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After they finished watching the movie, Davis invited everyone to play Yollie's video game. Unfortunately the one who invited them was the one who lost.

"Today is really not my day." Davis excused as he lost the game with Ken. Ken was laughing like crazy at Davis, he can't erase the fact that Davis is not in his proper self because of the movie they just watched.

"You're just too uncomfortable at the movie." