Chapter 13

After yet another round of lovemaking, Chuck and Blair had finally collapsed back into Cece's spectacular Egyptian cotton sheets.

Limbs entangled, Chuck absently realized that no body ever molded against his own as perfectly as Blair's did. He decided then that she was the one he wanted to lie next to every night for the rest of his life. With this unfamiliar and yet oddly comforting notion in mind, Chuck tightened his arms around the petite brunette and dosed off.

That is, until he felt his bedmate begin to move around next to him after what he assumed to be only a few minutes.

"Blair" he mumbled, rolling his head to the side in order to bury his nose in her hair "Go to sleep."

"Don't wanna" she replied, running her hand down Chuck's naked torso suggestively.

"You're like the energizer bunny. Don't you ever get tired?" he asked.

"Nope. And besides, you told me I could touch you later, remember?" she whispered as she wrapped her hand around his flaccid member "I'm cashing in on that promise."

Despite his exhaustion, Chuck could not prevent his body from responding. She was the kryptonite to his superman; he was powerless against her advances. But oh, what a way to go…

"What's the rush? I'll still love you in the morning" he told her, subtly rocking his hips in tune with her gentle strokes.

Her hand stopped abruptly.

"Promise?" she asked.

"Of course" he said "Are you still having doubts?"

Blair heard the concern in his voice and decided to play with him a little. He was just too cute to resist.

"Oh, just a few here and there. I mean, we've been official now for about two hours and you're already turning me down for sex. What's a girl supposed to think? But no worries" she coaxed, moving her hand again "I'm willing to have you make it up to me."

"If I didn't know any better Waldorf, I'd think you were yanking my chain" Chuck said, now wide awake and beginning to enjoy her administrations more and more.

"Technically I'm yanking your dick. Now just lay there and enjoy it, will you?"

"Now that's not something you hear everyday…." he mused.

"If you end that sentence with 'unless you're Chuck Bass' I may be entitled to rip your favorite appendage right off your body" she warned snarkily.

"God you're hot when you're bitchy" he groaned.

"I'm glad you think so" she told him, pulling the sheet back until she revealed his naked body.

They had since turned off the bedroom light, but the moonlight pouring in through the window along with the burning candles provided enough light for them to see each other.

Blair was mesmerized by her own hand moving up and down his now hard member. With every stroke she watched in amazement as he pulsed and throbbed beneath her touch. As she did so, she faintly heard the sound of Chuck breathing heavily as he surrendered himself over to her small hand. In one simple movement, she was able to possess so much power over him. It was an exhilarating experience.

"You like this baby?" she asked in her bedroom voice.

"Mmhm" he murmured "I love it."

"You're just loving everything tonight aren't you?" she teased.

Chuck smiled.

"True, but I love you more than your hand jobs" he assured her "although they are pretty fucking amazing in and of themselves."

"You're such a softy" she mused before realizing his current predicament "Forget I just said that."

Chuck attempted to laugh at the irony of her words, but it came out as a moan.

"Blair" he sighed, balling the bed sheets in his fists in frustration.

"Oh I'm sorry baby" she said, getting back to work. Glancing over her shoulder, she caught sight of her discarded chemise hanging off the edge of bed. Grinning wickedly, she grabbed the silk slip in her free hand.

Blair leaned over Chuck and kissed him hard enough for him to forget his own name.

"Close your eyes" she whispered "I'm gonna make you feel even better."

Chuck swallowed and nodded, but he didn't respond.

Moments later, he felt the distinct sensation of cool silk being brushed across his hipbone.

"Wha…" he started.

"Shhh" she cooed "Trust me, Chuck."

Blair continued her sensuous caress up his torso, tracing the line of hair on his chest as she did so. Continuing to stroke his cock with her left hand, Blair was all but entranced at the way his skin jumped underneath her administrations.

As the silk in her right hand passed over Chuck's left nipple, he hissed in pleasure.

"Fuck" he muttered as the silk moved over to his right side.

"Mmmm" Blair murmured in encouragement, bringing the fabric down to toy with his pubic bone.

"Please" he begged as he felt the sensation move to the tops of his thighs. It was so close to where he needed it to be, but she was taking far too long to give it to him.

Blair smiled.

"Okay baby" she whispered "I know what you want…what you need."

As she wrapped the silk around the base of his cock, she moved her head down to encompass his already seeping head in between her lips.

"Ahhhh!" Chuck cried out, his back arching off the bed.

As Blair moved to take him even further into her mouth, she moved the chemise down to cover his balls and grope him gently.

"God Blair…that's so good…fuck, I'm gonna—Blair!" he exclaimed, coming hard against the back of her throat and promptly passing out.


Blair laughed when she realized that her newly minted boyfriend was out cold.

Guess I'm just too much woman for Chuck Bass to handle she thought with a laugh, rolling out of bed and taking the top sheet with her.

It was close to 2 AM and Blair knew she should probably get some sleep, but the constant stream of adrenaline that has been flowing through her system all night has prevented her from doing so. In fact, the whole night had been a whirl-wind—what started as a chill night in with Serena in the hot-tub filled with plenty of Chuck-bashing had since evolved into a passionate night of lovemaking with her…boyfriend? Yes, yes Chuck was her boyfriend now.

