Odd Pair Out

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Summary: When Tony DiNozzo was still in Philadelphia, he was temporarily partnered with a blond Chicago detective. During those few months, the two forged a friendship that could easily be called the first real friend that they had ever had. When Tony moved on to Baltimore, they still kept in touch, but then one took an undercover assignment and one went onto NCIS and, as a result, they lost contact out of necessity. Now, years later, they are brought together again for a case. Unfortunately, the case they are working is getting to be awfully familiar…

Alright, timelines:

For all you NCIS lovers out there, this would be taking place before Judgment Day and after Ziva David joins the team. I don't quite know where in-between, but I think it would be after Probie, if you want specifics.

For all you Due South fanatics out there, I am definitely placing this after Mountie on the Bounty and before Call of the Wild. Somewhere between that should be enough.

AN: For those interested in my other crossover, 'Defense Teacher', my muse is off traveling, so I am giving it a chance to explore, but I will have the next chapter up as soon as I finish it.

For those who don't know 'Due South', well, you honestly should not be reading this, but if you are, here's the rundown. RCMP Constable Benton Fraser has a (supposedly) deaf half-wolf and they are brought to Chicago to catch the killer of Fraser's father. They meet up with Detective Ray Vecchio and forge an alliance. When Fraser is later exiled to Chicago, they become friends. After Fraser leaves on vacation after an, ahem, interesting bout with amnesia, Vecchio is brought into an undercover operation from the FBI. Unfortunately, no one had the foresight to let Fraser in on it. When he gets back from Canada, he finds a completely different 'Vecchio' and is out to prove that it is an imposter. He finds out about the switch and slowly warms up to Ray "Vecchio" Kowalski, the 'stand-in'. After quite a few interesting adventures, the end of the series closes as the real Ray comes back and Fraser and Kowalski goes to Canada to catch the killer of Fraser's mother. At the end, the last two goes on an honest to god adventure as everyone goes on with their lives.

For those who don't know 'NCIS', where in the world have you been?! Mars?! Watch a few episodes and you might get the hang of it. I think it's a bit too complicated to explain… Of course, if you want to watch the beginning, I suggest watching some episodes of 'JAG' to get the feel for it, because, as you may know, 'NCIS' is a spin-off of 'JAG'. For those of you out there who do watch 'JAG', I for one have never seen a passel of lawyers get into as much trouble as Harm, Mac, and the rest of the crew. But, alas, no 'JAG' here. Another time, I'm afraid.

Yes, I'm rambling, but still…

Alright, I suppose I better get with the program, ne?




New NCIS Special Agent Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo sighed as he and Forensic Specialist Abigail "Abby" Scuito brought in the last of Tony's stuff from his car.

"Looks like it'll be a nice place when you get it all nice and finished," Abby predicted as the Goth set down the last of the boxes. "What do you want to get started on first? Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom…"

"Bedroom," Tony decided, not really flirting but instead just making a statement. "I'd like somewhere to sleep."

"Alright," Abby agreed.

The two got all the boxes marked 'bedroom' together and hefted them into the chosen room. The bed and dresser had already been brought up and put together so all it needed was the 'stuffing', as Abby coined.

Shifting through one of her 'charges', Abby found a few newspaper-wrapped frame shaped objects and, as it was Abby after all, unwrapped quite a few diplomas and awards. It was the smallest one, however, that actually ended up being a framed picture. She held the freed picture up to the light and just had to smile in response to the boyish grins the two detectives gave her. One, she recognized as Tony but the other was a blond with short hair up in spikes. Now, usually she didn't like spikes on blonds, but this one could pull it off. 'With style,' she thought, licking her lips and giving him a once-over.

"Hey," Tony came back in from the living room. "No drooling on my stuff."

"Aww, c'mon, Tony," she whined. "Unless," she waggled her eyebrows at him, "you have something that you're not telling me about this hot blond?"

Tony looked at what she was looking at and wrinkled his nose. "I honestly don't think that Ray would appreciate me thinking of him like that."

"Ray?" Abby tilted her head. "A friend of yours?"

"More like a brother," Tony shrugged. "Ray used to be a partner of mine way back when."

"Peoria or Baltimore?" Abby asked, getting comfortable on the floor.

"Philly," he smiled wistfully. "We were partnered together for a couple months and he was on loan to us."

Abby smiled dreamily as she listened to him recount the meeting between himself and Ray, including the part where Ray had accidentally launched a banana cream pie at him in his best suit which resulted in not only an odd friendship but also a slight addiction to the type of pie in question for both parties.

"It was on my birthday, if you can believe that," Tony grinned. "Actually the best birthday present I've ever had."

From then on, to their teammates' surprise, there would always be a banana cream pie on Tony's desk for his birthday every year.


Constable Benton Fraser, RCMP, looked around his new friend's apartment with a critical eye.

"Well, Ray," he turned to look at his partner Ray Kowalski. "It's going be a very cozy apartment when you're done cleaning up a bit."

"Thanks, Fraser," the blond gave him a wry grin as he dramatically finished off dusting a shelf of photos. "You really think we'll make it look respectable-like?"

"Undoubtedly, my good friend."

Dief snuffled a corner and barked.

"He thinks it's lunchtime?" Ray guessed.

"Other than that," Fraser leveled a look at his half-wolf, "he believes that corner is fine."

"Does, huh?" Ray grinned. He looked at his shelf and smiled as he came upon a picture of him and another detective. The two were bending over some folders on Ray's desk and they were joking as they were doing it. You could see the smiles on their faces as they teased each other about having banana cream pie for dessert. 'Well, Tony,' Ray smiled wistfully at the brunette in the photo, 'looks like it'll be awhile before we'll be able to contact each other for a bit.'

"Ray?" Fraser called. "I believe Dief and myself are ready to depart."

"Sure thing, Frase. Hey," Ray threw his duster down and grabbed essentials on the way out of the door. "What sounds good to you?"

"Whatever you think sounds good," Fraser deflected.



"You're a freak."



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May 14, 2009