There was heat and lust and slick sweat on skin. A small moan, almost forming a name, becoming louder as hips arched and hands scrabbled for purchase and left long, half-bloody marks down a tattooed muscular chest. A deep chuckled is heard, sounding like the rumble of a growling dog, and a loud cry rings through the air after a hard thrust and the slap of skin-on-skin.

"F-fuck, Ren…ji…" A trembling male, barely coherent with the throes of pleasure.

"Ya sound so fuckin' hot when ya moan my name." A growl, predatory and animalistic.

The larger man looks up through a curtain of violently red hair, a smug expression of pure sex on his handsome face and the more slender of the two forces an unconvincing scowl. An orange-haired head is thrown back with a startled groan as a roughly callused hand strokes his aching, hard flesh and an embarrassing whimper escapes from thoroughly kiss-swollen lips. A rush of air and a grunt of exertion and suddenly the rhythmic pounding becomes faster and harder and a startled teen finds himself pinned and mewling beneath an unrelenting wall of muscle and ink.

A sound akin to a scream and the warm spurt of trickling blood with sharp, fang-like teeth digging into a pale, tender neck. Blunt, short nails dig into rippling tattooed shoulders, leaving red, crescent marks in their wake. A back arches with a pleading keen of anguished pleasure.

"Say it again, Ichi. Say my name again." A gruff voice demands, eyes darkened and swirling with unrestrained desire and wild uninhibited lust.

"Renjiii… so close…" A high cry and a begging, panting breath…

A light spills into the room, stunning dark eyes and causing bodies to cease their movement. A dark skinned beauty with amused eyes twinkling in golden shades, speaking in a silky voice like cold water on hot skin.

"Finish up, boys." Wry, teasing tone, a hand on a curvy hip. "People are starting to wonder where you disappeared to…"

The invasive light disappears with the resounding click of a closing door. Two nervous, blushing shinigami stare at each other for what seems like an eternity. Then a wide grin spreads over a tan face.

"Better do what the lady says…"