Grinning like an idiot, Blair dropped a kiss onto Chuck's bare-chest before wandering out onto the balcony to enjoy the cool summer night's air.

And that's how he found her not too long after—wrapped in nothing but a white sheet with her back to him. Chuck did not hesitate to approach her, wrapping his arms her waist and kissing her cheek sweetly.

"Well well, look who decided to regain consciousness" Blair teased, leaning back into his embrace.

Only moments before, she had been lost in thought—worrisome fears like what would happen to the two of them after they left the Hamptons and returned to the real world for the first time as an official couple.

But now with his arms holding her tight, Blair felt the reassurance that whatever they would face when they got home—the public scrutiny, their parents, Gossip Girl—they would get through it together.

"What can I say, Waldorf? You're one of a kind" he murmured against her hair "And while I appreciate all that you and your talents provide, I cannot help but be bothered by the fact that in the midst of my own pleasure, I've left you unsatisfied."

"I'd beg to differ that you've satisfied me a lot tonight" she countered, tilting her head back to kiss him on the lips.

"And yet" Chuck began, sliding one of his hands in between the opening provided by the bed sheet "I feel compelled to return the favor."

"In that case, I won't stop you" Blair said as she parted her legs to grant him access.

However, only moments after Chuck began working his talented fingers inside of her wetness, a familiar giggle in the distance immediately caused Blair to tense up.

"Chuck wait!" she whispered.

"No sweetheart, no more waiting" he coaxed, oblivious to the impending intruders.

"Nate!" he suddenly heard his drunken stepsister shrill from below.

"Shhh! Serena, you're gonna wake the whole house!" an almost equally drunken Nate scream-whispered back to her.

The two stumbled into the backyard of the house completely oblivious to Chuck and Blair up on the balcony right over them.

"We have to go shhhh and be quiet!" Serena responded, grabbing onto Nate and falling ungracefully onto a lounge chair by the pool.

"Oh great, dumb and dumber have returned" Chuck grumbled, earning a giggle from Blair.

But then when Chuck started moving his fingers inside her again, Blair gasped in shock.

"Chuck no" she whispered.

"Why not?" he asked.

"They might hear us" Blair whispered, fighting the urge to moan as she allowed him to finger her.

"All the more reason to do it" Chuck murmured "C'mon Waldorf, let's give our inebriated and less intelligent counterparts a show."

Meanwhile down below, Nate decided the only way to shut Serena up for good was to start making out with her like the horny teenaged boy he was. Serena, who in essence was Nate with boobs, reciprocated his less than suave move immediately by molding her body against his.

"I think we've got some competition" Blair said huskily.

"Please, we're already at third base and they're barely off of first. It's no contest, trust me" Chuck snarked.

"Now" he said flipping Blair around to face him "Let's turn our attention away from the amateurs and focus on the task at hand."

"What did you have in mind Mr. Bass?" Blair asked.

Chuck merely lifted his eyebrows before falling to his knees.

"Chuck!" she gasped as his smirking mouth closed over her sex "I can't be quiet when you…ahh!"

"Yeah" he said, pulling his glistening lips back momentarily "That's kind of the point. Just enjoy it, sweetheart."

With a wink, he dove back in between the apex of her thighs—leading with his sinister tongue guaranteed to drive her wild.

"Oh yeah Chuck" she moaned as quietly as she could "Uhn…keep going, keep going…I…Chu…oh baby yes!"

Smiling with satisfaction, Chuck stood up and caught Blair before her legs gave out from beneath her.

"I love you" she whispered as he took her face in his strong hands and kissed her fiercely.

"I love you too" he whispered back, caught up in the intimacy of standing naked with his beloved in the sweet summer night air.

Blair wrapped her arms around his shoulders, covering both of their nude forms with the bed sheet. Nuzzling her face in the crook of his neck, she allowed herself to get lost in the moment as they simply stood there embracing each other.


"BLAIR? CHUCK? ARE YOU GUYS HAVING SEX ON THE BALCONY?!" Serena yelled before Nate had a chance to cover her mouth with his beefy hand.

"Serena shhhh!" Nate scolded.

"It's okay Nate, I'm pretty sure she's woken up the whole neighborhood by now" Chuck called down "And to answer your question, Sis, we were merely basking in our post-coital glow before you two bone heads showed up."

"Aww yay! I'm so glad your trust exercise was a success B!" Serena clapped.

"Can we find her a muzzle?" Chuck mused.

Blair hit him playfully.

"Don't be mean" she chided.

"I'm glad too, S" she told her best friend.

"We were just heading in for the night anyways" Nate told them "Have fun you two."

Blair didn't know whether she should be mortified or thankful that she had her ex-boyfriend's blessing to 'have fun' with his best friend after everything that went down between them last year, but when Chuck kissed her earlobe, she settled on thankful. Thankful for everything.

"What do you say, princess, you ready to call it a night?" Chuck murmured into her ear.

Blair pulled back and kissed the man she loved until they were both gasping for air.

"With you by my side, I'm ready for anything" she told him.

And with that, she took Chuck's hand and led him back to bed.


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