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Guns and Devils

Chapter 3

Later that night Naruto and Sasuke returned to police headquarters. As the two men walked through the doors Sasuke casually strode up to the police chief's office and opened the door without knocking.

"So how'd you do?" he asked.

"We got him on film, but its not near enough to arrest him." he said laying the disk on Chief Sarutobi's desk.

"So you didn't have any trouble capturing him on film." The Chief asked. The detective looked back at his partner from the corner of his eye. The rookie swallowed hard as he awaited the inevitable.

"Everything went according to plan…more or less." he said coolly. His partner sighed in relief.

"Very well, do you have any follow-ups to this?" he asked.

"Not really, but we're already formulating a plan." The detective shrugged.

"Eh? How so?" he asked.

"According to my source there's a nearby club that's been distributing X freely." He said.

"I see. And do you know where this club is?" the Chief asked.

"Yes." He replied.

"Very well, if you guys are up to it. I'd like to send you out into the field again." the Chief said.

"What do you say?" Sasuke asked his partner.

"Sure I'm up for It." the rookie nodded.

"All right then, send Sakura in here." The Chief said.

Naruto nodded and went to retrieve Sakura from her office.

"Sir?" Sasuke asked.

"This next mission here is going to be a group effort. That is if you don't mind if I bring one more into this." he asked.

"No complaints sir." He told him.

"Excellent." The Chief said as Naruto and Sakura entered the office.

"Sakura I'm going to need you to tag along with Naruto and Detective Uchiha." He said.

"Oh course sir. But may I ask what we're doing?" she asked.

"Detective Sasuke's source reports that a nearby club is distributing ecstasy to clients I need you Naruto and Sasuke to go undercover and scope this place out. If what he says is true, then I need you to acquire some of it for evidence and to figure out who is distributing it. Is that clear?" he asked.

"Yes sir!" they replied.

"If you run into trouble do not escalate, and do not reveal yourselves as police officers is that clear?" he asked.

"Yes sir." Sakura and Sasuke said.

"We wont let you down boss!" Naruto said.

"I certainly hope not." thought Sasuke.

"You are dismissed." He told them.

The three officers exited the room moments later.

"Oh and Sasuke…" the chief said as his officer prepared to close the door. The detective looked back at him.

"Go easy on him." the Chief said.

The officer nodded without saying anything and shut the door behind him. Chief Sarutobi leaned back in his chair and looked out the window next to him. Making their way down the stairs of the precinct moments later Sasuke called out to his team.

"Come on, we're going to have to change clothes again." he said.

An hour later the gang pulled up to the club in Naruto's Chevelle, getting out of the car they made their way to the back of the line before anyone else got infront of them. Sakura was standing infront of the guys wearing a red tank top and denim shorts. Sasuke stood behind her wearing a white t-shirt over a blue long sleeved shirt and cargo pants, while Naruto wore an orange shirt and jeans with a blue vest. It didn't take long for them to get through the line as the bouncer escorted them in without trouble. Once inside the club the trio made it downstairs to the light up dance floor. Several women danced in cages interspersed above the dancers heads.

"All right, split up and act natural." Sasuke said to his team on his Bluetooth.

"Rodger." Sakura said.

"You got it." said Naruto.

The three went their separate ways but remained in sight of the other person. However it wouldn't take long for them to become distracted. As Sakura made her way through the dance club, she received a tap on the shoulder and turned to see her partner Naruto standing behind her.

"Um, listen I know we're suppose to be working but do you suppose it'd be all right if we had one dance together?" he asked. Her expression softened after hearing his request.

"That's sweet of you Naruto but I…"

"Naruto?" came a voice from behind.

The two looked back and saw a young man with a bowl haircut and thick eyebrows, wearing a green button down shirt over a white t-shirt and jeans.

"Lee. What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I was about to ask you the same thing. Who's your friend?" He blinked.

"Oh this is Sakura Haruno. Sakura this is Rock Lee, we went to school together." He said introducing the two.

"Pleased to meet you." she said shaking his hand.

"Likewise." He smiled.

"So are you still in showbiz?" the rookie officer asked.

"Showbiz?" Sakura asked.

"Lee does a lot of Tokusatsu kids shows. He's been in everything from Kamen Rider to Super Sentai." He said.

Lee smiled and rubbed the back of his neck in mild embarrassment. Sakura's eyes lit up when she realized who he reminded her of.

"No way, you played Deka Green!" she said.

"Yes I played Sen-Chan on DekaRanger a few years back." he chuckled.

"My little sister loved that show." She said.

"Ah. Ha ha. Well I'm glad to hear my work paid off!" he smiled and bowed midway through his sentence. His buddy smiled and pounded him across the back.

"Come on Lee, quit being modest! You do an awesome job on all those shows!" Naruto said.

"Ha ha. I guess your right. And if you do not mind, I was wondering if I might have a dance with your friend?" he asked.

"Sure go ahead!" he nodded and was still caught up in the moment of meeting his friend again.

"Is that all right?" Lee asked Sakura.

"Sure come on." she said taking him out to the dance floor. Her teammate continued to smile until it finally hit him.

"Hey wait a minute!!!" he yelled.

On the other side of the dance hall Sasuke watched poignantly as Sakura went off with one of the local guys.

"Should have thought as much." He said none too impressed at her decision; while the detective remained focused on the task at hand.

