An brief explanation...

SUZAKU: Hey, Kallen, I'm out of duct-tape; can you rope his hands together while I go look for some?


KALLEN: Yeah. I think there's some in the guest bathroom.

SUZAKU: What's it doing in there?

KALLEN: ...None of your busine-- Oh, crap, Suzaku, quick!! We have visitors WTFBBQ!!!

SUZAKU: Oh crap! That time, already?! [Pulls out lines from back pocket] "Welcome, reader... You may all be wondering where Lelouch has gone, and we can assure you that his very long vacation in Hawaii-"


SUZAKU: "--Is going great, and that right now, he is probably having a good time."

KALLEN: ...And... CUT! [Turns off camcorder] Good one, Suzaku! They'll never know what really happened!

SUZAKU: Haha! I know! We've got it covered! Stupid Lelouch, taking up all the story! We secondary characters never get the chance to shine! Well, not that we've got him tied down, what do we do with that One-Sided Pancake weirdo? That Fanfic author who abandoned their stories for like, two months!

KALLEN: [Disgusted] ...I'll go get the flame-thrower.

Lloyd Lloyd Revolution

"Lloyd, I don't see the point of coming here." Ceciel whined, "I mean, what if someone finds out that we're ditching work?" She looked around the Clovisland Video-Game Arcade with discomfort, as paranoid as can be.

Lloyd smiled to Ceciel as he absent-mindedly handed the ticket-booth worker his wallet and Drivers' License. He took the two tickets into his pocket and walked into the arcade.

"Haha! Rest assured, Ceciel! There's no way anyone would ever suspect us..." Lloyd pulled out his megaphone, "OF PLAYING HOOKY!!!"

"Oh my god..." Ceciel frantically covered her face with her hands in embarrassment as she walked alongside Lloyd to the coin-exchange machines. She put her hands back down to her sides when she was assured that no one there recognized the either of them. When the two reached the machines, she sighed. "You didn't forget to bring your money, did you?" Ceciel began to put her money into the machine as she watched Lloyd fumble in his hot-pink fanny-pack.

"Oh, of course I didn't forget to bring it!" Lloyd grinned. "How much did you bring, Ceciel?" Lloyd wondered.

"Twenty dollars." Ceciel gave a smug smirk as she received her tokens from the machine. "How much did you bring?"

"My life's savings." Lloyd took his purse and turned it upside-down, allowing a waterfall of money to pour out into the machine.

"Well, where do you want to go first?" Lloyd asked, looking around at the many possibilities in the arcade.

"Hmm... I'm not sure. I haven't really been to an arcade like this, before."

"Never!? My dear Ceciel, what planet do you come from!? Uranus?! Saturn?! Chicago!?! Well... Here. I'll help you find a game. Let's see... Oh, there's Mortal Wombat!" Lloyd pointed to a two-person machine.

The screen displayed multiple wombats engaged in intense, brutal hand-to-hand combat. The wombat on the left pulled a chain-combo, and the wombat on the right fell in no time.

Ceciel's eyes bulged. "Oh, no... That game looks to violent for me! ..How about a different one?"

"Uh... Okay. Let's see... There's 'Spouse of the Dead'!" Lloyd pointed to a large machine, were two heavyset men held red plastic gun-controllers and furiously aimed and clicked them towards the screen.

"Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick!" One of the men cried," This is the boss stage!"

The other man, terrified, also let out a cry. "Boss stage?!"

"Yeah! This is the one where your ex-wife invites you to her dinner party to celebrate her new engagement!"

"Oh #*& !!! Quick!!! Launch the grenades!!1!"

"I'm trying! No!! Aughghgggghhhhhhh... She... got me....!!! Ahghghghghghghghhghhhhh"


Ceciel and Lloyd blankly stared as the two middle-aged men collapsed to the floor in agony, clutching their hearts in complete and utter despair.

"On second thought, let's find a different game..." Lloyd said, with a nervous chuckle. Ceciel blinked before slowly nodding in agreement, following after Lloyd in a search for a new machine.

"Alrighty. Now, these games should be a little less hectic." Lloyd waited for Ceciel to take a quick glance around the room, in case there were any games she might find interesting. "There's Grand Debt Auto..."

The machine's demo displayed a man in a business suit on his cell phone, driving a car home, obviously speeding. "What do you mean, you forgot to pay the electricity bills?! Oh my god, the water too?!?!"

Lloyd shook his head. "Uh, no... Well, another racing game I heard about should be around here somewhere. I think it was called 'Super Mario Fart'."

Ceciel made a twisted face. "Uh... How about not?"

Lloyd thought a moment, and then nodded his head quickly. "Yeah, you're right..." Lloyd agreed nervously.

"Well then... Oh! I know! There's that one classic game that came out a long, long time ago... It's in every video game arcade. I just can't remember the name of it, though..." Lloyd pondered a moment, deep in thought, as he held his hand to his chin and thought.

