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Chapter eight: Goodbye mortal world

Do you remember when you first made you bargain with the Dark Liege? She told you that the time had come, that the gate of disaster had been opened. And that the catalyst of change, chosen by fate herself was you. Mr. Kazuma Magari.

Or words to that effect.

But after all that excitement you became dissatisfied. Perhaps something was still missing. Right now you feel dissatisfied with your own power.

Did meeting the boss hurt you self esteem?…

"Fight me Cerberus" Tyron challenged. Nora made a face of uncertainty standing by the rift in the earth. Knell smiled childishly like he usually did. "I told you next time we meet, I'd fight to you hearts content" Tyron growled as he drew his sword. "Now is that time. I hear that you're a mean doggy. Now lets see how tough Cerberus really is…"

"Sorry but our puppy's master isn't here" Knell teased. "Where'd Kazuma go?" he pressed smiling.

"How the hell should I know! He deserted me!" Nora grumbled. He didn't have the time for this. He was supposed to be training with Rivan to use his weapon but Kazuma ditched out of him again saying he'd be right back. Just like last time they tried to train. "And if I don't have any magical power, I can't form a magical weapon!" Nora yelled. "He said he'd be right back" he mumbled to himself clenching his fists. "That stupid human is really starting to piss me off" Nora complained.

"I forbid" Kazuma breathed heavily bent over his knees panting. When informed by the manager that someone used powerful magic near by, he had sprinted all the way back to where he had left his dog. Needless to say his fourteen year old body was exhausted from the run. "I…I always keep my word, I said I'd be right back didn't I?" Kazuma panted. Nora smiled slightly at him.

"contract holder, you have arrived. Well then…" Tyron put his hand on the hilt of his blade. "Let's begin" he called out as he charged at Nora.

"Igunisu magia, explosion flame fang" Nora said quickly.

"Wait" Kazuma snapped calmly having regain his composure after the very short brake. If Nora was to dense to remember then he would have to remind him. Though he acted annoyed by it. He didn't mind it. He made him feel like Nora needed him. Though he would never admit that. "Did you forget that he can slice through your magic?" Kazuma informed him rather quickly. "Simple attack magic won't do" Nora nodded in agreement turning back at the nearing demon.

"Then it's now or never, I declare magical weapon formation!" the silver haired demon called out.

"I approve" Kazuma allowed, Nora raised his hands having nothing form into his palms.

"It's no good" Nora gasped ducking just in time to dodge a slice from the blade only losing strands of hair. "Ugh" Nora stayed in a crouch position as Tyron changed his coarse of direction and kicked Nora, the silver haired demon blocked the attack with his arms. The force of the kick sent Nora skidding backwards through the dirt kneeling at Kazuma's feet. "Close one" he breathed nervously.

"Why are you holding back?" Tyron growled from across the field by the river. Kazuma reached down a bit, bending his knees to see if Nora was okay. "Why don't you release Cerberus?" the dark demon hissed. Kazuma stopped and glared at him. He wished he had enough magical power to knock Tyron on his ass for that one. "Show me your true power" he snapped. Kazuma growled to himself.

"Shu-" Nora held his hand up stopping Kazuma, the two toned human looked down at him with wide eyes. Nora stood back on his feet pushed Kazuma behind him. The human took that as a blow to his pride, Nora hadn't trusted him to fight beside him. But he shouldn't have been so surprised, he was only human after all. He was only human.

Tyron and Nora continued the dance, Nora receiving a blow to his upper shoulder earning a fresh wound.

"I declare magical weapon formation" Nora said as he moved back a little. Kazuma had every intention of approving but he was beaten to it.

"If you have no intention of fighting seriously then.." Tyron took a step forward. "Die!" he slashed his sword catching Nora in the chest with the air pressure instead of the blade. The stay dog flew backwards towards Kazuma.

"Nora-Inu" the human yelled reaching out to grab Nora in an effort to stop him from flying backwards. Needless to say Kazuma weak fourteen year old body hadn't done much and Nora drug him along bouncing across the ground until they crashed to a halt. Kazuma groaned as he rolled his stiff body into a sitting position behind Nora who laid on the ground.

