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Yollie's been busy since she arrived home from school, because her parents are not home and her brothers are also away. So all the house chores are all for her today, she's been tormenting herself to finish all the chores before her friends arrived. She invited them to stay at her house overnight since no one's with her. Luckily and surprisingly she had finished all the chores, all there's left to do is kill all the kitchen cockroaches, which she decided to do last. She sprayed some insect killer on their kitchen and closed the door. She reached for her phone to check if someone remembers her, but no one does.

"Now where are those grubby creatures?" Yollie asked herself. As she try to call Kari.


"Kari! Yollie is calling you! Should I answer her?" Taichi leaned lazily as he holds Kari's phone.

"Nope! Don't answer it! And for heaven's sake big brother, you still haven't throwed that spoiled tuna bread that you didn't ate 2 days ago!" She told her brother. Kari was already done packing the things that she need in her overnight party. And was ready to go but her brother Taichi ask her to clean his mess first. "And this is your mess! Why am I even cleaning it?!" Kari added.

"Ooh! My sister is in a hurry. Maybe TK is already there? Listen sis, you must be properly trained so that when time came that you are already called you know what you're doing." Taichi teased her sister.

"Sweet niblets!" Kari sighed and hurriedly throwed those icky mess of her brother. She grabs her phone from her brother and ran fast. Taichi checked if Kari really cleaned his messes. You, she perfectly does. Except for the 2 days old spoiled food.

"Kari! You left my tune bread! Throw this icky spoiled stuff! ..." But Taichi heard no response. "Yup! Like brother, like sister." Tai added. He still insists that Kari is like him, because everytime he ask Kari to do things for him, she's always running away, exactly what he always does.


Yollie has been waiting for her friends for hours. She was sitting on her comfy couch trying to reach Davis's phone line. She looked at the wall clock while waiting Davis to answer his phone. It's already 5:30 PM and no one's there yet, she thought they might ditch her. And finally, Davis answered his phone.

"Oh good. You finally decide to answer. My goodness what's happening with you people? No one's here yet. Kari is not even answering her phone!" –Yollie

"For real? She didn't? She must be realizing how irritating and devilish you are." –Davis

"You know how I curse you right? Why don't you hurry and go here at once?" –Yollie

"I can't…I mean I'm still eating and I'm slight busy." –Davis

"Yeah sure! I don't even need you now that Kari is already here! GOOD bye!" –Yollie

"Kiddin' I'm almost the…"

Yollie ended their conversation and didn't even finish Davis's sentence, she opens the door seeing Kari there. She asked Kari to enter and to put her things on her room. Kari returned to where Yollie was, sat beside her and immediately explored her phone messages. Yollie noticed how her best friend sighed.

"What's up with that problematic sigh? You know, it doesn't match your outfit. And speaking of outfit, you totally look cute Kari!" Yollie tries to cheer up her best friend.

"He didn't reply. Maybe Taichi deleted his message." Kari ignored Yollie and continued on clicking on her phone. Yollie being ignored snatch Kari's phone away and put it beside her phone.

"What?! Yollie? Give me back my phone." Kari struggled as Yollie lock her up with her bare hands. (Sorry I don't know the exact word)

"Not until you answer me. How long are you going to keep it a secret to TK that you loved him?!" Yollie seriously yelled. Kari stares at Yollie with a question mark face. TK was her best guy friend ever, but she kept it a secret that she's already falling for him. Yollie was the only person who knows Kari's feelings. Not even Davis and Ken, Kari told Yollie not to tell them specially Davis who has a big crush on her.

"Stop it Yollie. Drama thing is not your personality." Kari made a hilarious remark that made Yollie laugh a bit. (If that is hilarious for you.)

"Yeah. But seriously, how long are you going to keep your secret? I mean, I know you are waiting for the right time, but what if Tk feels the same way also?" Yollie faced Kari.

"What are you…? Yollie are you keeping a secret from me?" Kari suspiciously asked back. Yollie gulped nervously and thought a lie to cover her up.

"Y-you know…best friends don't keep secrets from each other. Hell no! You know me Kari if I have secret you're the first one to know." Yollie lied.

"Hn. Yollie I do know you. But I'm expecting to confess to him tonight." Kari answered.

"Ooh! You will girl." Yollie whispered to herself.

"What's that?!" Kari asked shockingly. But before Yollie could answer, they heard the door bell was ringing.

"Nothing, I said your life will be doomed now that Davis is already here." Yollie stood up and opens the door. Davis was too happy to enter Yollie's house because he saw Kari on the couch. He was trying so hard to win Kari. He was too desperate even to Tk, known by everybody to be Kari's best friend, declares him as his mortal enemy. He was even jealous of their situation, Yamato and Taichi, were also best buds like them. Davis went straightly to Kari and totally ignored Yollie.

"I didn't invite you guys here to ignore me!" Yollie slams the door and sat beside Kari to ensure that Davis will not take her seat beside her.

"Hey Davis! I thought you're going to be late? Yollie teased Davis as Kari began to explore her messages again.

"When you called I was really on my way here." Davis pretended.

"Wushu! You just heard that Kari was already here so you ate fast to be able get here…You whimp!" Yollie told Davis trying to irritate Kari. Davis gave Yollie a don't-you-dare stare. As if Kari was listening, she was too busy on her business. Davis sat on the floor, turning the television on, and began to blab nonsense things that Yollie was tired of hearing again and again. The whole place become like a chaotic world full of blabbing blabbers. Minutes passed by quickly, they didn't realized the time.

"Oh look? Already 6:30 PM, the two probably have something in mind than staying here overnight." Davis continued talking nonsense. He suddenly heard Kari answered him, but to his great stupidity, it's not him she's talking to. Davis looked at Kari and saw her talking to someone at her phone.

"…of course not!" –Kari

"No? But of course Davis will keep on blabbing stupid things." –TK

"Yeah. And I'm sick of hearing those. Why don't you hurry up and go here already?" _Kari

"Na-uh! Can't do that. Yamato's been harsh with me; he made me clean all his band's instruments. And I'm doing it. Guess what?" –TK

"What? You know Taichi tortures me too before going here! Maybe they talked about us being their servants." –Kari

"That's what I'm going to tell you! Hang on; call you again when I'm done cleaning." –TK

"How long are you cleaning those stuffs?" –Kari

"Just .bye!" –TK

"Starting huh? Ok bye!" –Kari

She shut her phone and saw Davis staring at her. Yollie was smiling widely; obviously she found out that she was talking to TK.

"Is that the everyday 6:30 scene?" Yollie teased. Kari smiled in return, that means yes. Davis was curious who that was on the phone.

"I thought you were talking to me."

"Oh sorry Davis." Kari said with a happy sweet smile.

"Heaven." Davis sighed happily and seems to be imagining floating in cloud nine.

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