"What was the point of the game?" Ceciel questioned. "Maybe I might know."

"Oh, you know, the one where you control that little yellow guy, and you have to eat all those white dots while being chased by ghosts..."

"Oh, that's easy!" Ceciel exclaimed in excitement. "Pac-Man, right?"

"Oh!" Lloyd yelled upon remembering. "That wasn't the game I was talking about, but now I remember it! It's called 'Crack-Man'!"

"....No. Just, no."

"Well, I'm sure there's some game around here somewhere that we can play without our brain cells being ripped to shreds..." Lloyd assured Ceciel.

"Yeah, right. Heck, what happened to video games nowadays?" Ceciel wondered aloud, raising her arms above her head like a B-Rated movie star. "Doesn't the society know how these video games are tainting the brains of this nation's children to oblivion?! Why, parents should take a stand! TAKE A STAND, AND--!"

"Oh, hey! Now there's a game that looks corruption-free and brain-cell friendly!" Lloyd smiled as he yanked Ceciel's wrist and led her over to a large machine, surrounded by an enormous crowd. Ceciel sighed as Lloyd dragged her to the front of the crowd, where screaming audience members and cheering fans bickered about.

"Excuse me," Lloyd tapped a crowd-member on the shoulder, "What is this crowd for?"

The crowd member shouted a praise to the players before turning to face Lloyd. "What do you mean, 'What's this crowd for'? Why, It's for the BEST GAME EVER!"

"Oh, what game is it?" Lloyd further questioned.

"Sit-sit Revolution, duh! Like, it's all the rage, man! It's corruption-free and brain-cell friendly!"

"Oooh..." Lloyd admired.

The crowd-goer turned around and continued to yell towards the machine while raising a fist. "Fight the power, man! F1g|-|t 7|-|3 |0\/\/3R!!! \/\/00, 1337-5p34k!!!"

"Ceciel, that 1337 man says that this crowd is for Sit-Sit Revolution... Although, I've never heard of such a game before."

"Sit-Sit Revolution?" Ceciel pondered, "Nope. Never heard of it."

The two tried to struggle through the crowd to take a look.

There was a large screen, divided by a two-player division line, with arrows frantically skipping around across the frame. Before the large screen was a platform with two metal chairs seated on opposing sides. Two players sat in the corresponding chairs as they performed various sitting positions such as the "Lay-Z-Boy" position, the "In the Boss' office" position, the "Where's the remote control?" position, and lastly, the personal favorite, the "Honey, we have to have a talk" position.

"Wow... There are so many complicated sitting combinations!" Ceciel shrieked in horror. "I... I can't watch!" Ceciel shielded her eyes with her arms, cowering in fear.

"Oh... Quick, Ceciel! Look out yonder!" Lloyd exclaimed, pointing towards the empty chair on the platform. The defeated opponent was walking down the stage in shame, the crowd booing and taunting him as he took his steps off of the game. The winner, the all-time Champion, stood with a grin on his face as he gave a menacing glare to the crowd, challenging... No... Daring anyone to oppose him.

"Oh my god, what's going to happen? No one is stepping up!" Ceciel said with a horrified, twisted face.

Lloyd did not respond. His blank face stared at the stage.

"Now," the Sit-Sit Champion yelled, "Who dares enter my lair?" The crowd members looked amongst each other, trying to spot out any possible candidates for the job.

Ceciel whispered out of the corner of her mouth, "I wonder who'll go up and-- Lloyd? Lloyd?! Where are yo- OH MY GOD, LLOYD!!!"

Lloyd made his way to the chair on the podium, looked the Champion straight in the eyes, and said, "When this is over, I am going to go to The Macho' Nacho and order ten cheese Enchiladas."

The Champion took a deep laugh, a taunting laugh, and roared, "You are not prepared!"

"Hey, isn't that line copyrighted to World of Warcraft?"

"What-eva," the Champion rolled his eyes and said in a rather feminine tone, "Just take your seat..."

Ceciel watched in utter terror as the first round of this Sit-Sit Revolution sit-off began.

"Wow, Lloyd! I didn't know you had it in ya!" Ceciel patted Lloyd on the back heartily. "You're the new champion! Yo, barkeep! Keep 'em comin'!" Ceciel called to an employee of the Clovisland Tavern. "I mean, Lloyd! You've never played dat game before in yo' life, and you completely mashtered it! Woah!"

"Ughughsmivleboop?" Lloyd said with incoherence on his chair, clearly drunk.

"Wow, you really need'ta lose 'dat acshent uv yoursh, I can't undershtand... Agggh..." Ceciel fell to the floor, passed out.

"Me Spongebob, you Doodle!" Lloyd threatened, pointing his empty beer bottle.

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