Heyz people out there, sooo this is my first story posted on fanfiction, but all my stuff is on dA.....so being that i've gotten addicted to ff, i decided to post my stuff here too, not to mention my artwork sux......so yea. Okay the first three chapters of this story were originally called Inn the Boathouse, buttttt i thought it would be awkward to seperate the two sections. So now there all called Big Girls Don't Cry!!! yay xDD p.s. for the record this was my first story sooo srry cause it sux and it's really short. i promise my more recent work is waaayy better

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"You could always give me that kiss, that'd be pretty bad"

"You're still not my type"

"Fine, enjoy a peanut butter-less life"

"Thanks, enjoy prison"

"I will"

*Courtney turns around, and kisses Duncan, leaving him with a shocked expression on his face*


Courtney walked away, with a smile and a full sense of confidence. "I can't believe I just did that" she thought, "but it was nice" and she headed to the dock. "She heard Duncan say something to Geoff, and she rolled her eyes still with a smile. She sat down at the end of the dock, and looked out into the open lake, letting her feet dangle over the garbage filled water. Then her familiar attitude began to kick in. "well it's not like I totally put it out there that I might have feelings for him…I mean, it was just a little kiss, and it didn't mean anything. God look at you Courtney, I'm arguing with myself, about DUNCAN!! I need to get a hold of myself, keep my eye on the ball…but" she stares out into the quiet water. "Well he's just a guy, why not. All my life I've been focused on my goals, being a strong, independent woman, I think I could handle a guy, I deserve a little fun, yea…"

Duncan's mouth was wide open out of shock. He heard footsteps behind him so he regained his cool.

"Yes, dude!" Geoff yelled as Courtney walked away.

"Told ya she wanted me" Duncan said with his normal smugness.

"So, dude, why are you just standing here with us," DJ asks with a smile.

"Whadda mean, "Duncan asks with a dumbfounded look on his face.

"Well" DJ replies with the same smile" The girl you've been crushin on just kissed you, and you're just here with us as she walks away, in the dark, all alone" *hint, hint*

Duncan realizes what DJ is implying and begins to run in Courtney's direction.

"Wow sometimes he can be as clueless as you" DJ says to Geoff.

"Haha yea, wait what?" Geoff asks. DJ rolls his eyes and the two walk back into the cabin.

"Well, he can be sweet, and his eyes drive me crazy," Courtney says, while collecting her thoughts, "I just have to be on my guard, he is a criminal after all..."

"Jeez princess you say that like it's a bad thing" she jumps as Duncan's voice comes up behind her, and she blushes when she realizes that she was saying her thoughts out loud.

"Ever heard of privacy," she yells, trying to hide her embarrassment.

"Um you're on a reality show princess, privacy is pretty hard to come by" he said with his signature smile.

"I thought I asked you not to call me that"

"You did" he says with an evil grin

"What do you want Duncan"

"I don't know, nothing I guess"

"Well why don't you go away" she grows

"Aww princess, I would but you and I both know that you prefer me sitting right next to you." He says, still smiling.

"What makes you think that?"

"Well besides the fact that you just kissed me, it's pretty obvious"

"What?" she asks angrily

"That you like me"

"I do not like you" she yells

"Sure sure princess, if that was true, then you wouldn't have kissed me" he says rolling his eyes.

"Duncan, you're reading into this too deep, it was just a kiss, it didn't mean anything" she explains.

"Yeah, if you were Heather or some one like that, but I know better than to believe that," he says.

"Really, how could you know me like that, you barely know me."

"Well princess, I know you're uptight, you're bossy, and you're really fun when you decide to break the rules," he chuckles

"Shut up" she says with a smile and pushes him. He laughs and pushes her back. She pushes him back a little harder and he looses his balance and begins to fall. She is still laughing when he grabs her hand and she squeals as they both fall into the lake.

"Ugh, great Duncan, now I'm all wet" she grows, and he begins to laugh again, and she stats laughing too as she begins to splash him. They both begin to splash each other, still laughing, until Courtney says "God Duncan, its freezing, it's like midnight, what do we do now. He pulls her over, lifts her up, and kisses her, and they both begin to kiss each other in a passionate embrace. After a few minutes, he says

"c'mon, I think I saw some towels in the boathouse." She giggles as he walks to the shore, with her still in his arms, and he takes her to the boathouse. She closes her eyes and puts her head on his chest as he walks with her in his arms.

"Ya know I'm beginning to miss the uptight Courtney, this new one is waaaay too calm to be her." He says with a smile.

"well if that's the way you want it then just put me down and I'll go back to my cabin' she says smugly

"Hey I never said that I didn't like the new Courtney, I'm just saying a little fire in a chick is pretty hot" he says with a smile. She smacks his arm, as they both begin laughing.

"Shhh, we'll wake everyone,"

"Oh right, wouldn't want to spoil that good girl image, then who knows what would happen," he says sarcastically. They arrive at the boathouse, and he puts her down. They find the towels, and they begin to dry off. She drops her towel, and walks up to Duncan with an evil grin on her face. She begins to kiss him again, and pushes him up against the wall. "Whoa miss good girl, I'm impressed" he says with a smile

"Hey, I like being bad sometimes" she says with an evil smile, and they slide to the floor. After about 45 minutes of making out, Courtney stops, "Duncan, I think…" she stops, as he raises his unibrow, "I think I love you" she says softly, and begins kissing him again. He stops, and replies "good, cause I think I love you too." They kiss for a little while longer, then Courtney lays her head on his chest, "night Duncan," she says with a sigh, as she slowly drifts to sleep. "Goodnight- Courtney" he kisses her head, and they both fall asleep, her still on top of him, in the boathouse…..