Author's Note: All right I know I'm way, way, way, way, way overdue in having posted anything on this page. I just wanted to show you guys that I'm still around. This idea kind of came to me on the way home from school today, so I hope you guys like what i have in store. This is admittedly a very different take on the series, one which I dont think has ever been seen before in this context. And if there is then I'm certain there arent very many cop fics in Naruto. Hope you guys like it. I'm not sure if this will be a take on the novel or movie A Scanner Darkly just yet, but it will deal with several elements that I hope to incorperate later on. Enjoy.

A Scanner Darkly

It was the start of an average morning in the city of Konoha. 21-year-old Naruto Uzamaki was one of the newest recruits in the Konoha City Police Department. Having graduated from police academy just a few months prior the young upstart had finally been assigned his own patrol. The spiky haired rookie made his way over to his desk, to start on his box of morning donuts and coffee. However a large stack of papers dropped on his desk soon interrupted his breakfast. The rookie jumped and nearly fell back in his seat by the loud slam of papers, hooking his feet under the center draw at the last second he prevented himself from going over. Still balancing himself on the back of his chair he looked up at the source and saw a pink haired woman glaring back at him in anger.

"Goddamn it Naruto, couldn't you have eaten those at home instead of bringing them in here?" she said annoyed.

The blonde was still balancing himself arms spread out in the air like he was a maniac. The rookie groaned and finally brought himself down on all fours.

"Aw c'mon Sakura do you have to be that way?" he asked.

"You don't see anyone else in here bringing in donuts to the office. I don't want to see another box in here or your going back to parking meter duty." She said.

"So then what's all of this?" he inquired about the enormous stack infront of him.

"Your paperwork what else?" she asked.

"Oy." The rookie moaned, a large sweat drop appeared on his brow.

"Now get to work." She told him before walking off.

"Yes Sakura." He said defeated.

The police officer nodded to himself and got started on his paperwork. And took a pencil out of his drawn and sharpened it before setting it to paper. The point broke almost immediately afterwards to his frustration. The rookie looked at the broken led in annoyance and sharpened it again, but made it too sharp causing the pencil lead to break once again. Throwing it across the room he took out a red ink pen and began scribbling down what was needed. 15 minutes later he finished the first page and proceeded onward to the next one and the next. Half-hour later he was halfway through the stack and was making remarkable progress on the morning paperwork. A smile came to his face as it neared a quarter till 10, he was just three pages away from being finished and finally at 10 o'clock on the dot he stamped his last page and filed it in the finished bin. The young police officer folded his hand behind his head in contentment and leaned back in his chair by the time Sakura came up to him. The young woman growled in annoyance and slammed a page on the desk infront of him.

"You idiot! The red ink is for administration only!" she growled.

"What?!" he asked flying up in his chair meeting her face to face.

"Start over." She told him.

"What difference does it make what color it is? Its done!" he spat.

"You have any idea what kind of headaches this is going to give them?" she asked.

"The only headache here is the one I'm getting from you!" he said.

"Whaaat?" she growled.

"Is there a problem over here?" said an annoyed Shikamaru.

The two looked up and saw the slightly older police officer staring back at them in his usual demeanor. Sakura stepped back from the desk and flipped her hair changing her tone.

"Nothing really." She said.

"Uh-huh, so what's this I heard you two going on about?" he said not buying her story.

"What's going on?" Garra asked walking up to them.

"She made a big deal because I did all my paperwork in red ink." Naruto said accusingly. Shikamaru closed his eyes and bowed his head.

"Hate to break it to you, but she is right Naruto." The policeman said.

"What?!" he yelled.

"However since Naruto already put in the paperwork I suppose we can make an exception for it just this one time. But after that I expect you do your reports either in pencil or black ink. Got that?" he asked. Naruto smiled broadly and saluted the superior officer.

"You got it!" he shouted.

"Great, now keep your voice down. The rest of us are trying to work." The apathetic police officer said before going back to his business.

"Garra you need to be somewhere?" he called. The redheaded police officer went back to his section of the building leaving Naruto and Sakura alone once more. The pink haired girl groaned and turned to face the spiky haired upstart.

"You were lucky this time." she said before leaving him.

Naruto relaxed back in his chair once again relieved that the whole deal was finally over. But it would not last long.

"Naruto the Chief wants you in his office." Shikamaru said to him.

The rookie officer opened an eye and got out of his chair exasperated as he made his way up to the police chief's office on the far side of the building. The door opened on the other side moments later as Naruto popped in.

"You wanted to see me boss?" he said sticking his head in the door.

"Sit down Naruto." The old man said inviting him in.

Nervously he made his way over to the solid oak chair that sat infront of Chief Saratobi's desk and eased himself into it. The chair creaked a bit as he settled himself into the aged seat. The chief smoked on his pipe a bit before addressing him.

"Now Naruto, I understand that you've only been with us for a period of months. Therefore I felt it was time I assigned you your first major case." the chief said setting his pipe aside.

"Seriously? Why? I mean not that I don't want the job, but everyone around here seems to think I'm a screw up." he said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Well I feel that every officer on this department deserves a chance to prove themselves. And to show they have what it takes to be a police officer." The chief said taking another puff of his pipe.

"I see. So then what are you assigning me for exactly?" he asked.

"I have a special one in mind so don't blow it. For the past few weeks now we've been dealing with a crew of drug runners that have been trafficking an especially powerful brand of ecstasy. I need you to go undercover and buy 50 grams of X from one of these drug dealers. Your partner in this case is Detective Sasuke Uchiha." The chief said. At that moment the detective entered the room and stood next him.

"You wanted to see me?" he asked.

"I was just briefing Naruto here on the job at hand. Meet your new partner." The chief said. Sasuke turned to face the rookie and shook hands with him.

"It's good to finally meet you." he said in a formal tone.

"Likewise." Naruto said receiving his handshake.

"This is an important operation gentlemen. You'll need to rely on each other in order for it to be a success. Good luck." He told them.

The two men bowed to the Chief and made their way out. Stepping out of the office first Sasuke replaced his hat wearing it into the workplace.

"All right partner so what's the first order of business?" Naruto said enthusiastically as he ran up to his partner.

"You'll stay out of my way." was the reply.

"But the Chief just said…"

"He said we had to work together, he didn't say we had to work together." Sasuke said putting on his short white policeman's gloves.

"Yeah but…"

"If you're going to work with me, you're going to do things my way. Got it?" he said looking over his shoulder at Naruto.


"Then let's get going." He told him and walked off.

"This should be fun." The rookie muttered and raced after him. The two officers made their way out the double doors of the office and began their job.

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