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I stretched, luxuriating in the feel of my muscles unkinking after the long night. I felt a pleasurable pain in my hips that reminded me what happened the night before. Realizing that I was alone in the bed, I sat up quickly and looked around.

"Good morning," Edward smiled at me from the rocking chair.

"Mornin," I replied heavily. "Why are you in the chair?" I hoped he didn't regret the night before.

"Charlie came up to check on you before he left," came the reply.

I smiled back at him before standing, "So you're in the chair?"

"You started waking up as Charlie closed the door, so I moved over here from the closet. If you wouldn't mind getting dressed, Alice and Jasper will be here in about an hour or so. You have time to eat breakfast real quick," came the soft reply. I was slightly concerned, but there was still a smile on his lips, so I relaxed.

"Ok, I need to shower anyway. I fell asleep so soon, I didn't get a chance last night," I stretched again before getting up.

At some point in the night, I found my way into Edward's shirt and didn't realize it. I looked at him, confused as to why I was dressed.

"When Charlie decided to check on you, I thought you should probably have something on. I've heard it's not unusual for a girl to sleep in her boyfriend's clothes," he told me, standing as well.

"Oh, ok," I smiled at him, then walked to the closet.

After picking out clothes, I grabbed my bathroom stuff and went to take a quick shower. I checked my hips after taking Edward's shirt off, and discovered faint, finger-sized bruises. I couldn't remember feeling any pain the night before, and realized they must have occurred when we were against the wall. I blushed deeply when I realized what had happened. It was an extremely enjoyable experience, though. Even if the exact thing wouldn't happen again. I could definitely live with only having the experience once. After thinking for a moment, I knew that was true. A once-in-a-lifetime experience should only occur one time. It would be too much to hope for it again. I smiled to myself and finished my shower, realizing I was so deep in thought I didn't even notice that I had already washed my hair and self.

After drying, I got dressed in the clothes I had picked out before leaving the bathroom. I met Edward in my bedroom.

"Ready?" he asked me, standing from the chair.

"Yup, let's do this," I replied wryly.

He chuckled before telling me, "They're on their way. They decided to run instead of bringing a vehicle, in case Charlie came home early."

I nodded, leading the way down the stairs to the kitchen. I looked through the fridge and cabinet, but couldn't find anything I wanted, so I settled for a glass of orange juice and a store-bought muffin.

Edward hesitated before asking me, "Are you sure you don't regret last night?"

I smiled happily at him, "I'm positive. Like I said, isn't it better that there wasn't the pain?"

He seemed to sigh heavily before answering, "I think so as well."

A knock on the door interrupted us, and I stood to answer it. Alice and Jasper stood on the other side, both looking slightly windblown.

The moment I saw Alice, I started feeling nervous. Jasper smiled at me slightly, and sent me a small dose of comfort to relax me.

"Hi. I guess come on in," I said, stepping out of their way.

Alice bounced to the kitchen as I closed the door behind them. Jasper walked more sedately, but didn't wait for me. I sighed, slightly comforted that he didn't seem to expect anything more than an acknowledgment. I realized I'd been standing by the door a little too long and quickly went into the kitchen. The others were already seated around the table, so I took the empty chair next to Edward.

"So, I'm sure you want to know what the hell happened over the weekend?" Alice opened.

I started, caught somewhat off-guard by her candid opening. I looked at her agape.

"Well, I couldn't think of any other way to get to the point. Anything else would just skirt it," she shrugged.

"Yeah, I guess we are wondering 'what the hell happened', all things considered," I agreed.

"It was the vision. When Jasper volunteered to sit with you, I saw it. There was no other way to do it. Either we changed people, and questions that couldn't be avoided were asked, or we just let it happen. It was going to happen one weekend or another. At some point when Jasper stayed behind while the rest of us hunted, it would happen. But only once. Fantasy influenced by curiosity, fuelled by desire and eventually acted upon. Trying to wait would have made things more difficult in the long run. It was going to happen. That's all there is to it. It was going to happen, so I might as well give my blessing and do what I could to make things easier on you and Edward when it did," Alice explained.

Even Jasper seemed stunned, as if he didn't know that it was inevitable no matter what we did.

"Really?" I was surprised.

"Really, no one could have changed the outcome. I'm sorry if you're unhappy with me. I just couldn't figure out anything to change it. I did try, I was scared. But nothing changes between any of us. Not as long as we don't bring it up again after this," Alice said hesitantly.

I sighed heavily, somewhat relieved. Then asked, "Is there anything else to say? Or can Edward and I enjoy our day?"

Alice seemed to relax quite a bit. That was when I realized that even she wasn't sure how this would turn out. I was surprised that Alice didn't know what to expect. I thought she could see everything. Obviously not, maybe I should ask her more questions, I did seem to take her for granted sometimes. I sighed, glad that things would work out better than I'd feared. Maybe things would be good after all. Maybe nothing needed to change. I smiled at Edward, and he turned and smiled back at me. Yup, things would be good.

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