Greedy Weasley challenge

For the entire week following the choosing of the school champions by the Goblet of fire the students of Hogwarts thought that Harry Potter was being baby sat by the school staff. At each meal for seven days a different member of staff sat at the Gryffindor table occasionally they would write some thing down on a roll of parchment.

Harry was getting his leg pulled for his baby sitter by the Weasley twins, while the rest of the school seemed to turn against him even more than they had when he was chosen as fourth champion in a tournament for three people. Ron Weasley was the worst of all the students as he accused Harry of being a liar and a cheat as well as a few other choice names.

The Gryffindor students were not too surprised when on the Monday morning their head of house professor McGonagall sat down at their table. They were however quite surprised when Ron Weasley began to have trouble getting any food to remain on his plate. For ten minutes every thing he placed on his plate vanished before he could eat any of it. After the ten minutes every dish he reached for simply moved away from his reach. Thirty minutes after he sat down a very frustrated Ron began to yell at Harry blaming him for messing with his food.

Harry along with his fellow house members was too fascinated by what was happening to Ron to be bothered with what the red headed short tempered ex best friend had to say, he just sat and chuckled each time a dish moved out of Weasleys reach by it self.

Finally after struggling for forty five minutes some food appeared on Ron's plate. Two rashers of bacon, one fried egg one sausage, and two slices of toast. It seemed to take just a few short seconds for Ron to wolf down the whole lot, leaving not even a drip of egg yolk on his plate.

As soon as Weasley finished eating the food that had appeared on his plate professor McGonagall stood up and walked up to him. "Mr Weasley it has been brought to our attention by the kitchen staff, and our own observations this week, that you seem to be suffering from a rather excessive amount of greed. It has been noted that at a normal meal time you normally consume sufficient food to feed six students of your own age, or ten first year students. The school governors have requested that this habit of yours be corrected. As of lunch time today you will sit at a private table and you will only be allowed to consume the food supplied to you. I also should inform you that a bill for the excess food you have greedily eaten for the past four years has been estimated and forwarded to your parents. Should this bill not be paid by the end of the month you will be sent home until such time as the bill is paid. In case you are interested the amount totals just under two thousand galleons. I will see you at lunch to organise your table, you may now leave the great hall."

Ok there you have the beginning of a story about Weasleys food consumption, you can use all or part of the piece I have written, or if you want you can write your own version. The challenge is to write a story telling what happens when the school refuses to let Ron get away with eating as he does. Will he try to eat like a normal human or will he go to any lengths to acquire food.

Hermione is to remain loyal to Harry and refuse to help or assist Ron.

The bill to the Weasley parents must be kept in. Also the fourth year time period I chose must be used.

So there you have it my challenge to Weasley bashers.

I hope to see a few of you excellent Ron bashers making use of this small opportunity to write something.