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Summary: Chuck and Blair playing Truth or Dare in a hot tub in the Hamptons. (Originally this was just going to be smutty fun, but then their emotions got in the way. I realized that Chuck and Blair had a LOT more to say in "Summer, Kind of Wonderful" than we actually saw. Therefore, I'm working through that sexual tension and unresolved issues in this fic. Sound good? Then proceed on and don't forget to leave pretty reviews!!!)

I'll Tell You No Lies

"What do you think you're doing Bass?" Blair sighed as she watched Chuck strip down to his bathing suit and get into the hot-tub she was currently soaking in alone.

"Enjoying the benefits of Cece's summer house, of course" he said easily as he sank further into the hot, bubbling water.

"It's late, shouldn't you be off enjoying the company of some loose, eager-to-please Hampton vacationer?" Blair snipped, trying her best to ignore her nerves getting the best of her in response to his near proximity.

"And here I thought I was" he winked.

Blair gave her best I'm-not-amused face.

"Speaking of loose and eager, where did that sister of mine run off too?" Chuck mused out loud.

"She left a few minutes ago to find Nate and discuss stategy for whatever weird pretend relationship they're in the middle of" Blair said.

Chuck smirked, pleased that his urgent "I need to talk to Blair alone, get lost" text seemed to have done the trick.

"In fact, you just missed her. If I didn't know any better, I would be paranoid that you two are conspiring against me to ruin the rest of my summer" Blair huffed.

"No need to get fiesty Waldorf, I'm here to call a truce" he told her.

"Oh please, you think after that little stunt you pulled abandoning me on the hellipad that I'm just going to forgive and forget?"

"So what if I was? You're over it by now, aren't you? Isn't that the message you're trying to send me by parading that oaf around?"

"James is not an oaf. He's a complete gentleman and not to mention more of a man than you'll ever be" Blair snarked.

"I doubt that. Strongly. But like I said, I'm not here to fight" Chuck said, forcing his composure to remain cool and disconnected.

"Than what are you suggesting?" she asked.

"How about a friendly game of Truth or Dare?" he proposed.


TBC. What do you say, loyal readers? Wanna play?