John Sheppard's: How To Surf 101


Author's Note: Well... this one is for jodz92 because she said that she would like a Surfing "John Sheppard How To" so here it is...


"All right folks, he's almost made it, John Sheppard almost to the finish line... and he's made it! The crowd goes wild, Ahh!" John said pretending that he had acctually won a surfing compatition.

"John, what are you doing?" Teyla said.

"Um... nothing just doing a little surfing," John replied

"If I am not mistaken, you are supposed to be in water to surf."

"Well I don't want to get rusty on my surfing skills," John said striking a surfing poss, then falling of the surf board. Teyla held in a laugh. "Would you like to try?"

"I have never surfed before."

"Well... I guess... I could..."

"Could what?"

"I could teach you if you wanted?"

"Why not!"

"OK, so first you lay down ,and you move your arms like this, and then you jump up and thats pretty much how you do it."

"Like this?"


"What are you guys doing?" Ronon asked walking into Sheppard's room.

"John was just teaching me how to surf."

"How to what?" he asked.

"Surfing; it's kinda like a sport that you do in water," Sheppard said.

"With this piece of wood...?" he stared at it.

"Yeah, here I'll show you!" he said as he laid down on the surf board and explained how to surf to Ronon. And then Rodney came in.

"Sheppard why are you on a surf board with no water?" Rodney asked.

"I was showing Ronon and Teyla how to surf."



"Can you show me?"

"Um...well...I don't"

"Thank you, OK so how do I do it?" Rodney said excitedly. And John explained it one more time.

"And that is how you do it!"

"Thank you for teaching me John," Teyla said.

"Yeah...thanks," Ronon said walking out of the room with Teyla.

"Yeah thanks," Rodney said.

"Finily some time of rest..." John closed his eyes and almost fell asleep until Rodney came back in.

"Rodney what are you doing here again?" Shappard asked as he sat up.

"I brought some people here..."


"They want to learn how to surf!" he said with excitment. Sheppard fell back on his bed.

The End