Chapter one: Just remember to breathe…

I was very well known that Kazuma and Nora did not get along very well. From the first time that had met, they wanted nothing more then to kill each other. There ideals were as different as fire and ice, there mannerisms just the same. Their IQ, Kazuma's being much higher then Nora's. everything about them didn't match up, like trying to fit the wrong puzzle piece to another one. Yet some how, by fate or some cruel joke set by the Dark Liege. Kazuma and Nora were stuck together. Sure Kazuma could've gotten rid of Nora, but his placid and frequent excuse for not doing so was that he was having fun.

Looking at Nora like a child's new toy to b played with until he tired of that as well. Nora figured he only have to wait until he bored Kazuma. But it had seemed the young teen was bent on training him no matter who much the demon struggled and protested. It was a wonder how they couldn't have killed each other yet. Kazuma would drag Nora out at all hours of the night to go on some demons hunt, though never on a school night.

The seasons changed and fall was setting it. It was getting colder. After learning about the soul fragments and getting into deeper trouble with the resistance. The two still were at each other throats, with Kazuma announcing his growth spurt in being just as tall as Nora now ending the comment with an 'I forbid'. the two constantly picked on each other with malicious intent to purposely hurt each other. And after the seal spell had been broken on Nora once by the leader of the resistance and Kazuma could do nothing to stop him.

'Your doggy couldn't hear your commands let alone obey! You couldn't help you familiar spirit in his battle'

Luckily Nora had some how not drowned like Riven said he would have. Returning once more the power back to Kazuma, leaving his pride fractured along with it. Kazuma secretly breaking down inside with the knowledge finally dawning on him just how useless he was to Nora and the Dark Liege army. And he saw himself for what he truly was, an appointed babysitter for a demonic mutt so she wouldn't have to deal with him. He thought he could live with that, and he didn't really say much to Nora after the incident.

Though it wasn't until a day later when Kazuma stumbled into a private conversation between Lenard, Riven, and Nora on the roof of his school

"You want me to go back to demon world?" Nora questioned wearily. Kazuma stopped just behind the door, his presence undetected. He stood wanting to listen.

"You have to go back to the special facility" Lenard began. "It's a conclusion all members of the leader class came too" he finished in a stern tone. Nora growled in response much like the dog he was accused of being.

"So you guys are plotting to lock me up again!!" he spat angrily. Kazuma listened with his back towards the door, he didn't dare move. He didn't know what would happen if the easily angered Riven found him eavesdropping on an important conversation. "If we talk to the Dark Liege, we should be able to get your master servant contract dissolved" Lenard answered calmly trying persuade Nora. "Needless to say that doesn't make HIM happy…" Kazuma made a face. He guessed by him they meant well himself.

"Personally I have my hands full with Riven's rampages" Lenard pointed out.

"Hey don't put me in the same category as that mutt" Riven sighed indifferently. "Even is I can't restrain myself, at least I know who and what I am"

"You've never been on the receiving end of one of your attacks" Lenard informed Riven. "That's a different situation" Riven muttered. "Sir Nora gets taken over by his own magical power, the facility is the safest option for your own sake as well" Kazuma knew that had Nora. He knew Nora would pick to go back home to demon world and leave Kazuma behind. And he thought he was okay with that. He thought he had already excepted the fact that Nora would leave some day and forget all about him.

'I've never had a pet before, it's worth all the pain to have a dog of my very own'

Not wanting to hear what was going next he quickly left leaving the door hanging open, he walked towards the stairs to leave, he walked down the stairs unusually slower then some one should have. He watched his feet as he had exited down the steps, the trek seemed to last forever. He gripped his fists tightly at his side as he glared down that each step he took. Why did this hurt. He knew Nora would leave without a word, and he'd never see Nora again. It was better to walk away then to hang on to things you can't have. Kazuma knew that all to well.

"Kazuma-sama!" Hirasaka mused as she walked up the stairs, with Yano and Fujimoto, the had been heading to their next class. She froze at the furious look adorn on Kazuma's face, he was gnashing his teeth and gripping his fists tightly. Yano and Fujimoto never knew Kazuma with such a look of pure distaste and backed up a step. Knowing better then to be in his way at a time like this "Mr. President" she exclaimed grasping his arm, he merely stopped but never raised his head to look up at her, his two toned hair shielding his face.

"Kazuma-sama? What's the matter why are you making such scary faces?" she asked truly worried. Kazuma was the object of her obsession since she was younger, hence the reason she had joined the student council, to be closer to Kazuma. Though her affections seemed to go unnoticed by others she knew that Kazuma was smart enough to see. But he never said a word. And she took that as him rejecting her silently. All the times she had invited Kazuma on a date and all the times he had declined.

"Mr. president? Are you okay?" she asked him prying deeper.

Are you okay…?

No, no he wasn't okay. Kazuma could see that now. He was never okay, thanks to Nora. He was falling apart. Had he really fallen victim to Nora? Had he really fallen in love with the unruly demon. He was holding his breath now and he didn't know why. It hurt. Not the marking on his hand, but something else hurt, a knife through the chest. And an overturning sickness swelling in his stomach. Perhaps the stress was getting to him. He couldn't feel Hirasaka's grip on his arm anymore.

"Mr. President?" she asked again. "Hirasaka…let go" Kazuma growled out, her eyes widened but she gripped him tighter. "No! Kazuma-Sama, I'm not letting go until you tell me what's wrong? I'm your friend you can tell me anything?" she pleaded desperately. 'Just let me in' "Kazuma you can't do everything on your own! Acknowledging your weakness and accepting help is a strength too!" she reasoned. Kazuma didn't look up, didn't respond.

