Johnny Tremain had always been a boy with a dream. But was this dream even possible? You see, if he was going to stay with the Laphams, might as well give it up. Johnny believed that staying with the laphams would get him nowhere, after all, they were just another family living a in a little village off of Boston. From the Johnny turned 10, he promised himself that he would get himself somewhere. But what Johnny never thought of were his old relatives of the Lytes. But than again, he had promised his mother that he would never go to the Lytes, not unless he was so desperate. It was just another Thursday when the idea struck Johnny's mind. He would have to leave and start now if he wanted to accomplish his dreams. It was true that Johnny was conceded, arrogant, stuk-up. But he was also a coward, but he had too much pride to admit it.

He stared blankly out of the old house's window.

"Johnny, get back to work, and while your at it, can you bring Isannah and Cilla down here, what in the world do those girls do up there?" asked Johnny. And all he could do was nodd and go to get the girls. You see, he was in dept to the Laphams, for they had taken him in when his mother had past away. They did not have to, but they did. Johnny walked up the old dusty stais and into the girls bedroom.

"Oh Johnny, didn't your mother teach you any manners? you are supposed to knock before entering" Isannah laughed. Johnny felt his face flush.

"Your mother is calling you downstairs"Johnny simply told them. He was in no mood to put up with either of them today.

"Oh Johnny,do you do everything our mother tells you to do?" Cilla, the older one asked.

"Yes, i do..." Johnny answered. But not anymore... he would soon be on his own, but no one knew that.

"Johnny,tell our mother that we do not want to come down"Isannah cried.

"You may tell her yourself" Johnny replied losing his patiance.

"Johnny's getting ma-ad!"Isannah sang.

Johnny took a deep breath and walked out the door miserable in his futile attempt to get the girls downstairs.

The rest of the day went normally, Dove and Johnny had a fight, Dusty broke it apart. punished them. Yes,it was a very normal day.

At midnight Johnny made his move, he was leave this wrecthed house and head for Boston, where all his dreams would come true. He quietly made his way down the rusty stairs, they creaked under his feet.

"Stupid stairs!" Johnny told the stirs below him.

"Johnny?" asked a familiar sleepy voice behind him.

Johnny froze in place. he turned around to see a sleepy Cilla.

"Cilla?" he asked surprised. "What are you doing up do late?"

"I should be asking you the same thing" Cilla asked comming down to Johnny.

"I....was going to a night walk" Johnny answered hoping she would believe him.

"With your items?" she asked quirking an eyebrow.

"Cilla,quit with the questions, i think you know very well where i'm going" Johnny told her flatly growing impatiant.

"Your...your going away....why Johnny?don't you like it here?" She asked.

"I want to become a master craftsman,i can't do it here,i must go to Boston" He told her.

"No, you musn't Johnny, we will miss you" Cilla replied.

"Ha, who, Dove?No, Isannah" Johnny told Cilla sarcasm filling his voice.

"No Johnny,i will" Cilla replied.

Johnny was caught off guard with her response.

And to make it more akward she sealed it off with a small peck on his lips.

He stared at her.

"Have a safe journey" She replied walking up the stairs.

"Cilla" Johnny called after her. Cilla stopped in her steps,as if her heart stopped beating.

He turned her around and he did something which he hadn't even expected himself to do, he kissed her. It was not just a peck, it was more passionate.

And the next day, everything was normal, Johnny had not left.... Althought not yet had anyone noticed the small glances the young couple passed each other. It was just another Friday....


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