I was dressed in my school uniform and was heading my way over to the Great Hall once I was there I spotted Tabby over at her table her nose buried in yet another book.

"Good morning Tabby." I said grabbing a apple and sitting across from her.

"Oh, good morning to you too Lena." she said looking up to me and immediately went back to reading.

"We've known each other for what six years going on seven and still you never manage to at least find a nice boy." I said as I took a bite of my apple.

"You know me with boys I get all tongue tied and then I do something stupid and then they laugh at me." she said closing her book.

Ever since after our second year of Hogwarts she has been unsuccessful in finding a boyfriend I she fancied Ron my other friend since our fifth year here but has never gotten the courage to confess her true feelings for him.

"You know that they are having a Halloween party why hint to Ron to ask you to go as his date." I said nodding over to the Gryffindor table.

"Oh no I couldn't besides he could already asked somebody else like Hermione perhaps." she said blushing a little.

"Fine have it your way.," at that I got up ignoring the protests of my friend if there's one thing I can't stand is my very own friend not taken a stand and at least ask the guy before jumping to conclusions.

I made my way over to the table and stood next to Ron who seemed to be in a heated discussion with Harry about quidditch perhaps.

"Um, Ron could I have a word with you alone." I said smiling politely.

He then said a quick good-bye to Harry and then followed me out of the Great Hall once out of ear shot I spoke, "You know my friend Tabby right." I said looking him in the eye.

"Yeah why?" he said looking quite confused.

"Well I know that she's fancied you since fifth year but has never really confused it to you on account she thinks you fancied Hermione instead." I said.

"She fancies me." he said with hope.

"Yes, but I want you to ask her to the Halloween party." I said smiling a bit.

"Will she say yes?" he said with a hint of concern.

"No she won't I know she'll be jumping for joy." I said happily.

Once our little talk was done I immediately went over and sat next to Hermione who seemed confused about something.

"What exactly did you tell Ron?" she questioned me.

"Just wait and see." I said smiling I couldn't hold my excitement as I watched Ron walk over to the where Tabby was sitting.

He then stopped right in front of her, she then looked up and he said something in her ear and they immediately went out of the Hall and about 15 seconds later I saw Tabby running towards me practically skipping over here with a huge smile.

"Your right he does like me he just asked me to the dance and I said yes." she said hugging me.

Once she let go she immediately went over to where Ron was standing and linked hands with him and left the Hall. I finished my breakfast and left after getting my time table I looked down to see I had Defense Against the Dark Arts with Slytherins.

*Oh, how wonderful.* I thought.

I then went to the class and at the front waiting for everyone to come in, the hour passed and soon all the students began to come in Hermione spotted me and sat right next to me while Ron and Harry sat right behind us. I then soon noticed Malfoy and goons sit together in the back talking in hushed whispers he then noticed I was staring at him and smirked my way. I gave him disgusted look and then turned back around once everyone was in I a set of footsteps come in I quickly looked back and saw Van Helsing and Carl come into the class. I looked to my left and noticed a few girls looked dreamily at him.

Once he was at the front he turned around looking at all of us before he finally spoke, "Hello and good morning to you all I'm Gabriel Van Helsing and I'll be your new teacher for the remainder of this year so would you please open your books to page 288." he said.

I then immediately opened my book and looked at the title that read Werewolves I then noticed that Hermione raised her hand up.

"Professor, I read a lot about them just this summer was it true you have been one too." she said.

"Yes, I have been one but I am now cured now before then I had to be one in order to stop a very powerful vampire." he said.

"I hope you don't mind me asking but who was the vampire you talk about.," she said hoping to get a straight forward answer.

"He's name was Count Dracula.," he said looking towards me.

My mind was swirling with answers was he talking about the same person I met in my dreams I was not sure but one way or another I was going to find out I then slowly raised my hands.

"Ah, yes Ms. Crossblade you may speak." he said looking in my direction.

"Sir I read that a family by the name of Valerious have been fighting this Count for as long as they can remember was there also another family too or was just you and them." I said hoping he would answer it truthfully.

"Yes there is another family their name is Crossblade, the great grand-father Jacob Crossblade is said to have aided in helping the Valerious until he married Lolita Hawthorne and then his son took over and so forth." he said.

"Why were there only males in that particular family?" I said getting abit curious.

"Well it was said that Jacob prayed to God to let his line be blessed to have sons until Dracula was killed,." He said getting up from the desk.

"But why have boys I'm sure girls would do good too." I said getting up.

"Please Ms. Crossblade sit down I see I've upset you please see me after classes are over so you can learn more." he said with concern.

At that the bell rang I grabbed my bag and headed out quickly ignoring Hermione calling my name.