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There was shit eeeeeverywhere.

Boxes, bubble wrap, packing styrofoam, plastic, paper .. it looked like a UPS store had exploded in the room.

Sitting amongst the debris was Randy Orton, staring at the piece of paper he held in his hands like it held the meaning of life, chewing on his lip in concentration. On either side of him sat two of his best friends, Cody Rhodes and Teddy DiBiase Jr., who had been lured to help with the promise of beer and the threat of Afa Jr. rejoining Legacy if they didn't.

"It says attach the position spring brackets, part a lower track assembly and upper tracks parts b, c, and d to the headboard part a and foot board part b," Randy read, then stared at the pieces of wood laid out before him.

"Uh, what?" Teddy asked, blinking a few times. Randy furrowed his brow and looked at the instructions again as if they would suddenly become clear the twelfth time he read them. "Which ones the headboard and which ones the foot board?" Putting down his beer, Teddy picked up two identical pieces and compared them.

"Dude watch that beer, if anything gets on the rug Sam will flip her shit," Randy cautioned. Cody snickered as he messed with the pile of screws closest to him and Randy glared at him.

"You say somethin' Rhodes?" He asked, and Cody grinned at him, taking another sip of beer.

"Just the fact that you're the most whipped man I know, Orton," Cody retorted, winking at him. Randy couldn't exactly argue the fact, but he flipped him off anyway just because it made him feel better, then went back to the instructions.

"Part a lower track assembly .." he trailed off, picking up a rounded piece of wood. There was silence for a few minutes before Cody spoke up again.

"Hey, hey guys. Hey guys. What comes before Part B?" He asked, grinning. Randy raised an eyebrow at him.

"Uh. Part A?" Teddy asked, looking up from the house he was starting to construct with pieces of cardboard.

"PART-AY!" Cody declared, dancing as best he could from his seated position. Teddy chuckled appreciatively as Cody beamed with pride.

"I hate you," Randy declared, shaking his head and continuing to scowl at the instructions.

"Aww man, don't hate just 'cause your kid's not gonna have a crib until she's in college," Cody teased, then winced and scowled when Randy punched him in the stomach.

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