"Stray dog" Kazuma asked.

"I'm not a stray dog" Nora mumbled as he forced himself to sit up on his knees breathing heavily from his injuries. Though he a demon, and this wasn't as bad as it had looked. The raven haired teen crawled over to Nora putting his hand on his shoulder's carefully.

"Are you hurt?" he pressed. Nora looked up at him.

"That's enough!" Tyron grumbled from the top of the hill. "Unless you bring out your real power, your not a worthy opponent" Tyron boasted. "Don't disappoint me Cerberus" he growled. Nora glared up at him still kneeling near Kazuma, who's hands were gently on his shoulders as he kneeled behind him. "I don't know why your being so stubborn but it's pointless"

"Just go home with your tail between your legs" Tyron added his beady eyes staring down at him. Kazuma felt Nora's shoulders tense up as something inside finally snapped. "I won't back down. I'd rather die" the silver haired demon growled. The two toned haired teen's eyes widened a little, as Nora finally stood up on his own. Kazuma still crouched on the ground behind him, he could only stare up at his back. "And if I do it'll be on my own terms. I won't regret it" the silver haired demon declared making Kazuma smile ever so slightly. "It's better then giving up, running away and being called a defeated dog!" Cerberus admitted with a glare in his dual colored eyes.

"I'm not just Cerberus, I'm me! And I choose how I live and how I die" Nora then closed his eyes, the dual iris's reopening shortly after. "And I've made my choice. I'll stay and fight, because…I have someone I want to protect…" he added with a small smile. Kazuma blinked a little astonished by his declaration on protecting him.


"I'll believe it when I see it" Tyron grunted as he readied his blade for his final attack. Nora braced himself for the attack keeping Kazuma penned up behind him. This was it, it was now or never. "I declare magical weapon formation…"

"You've changed, stray dog" Kazuma mumbled as he slowly stood up behind Nora, the silver haired demon glanced back at him. "You used to brag about being the greatest. But now you've finally decided to be yourself. You're acknowledging your strengths and your weaknesses. The ability to change is an admirable attribute" Nora blinked still looking over his shoulder at him, a small smile breaking across his face.

Kazuma could only smirk smugly. "I've changed to because of you. You've made my life interesting and I want to thank you for that" Nora glanced over seeing Tyron was nearing.

"Kazuma, this ain't the time for sharing out feelings! He's out for blood" he snapped quickly, his desire to protect Kazuma was fueling him. "I declare magical weapon formation!" Nora declared holding out his palm.

"I won't run away either. You've shown me there are things worth standing for" Kazuma smiled to himself. Nora's face lit up his chin raised as he felt the stream again, the flow of magical energy. "And whatever the price. I'm willing to pay it" the rest of the resistance's faces lit up feeling the flow. Pouring in.

"And I approve" in his palm the energy gathered with a loud crack and weapon had appeared, the energy knocking a startled Tyron into the river.

"Yeah! You see that Kazu, I did…" he turned seeing Kazuma holding a watch in his hands. Kazuma looked up at him and gave him one last final smile before he clicked the top of the watch sounding a soft click. "Kazu?"

"Goodbye Nora, I…" he began trying to find the right words as he slowly disintegrated. He didn't have much time left. "I…love you" Nora's eyes widened as he continued to evaporate. He quickly reached out to grab him, Kazuma slowly lifted his hand. Their fingers interlocking before the final moment. "Kazuma?"

"You'd better watch out Nora-Inu" Kazuma teased one last time before he completely vanished, the watch fell on the grass below. He stood frozen for the longest time staring down at the watch. He heard some one yelling in the background his mind to far way to hear it. He slowly reached down to brush his fingers of the solid metal of the pocket watch.

"Nora-san! Nora-san" Hirasaka panted as she ran up to him in a small kimono. Nora crouched in the grass holding the watch loosely in his hands. "Nora-san" she said again. Nora gripped the watch in his fist as he stood up.

"What the hell happened?" he asked to shocked to ask anything else. The middle school girl looked down at her feet. "Do you know what happened Hirasaka?"