As his eyes searched the crowded dance floor, he could see one man through the flaring strobe lights and could tell he was passing something out to the partygoers.

"Got ya." The detective sank down and put a hand up to his earpiece notifying his partner.

"Naruto come in. I see a guy in a blue suit jacket handing out something to a group of girls do you copy?" he asked in hushed tone.

His partner stood up and cupped a hand above his eyes as he searched out the figure through the blinding house lights when he finally saw who he thought Sasuke was referring to.

"Yeah I do." he replied.

"Start moving in his direction, I'll cut him off from the other side. But don't do anything to give yourself away you got that?" asked Sasuke.

"Don't worry about it Sasuke, I'm not as big of a screw up you think I am." He said.

"Why does that not fill me with confidence? Just don't blow it okay?" the detective asked.

Naruto nodded silently and made his way over to the guy. While the dealer was giving candy to several male partiers, he caught sight of Naruto from the corner of his eye and immediately picked up on his body language. The way he carried himself as he walked across the dance floor. The way his arms were bent slightly and swayed back and forth infront of him, the look on his face, and the fact he was walking a little too fast for the suspect's liking. By the time he saw something flash on the side of his belt he already knew what he was dealing with.

The man quickly turned and stuffed what was left in his jacket pocket and made his way through the crowd.

"Sasuke I think he's on to Me." he said through the headset.

"Well what are you waiting for? Cut him off!" he yelled.

"Stop!" Naruto yelled at the man as he chased him through the crowd.

The dealer started to shove people out of the way as Naruto jumped over the fallen clubbers. Sasuke made his way through the crowd not far from his partner as the two officers chased him down. By this time some of the club's security guards caught on and loaded their pistols on the floor directly above the two officers and went downstairs.

"KCPD!" Sasuke yelled as the drug dealer dumped a table to put some distance between the two officers.

The security guards finally made their way down stairs and cut off the drug dealer on the opposite side of Naruto and Sasuke. The druggie looked up at the guards as they pointed their guns. The dealer smirked as he turned to face the two police officers.

"You heard him." he said. The two guards cocked their pistols, Sasuke and Naruto held up thier hands.

"Should have guessed as much." said Detective Sasuke.

He looked at Naruto from the corner of his eye and nodded. The rookie hit the dirt distracting them as Sasuke flicked his police badge from under his sleeve and threw it at the gunman's hand causing it to discharge in the air scarring everyone in the club. Sasuke rushed the man on the right and punched him as hard as he could dropping the felon. While Naruto sprang up from the floor and tackled the second guy's midsection and plowed him into a table directly behind him and punched him out on the floor. By then the dealer made a break for it.

"Halt!" Sasuke yelled pointing his gun at him.

"Excuse me." Sakura said running past Lee.

The stuntman looked back at her stunned as she raced to intercept the drug dealer. The police officer leaped in the air and nailed him with a kick to the chest. The dealer's gun skidded across the carpeted floor as she threw a punch at the man, but the druggie sprayed mace in her eyes and elbowed her in the cheek knocking her off. Sasuke and Naruto were still too far off to catch the man on foot. It was then Lee stepped up to the plate throwing himself into the air, he swung his leg into the man's face cold cocking him with his rock solid shin. The man crashed into the foot of the staircase with his upper body hanging in the air TKO, with his upper lip curled back and his mouth hanging partway open, with cracked sunglasses. Naruto and Sasuke made it up to the felon moments later. The stuntman slowly brought his leg back down to earth.

"Well, that takes care of that." Sasuke said getting up from his knee next to the felon. His partner smiled and turned to Lee.

"Thanks for the hand buddy!" he waved. The stuntman smiled back at his friend.

"It is my pleasure." he said.

"Did he just Rider Kick that guy's ass?" Sasuke asked.

"Pretty much yeah." his partner said.

"Remind me not to get on his bad side." the detective joked.

"Yeah, kind of suprised me too. I mean in a way I was kind of hoping he would. I just didnt think he'd actually would." said Naruto.

"Are you all right?" Lee said to Sakura.

"Yeah just caught me by suprise is all." she said as he helped her up.

"So what happened?" she asked rubbing her eye.

"You could say I help punch his clock." he smiled proudly.

"You should probably get that washed out. Excuse me, will you help her this mace out of her eyes?" he asked a woman standing close by.

"Yeah sure. Come on." the woman said taking Sakura's hand. Naruto and Sasuke walked up to the stuntman a moment later as Sasuke pounded him across the back.

"Nice job back there. Naruto tells me your a stuntman." the detective said.

"We all got to make a living somehow." he said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Well anyway thanks for helping us aprehend him. And we'll be sure to get this operation shut down as well." Detective Sasuke said.

"Sure no problem." he said giving him a thumbs up. Sasuke patted his shoulder.

"All right then, let's tag em and bag em." he said to his partner.

"You'll be sure to get a commendation for it." Naruto told him.

"I look forward to that." he said flashing another thumbs up.

"It was good seeing you again. Hey have you seen Sakura?" Naruto asked.

"She's getting her eyes rinsed, the guy blinded her with pepper spray earlier." he said pointing his thumb towards the restroom.

"All right." he said.

"Thanks again Lee." the police officer said.

"Sure." Lee said as the two parted ways.

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