A/N: Originally the joke was "a duck walks into a bar." You can see then why I chose Cody, because Cody = Duck.

Just ask Helms.


Disclaimer: I don't even like Legacy, never mind own them. No, seriously. What? Stop looking at me like that!

Cody walked into the hotel gym where Randy and Cody jogged side by side on treadmills. He grinned at Teddy before standing in front of Randy's treadmill, tilting his head quizically.

"Hey Randy .. got any grapes?"


"Got any grapes?"

"Why the fuck would I have grapes Rhodes?"

Cody shrugged and waved a goodbye to Teddy before exiting the gym.

"The Hell was that?" Randy asked, and Teddy shrugged.

"It's Cody, do you really need an explanation?"

Randy adjusted his sunglasses and grabbed his cigarettes, getting ready to go outside and smoke before he had to start getting ready for his match. He rounded the corner and almost ran directly into Cody.

"There you are, I was looking for you!" Cody greeted Randy brightly.

"What's up?" Randy said, thumping his cigarette pack against his leg.

"Got any grapes?"

Randy took a deep breath to even his temper.

"Why do you keep ASKING me that?"

"Do you? Got any grapes?"

"What the fuck ever Cody, I don't have time for your shit." Randy stormed out of the arena.

Randy walked up to the hotel bar, motioning to get the bartenders attention and get some drinks started. Teddy pulled up a seat next to him, and they were both silent until their beers arrived. Randy took a long swig and set his bottle down.

"Something is up with Cody, and I'm about to kill him if he doesn't knock it off."

Teddy just shrugged, taking a sip of his beer.

"It's Cody, he's out there sometimes."


As if on cue Cody walked up behind them, slapping Teddy heartily on the back in greeting.

"Hey Teddy, hey Randy."

"Hey," they chorused back, taking long drags of their beers.

"Hey Randy, got any grapes?"

Randy slammed his beer bottle down on the bar with a loud thud and started to stand up, his hands balling into fists. Teddy stood up and stepped in between them, his hands against Randy's chest to calm him down. Cody continued to grin innocently at Randy.

"Motherfucker, what is your DEAL?" Randy spat out between clenched teeth. Cody shrugged.

"Got any grapes?"

"Ask me that one more time and I will shove Hunter's sledgehammer down your throat."

Teddy turned to look at Cody.

"You really need to knock that shit off, you're gonna get hurt," he warned in a serious tone. Cody simply smiled back at them and shrugged again before giving a little wave, turning around and heading out.

"Swear to God I'm going to murder him one day," Randy grumbled, sitting back down and finishing his beer in one gulp.

After a few relaxing days off, Randy stood in front of catering, whistling to himself as he surveyed his choices. He heard voices behind him and turned around to see Teddy, Cody, and Evan walking up to catering.

"Hey guys what's going on?" He greeted as they grabbed plates.

"Hey," Evan and Teddy said.

"Hey Randy, have you seen Hunter anywhere?" Cody asked.

"Not yet, no," Randy answered quickly, grabbing a bottled water.

"So you haven't seen if he's got his sledgehammer?"

Randy looked at Cody, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion.


"So you don't know where his sledgehammer is?"

Randy sighed, rolling his eyes.

"No idea Code."

Cody nodded, satisfied with Randy's answer. He grabbed a sandwich off the tray.

"Hey Randy?"


"Got any grapes?"