"Nora…come with me" she mumbled.


"Mr. Kazuma Migari is currently indisposed" a man with a Mohawk said with a grin. Nora blinked stupidly, his wound having been tended to and bandaged for recovery.

"He's been disposed of?"

"No, no you idiot." the man sighed. "He's in training and can't be disturbed. And since my business is information, either ask a question or get out" he snapped. "I can tell you anything you want to know, for the right price:" he bartered with a smirk. Nora wasn't amused. He thought about anything he needed to ask, he wanted to see Kazuma. He wanted to know where he was, but he doubted he had anything thing to trade with. He was frustrated with the fact. He held his head trying to think, the man smirked. "Hey…Kazuma left you something, he told me to give it to you before he began his training" he sighed handing him an ugly envelope. It was pink with clouds and stars.

Nora raised an eyebrow at the man. "I'm guessing he got the envelope from you?"

"Listen you ungrateful punk, do you want the letter or not?" he grumbled. The silver haired demon took the letter and started to carefully open it. His senses catching the delightful smell of Kazuma. Hirasaka, though she would never say it out loud, was a little jealous that Kazuma had went out of his way to quickly write up an explanation for Nora.

Dear Nora-Inu

I apologize for leaving you alone. I fear it may be a long time before we see each other again. I'm sorry I can't write much more, I don't have much time. Writing this letter is hard, because I always hated saying goodbye. I hated being told goodbye and I hate saying it. Maybe see you later would suffice, at least some one would subconsciously promise to see me again. I'm rambling, its unlike me.

I guess finding the right words, getting my thoughts together, are harder then I had imagined. What I'm trying to say it really. It isn't goodbye. I could never leave you, not after what you've done for me. The sacrifices you had to make. I wanted to say. Thanks for putting up with me, I know I can be tad over bearing. Thank you for understanding and seeing what no one else could see. Nora I love you. I wanted you to know that. I love you with all my heart.

I had to give up a suitable amount, I know. And when I return. I may not be…quite the way you remember me. But. I'll still love you.

So see you later Nora.

Sincerely yours: Kazuma Migari

Nora carefully read over the letter a few times. He was still so confused but felt more relaxed that he had been left with a temporary closure. He held the letter in his hands with a small content smile on his face. "Oh yeah, and Mr. Kazuma Migari paid another price to get you the information you wanted" the man added giving him another tacky envelope. Nora took it consciously.

"What else did Kazuma-sama pay?" Hirasaka asked worriedly. Already knowing what else Kazuma had to pay to get this far. The man smirked. "He told me the nature of he and Cerberus relationship, hence the love letter right Nora boy?" he mocked. The silver haired demon growled at him. "Hey back off pervert" Nora snapped. The man held his hands up defensively.

"Come on now, I was just curious as to who the infamous Cerberus was nailing. At that the man with booze written on his forehead got knocked in the head by Nora. "Ouch damn you"

Nora turned his back on him sitting on the seat. Hirasaka stayed quiet in the corner holding a first aid kit.

"And your one to be calling me a pervert, Mr. Kazuma's only fourteen and you already fucked him, your quite a the dog" he laughed rubbing his head earning a death glare from Nora. "But hey when he comes back he'll be waaaay over the legal limit, but I wonder if Nora only has an attraction to little boys will he even like Kazuma then?"

"Nosey bastard" Nora grumbled turning back to him. "If your curious then just ask, don't use manipulation to get your answers. Don't talk like Kazuma, cause then I might mistake you for being cute" Nora offered having his weapon drawn an din the mans face.

The man smirked at him. "Point taken Mr. tough guy" Hirasaka smiled to herself. Though it hurt that Kazuma belonged to some one else, she was truly happy for him. To finally have some one who cared about him that much.

"Kazuma would be touched to hear that" Nora smirked.

"Nah, he'd hit me over the head for embarrassing him or saying such a stupid thing" he argued.

'Kazuma…I…I don't know why you chose to vanish like this. Or where you even are for that matter but…I'll wait for you…I'll patiently await your return…and when you finally chose…or are able to…I'm going…to smack you over the head for worrying me'