"Kazuma!" she pleaded again shaking his arm slightly to get a reaction and she got one. Though it was not the one she wanted. Kazuma snatched his arm away from her and quickly backed away setting his furious gaze on the shrinking girl and the boys behind her.

"You don't know what the fuck your talking about!" Kazuma snapped. And he had surprised himself, he couldn't ever remember screaming at anyone. Not even Nora, not the Dark Liege, not Riven. No one. He didn't want to. But he couldn't stop himself. Hirasaka's eyes widened at his sudden explosion, Yano and Fujimoto terrified at the sound.

"Ka..zuma?" She stammered. "Just shut up!" Kazuma yelled at her. He was furious and he was hurt. He just wanted to be left alone. But the anger had been building up for a while and with no place to escape, it had forced it's way out. "Stay out mf my fucking life you worthless whore! Don't act like you know about me! You don't know me! I'm not so pathetic as to not be able to take care of my own problems! I don't need your help!!" he screamed. He couldn't remember what else he had said but all he could remember was Hirasaka falling to her knees and sobbing during his tirade. And when he had calmed down some what only then had he realized just what he had done.

Yano and Fujimoto kneeled next to Hirasaka trying to console her, she was sobbing hard into her hands. "Hira…" Kazuma began. He had really done it now. Was Nora really the reason for his acting like this, had Nora pushed him that far? No he wouldn't blame his own sick problems on some one else, no matter who they were. It was always his fault.

"HEY!" Nora snapped as he ran down the stairs having heard Kazuma screaming at Hirasaka on his way down the stairs. Kazuma's eyes widened. The last person he ever wanted to see at this moment. The silver haired demon looked down at the crying girl at his feet then he glared up at Kazuma. "What kind of sick bastard are you? How could you treat Hirasaka like that?" Nora questioned angrily. He didn't know why he had cared enough to ask, but he guessed he was concerned. He had never heard Kazuma so angry before and at Hirasaka of all people. All she ever did was try and make the president happy, though it was hopeless. Kazuma was an emotionless fiend, more devilish then any demon.

Nora's anger quickly died off, his eyes widened as he stared at Kazuma. "You…your crying?" he mumbled in shock. Kazuma raised his hand to his eye feeling the wet stream on his cheek. How long had it been since he had cried? To long. So why was he crying now? Kazuma glanced up at Nora, the demons expression flabbergasted.

"Kazuma…are you alright?" Nora whispered as he took a step around Hirasaka towards Kazuma who stood further down on the steps. The two toned haired boy had trouble seeing straight, his vision was blurry from his silent tears. Nora has stopped a few steps away from Kazuma staring at him with an curious stare. Kazuma parted his lips saying nothing for a moment. "No" he chocked out.

The silver haired demon was taken back that Kazuma would admit-even it was reluctantly- that was wasn't alright. His hands lingered at his side before they slowly reached up, coiling around Kazuma and pulling him into his body. His arms squeezed the human teen, Kazuma burying his face in Nora's collar bone. He noticed how much he had really grown, he was tall enough to be face to face to Nora. Though at this moment he chose to hide his face in Nora's soft green jacket. The silver haired demon held him there placing one of his hands on the back of Kazuma's head running it through his hair. He knew all he was doing was trying to comfort the human teen, but he felt something stir up in his stomach while he was holding Kazuma like this. He noticed how his chest would tighten when Kazuma got hurt in a fight.

Kazuma pulled back a bit, feeling the movement Nora had loosened his grip on the younger boy. He had seemed to have collected himself to a point were he wasn't crying anymore. The silver haired demon brushed away the tearstains. Should he really be going back to demon world and leaving Kazuma like this? That's right. He knew he had to leave, he was hurting Kazuma with the magic use, disorienting his life beyond recognition he had to leave. To protect Kazuma from being swallowed up by the power that would soon engulf Nora.

Kazuma needed to be as far away from him as possible.

"Sir Nora" Lenard cleared his throat, Nora glanced over his shoulder at them, his arms still loosely holding Kazuma. Riven was standing next to Lenard with a blank expression. "Sir Nora, finish your goodbyes, it's time to go" Lenard whispered. Nora made a face. He was reluctant to go, he felt Kazuma squirm out of his grip with an indignant expression.

"Your leaving? Bout time" Kazuma spat. His heart shattered, but he refused to show it. He just wanted to crawl into a small space and die. Nora made a face back at Kazuma. "Guess the Dark Liege misses her stray dog, better going running back with your tail between you legs" Kazuma grumbled.

"Yeah…I guess I'd better" Nora spat turning and walking away, Lenard and Riven fallowing. Kazuma turned on his heel and headed in the opposite direction, he was breaking apart. He tried to hold himself together as he walked straight for the exit of the school. He stopped at the doors of the school staring down at his feet, he busted open the doors loudly taking off in a sprint towards his home. Running should help him forget, he would be to tired once he was done to remember Nora. Wouldn't he?

Nora glanced over his shoulder at the spot where Kazuma now had vacated. He slowly adverted his head towards the floor as he walked between Lenard and Riven, the two general class demons glanced at him from the corner of their eyes.

It's over now…wasn't it?

R & R!! Yeah I know made Kazuma waaaaay out of Charter but i felt like writting something angsty...XD