: Hmm, now for Hermione and Ron. * She charms a sprig of mistletoe and sends it to hover over Hermione's head. The author smiles and turns around. * Hmm, let's see. * She makes Harry go flying across the room, bump into Ginny, and then sends a sprig of mistletoe their way. * Dennis, Colin, c'mere!

* Dennis and Colin Creevey run across the room. *

Dennis and Colin: Yes?

Author: I got you two a new camera. * She hands it to Dennis. * If anyone wants their picture taken, please take it. Thank you!

Dennis and Colin: No, thank you!

Author: You're welcome!

* Dennis and Colin run off to take pictures. *

Author: Let's see, who now. Oh yes. Lavender, Parvati, c'mere!

Lavender: Yes?

Author: I have your presents. * She rummages through a bag by her feet and finds their presents. The author hands them each a book on Divination. *

Parvati Patil: Thank you so much! I didn't have this one, but now I do!

Lavender Brown: Thank you!

* They run off to find a quiet spot to read their books in. The author walks over to where Professor Dumbledore is and gets his present out. *

Author: Merry Christmas, Professor! * She hands him a giant box of assorted Muggle sweets. *

Dumbledore: Thank you!

Author: You're welcome, Professor!

* She starts rummaging through her bag again and finds Professor McGonagall's present.*

Author: * to Professor McGonagall * Merry Christmas! * The author hands her a picture frame with a picture of a much younger Professor McGonagall and the rest of the Quidditch team she was on at Hogwarts. *

Professor McGonagall: * wiping tear from eye * Thank you. It's the best present I've ever gotten.

Author: Thank Dumbledore too, he found it for me.

* She pulls a letter out of her pocket and Dumbledore gives her the ok. *

Author: Percy!

* Percy walks over to her slowly. *

Percy: Yes?

Author: I have a letter you might want to read. * she hands it to him, and he starts reading. A look of shock comes over Percy's face as he reads the content of the letter. *

Percy: I'm Minister of Magic?

Author: Yes, if you accept the position. Just don't be ignorant like Fudge and ignore the fact that Voldemort is back.

Percy: I promise!

Author: That's wonderful news!

* She takes something out of the bag and hides it behind her back. *

Author: Cho!

Cho: Yes?

Author: I have your present from the rest of the cast and me. * She hands Cho a broomstick. *

Cho: A Firebolt? Harry helped get me a Firebolt?

Author: Yes. It was actually his idea mostly. We all split the cost, since it was so expensive.

* Cho walks happily over to the Creevey brothers to have her picture taken with her new broom. The author walks over to Dobby and Winky. She hands Dobby a mismatched pair of socks with quills and parchment on them, and gives Winky a picture of Mr. Crouch. *

Dobby: Thank you very much, kind author lady. Dobby is liking his present very much.

Winky: Winky is loving her present. Thank you!

Author: Thank Percy too, he found the picture for me. Now I have to give Bill and Charlie their presents.

* She walks over to them, handing Bill an earring with a silver fang on it, and giving Charlie a snowglobe with a miniature dragon in it. *

Bill and Charlie: Thanks!

Author: You're welcome. Charlie, shake the snowglobe and see what the dragon does.

* Charlie shakes the snowglobe and watches as the dragon chases the snowflakes around.*

Author: Have fun! * She walks over to where Hagrid is standing. * HAGRID!

Hagrid: Hi! * She hands him a book on dragons. * Thank ye, miss!

Author: You're welcome, Hagrid. Merry Christmas!

* She then walks over to where Fleur Delacour, Viktor Krum, and Oliver Wood are talking. *

Author: Merry Christmas, you three! * She hands Fleur a sparkly blue headband, gives Oliver a book on Quidditch he amazingly doesn't have, and gives Krum an IOU from Hermione for one dance. *

Fleur: Zis is beautiful! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!

Oliver: Thanks! * he sits down and starts reading the book. *

Krum: Thanks.

Author: You're all welcome! * They walk away. * Now for the last two people.

* She sits down in a chair and starts rummaging through her bag. The author finds what she is looking for, get up, and grabs her bag. She walks over to where Sirius and Remus are talking and hands them each a picture frame with two pictures in it. The one on the left has younger versions of Sirius, Remus, James, Lily, and Peter in it. In the other picture, it shows Harry, Ron, and Hermione. *

Sirius and Remus: Thank you so much!

Remus: Where'd you find the pictures?

Author: Professor Dumbledore found the picture of you and your friends and Colin Creevey took the other one. I just made copies of them and put them in the frames. Now all the presents are taken care of.

Sirius: Actually, there's one more. It's from all the cast to you.

Author: A present for me?

Remus: Yeah. Fred and George have it.

* Fred and George run up to the author and hand her a giant picture in a frame. It shows the entire cast and has little messages from each of them written on the matboard. *

Author: Thank you all so much!

Everyone: Thank YOU!!!

Author: Oh dear, I just remembered there was supposed to be dancing. Fred and George, do you want to be in charge of music?

Fred and George: Sure!

* People start dancing to the music with Fred and George commentating. *

Fred: It seems we have a lot of couples tonight including our little brother Ron and his friend Hermione. * Ron turns as red as his hair. *

George: Mistletoe also seems to be in heavy use tonight.

* Everyone is dancing and having a wonderful time except for Draco, who is stuck dancing with Pansy Parkinson. The author is seen running around the room laughing while she is being chased by a large black dog. She pauses to catch her breath and is caught. The scene gradually fades away and the story closes. *

Author's Note: Wasn't that cute? Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!