Title: A Walk To Remember

Chapter: 1

Disclaimer: I do not own ANY of the original characters from the show, they belong to the writers of NCIS but i do however claim ownership of all other non-original characters from the show.

Author's note:Hey! So this is my new story! It's based off the movie "A Walk To Remember" but I won't copy all their ideas. :) I hope that you like this story. And I want everyone to know that this was not my idea. It was a request from dizzy-in-the-izzy. Anyways, enjoy!

Tony flashed a group of girls his famous smile while pulling into the school parking lot. He quickly parked the red convertible he was driving and slowly got out of his car.

Tony grabbed his backpack and slung it loosely over one shoulder before heading over to his friends who were leaning casually against the handrails by the schools front steps.

"Hey Tony!" Josh called out and Tony flashed him a grin before adjusting his backpack to a more comfortable position and leaning on the handrail next to him.

"Hi Tony." A female voice spoke up seductively.

Tony didn't even bother to look at who it was—he already knew.

"What is it Brittany?" He asked a little coldly, hoping that his former girl-friend would get he hint and leave.

I don't get why she's so obsessed with me. We only went out for two weeks, granted that is longer than my typical relationships but still… I broke up with her a year ago and she's just as desperate now as she was back then.

"I'm having a party this weekend and was wondering if you wanted to come."

Tony looked around at his other friends who were all shaking their heads, silently telling him that she hadn't invited anyone else.

He turned back to Brittany with a frown, "Sorry Britt, but I've got a bit of a packed schedule right now so I'm not sure if I can make it."

"Oh." The attractive blonde looked down in disappointment for a moment before looking back at Tony with a smile, "Another time then."

"Yeah." Tony faked a grin, "Some other time."

Brittany left and Tony's friends chuckled.

"You know you could just say you don't want to see her?" Mark, another one of Tony's friends, suggested and Tony rolled his eyes.

"I prefer to avoid them until they get the message."

"She got the hint a long time ago, she's just too obsessed to let go." Josh teased, "You've had a 'busy schedule' for what, the past twenty times she's asked you over? Even Mark would catch on after that many rejections."

"Hey!" Mark glared playfully at Josh, "I'm not the one—"

The bell rang before Mark could finish what he was saying.

Tony sighed and picked up his backpack which he'd placed on the ground. "I'll be happy when school is over again."

"Yeah." Josh agreed, "Especially since this is our last year of high school."

Josh paused for a minute and smiled, "We're almost done with this place."

Tony nodded and smiled, then quickly grabbed his gym clothes and headed towards the changing rooms.

All three friends changed quickly and were heading out to the track outside in less than ten minutes.

As soon as they walked outside, however, Coach Jenkins called out to Tony, "DiNozzo! Get over here!"

"Yes Coach!" Tony replied. He shot a confused look at his friends before jogging over to the older man. "Something wrong?"

"We've got a problem." The coach went straight to business and Tony waited for him to continue, "Your grades are slipping and school policy demands that you get them back up or you can't participate in any sports. You're team captain of the football team. I expect you to get those grades up and quick."

"Yes Coach." Tony replied to balding man.

"'Yes Coach' isn't going to cut it here. I've found you a tutor. She's going to help you get your grades back up quickly so you're not kicked off the team."

"She?" Tony asked with interest, and Coach Jenkins rolled his eyes.

"Ziva David."

"The terrorist?!" Tony wondered aloud, referring to the popular rumour about the Israeli outcast who'd joined their high school the previous year.

"She's not a terrorist DiNozzo." Coach Jenkins corrected Tony, "I don't know who started that rumour but they were wrong."

"Right Coach, sorry." Tony offered, even though he believed the rumours just as much as every other kid in school.

Tony wasn't sure how the rumour had started either, but once it had gotten around Ziva David was an instant outcast. Not even her attractive looks could get someone to talk to her after people believed she was a terrorist.

"Pay attention to what Ziva says, she's your only hope of staying on this team and getting a football scholarship." Coach Jenkins ordered and Tony nodded. "Good. We're finished here. Go warm up for class."

Tony nodded before jogging over to his friends.

When Tony neared, Josh turned to look at him, "What'd Jenkins want?"

"Oh." Tony waved his hand dismissively, "It's nothing I just need to get my grades up."

Josh and Mark nodded and Tony grinned at them, "Come on, Coach said to warm up."

Tony started his laps around the track, his mind working faster than his legs.

He'd purposefully left out the fact that he'd have to spend time Ziva in order to get his grades up, but Josh and Mark wouldn't understand.

Tony sighed and ran a hand through his hair. As popular as he was, even his reputation could be ruined by spending time with an outcast like Ziva. She ate lunch with a bunch of other outsiders and had very few friends.

Why did Coach have to get her as my tutor? If the guys ever find out I'm spending time with 'the terrorist'…

Tony shook his head and tried not to dwell on the thought. Ziva would help him raise his grades so he could stay on the football team and then they'd go their separate ways… no one else ever had to know.

Okay… So I want to say a few things.

One, I am not racist. I only have the kids thinking Ziva be a terrorist because she has to be an outcast like in the movie and this is the only way I could ever see her being unpopular.

Second, I'm not very pleased with this chapter, but it was more to set the story up than anything else.

Anyways… I'm hoping that the story will get better than this. Like I said, I'm not too pleased with the way this chapter came out but it's only setting things up so that I can tell the rest of the story well.

Also, I decided to have Ziva tutor Tony instead of them being in a play because I don't want to copy all of the movies ideas and I could see Tony needing help with schoolwork to stay on the team.

Anyways. Review and let me know what you think of it so far. Thanks for reading and please read at least one more chapter because that's when the real story will start.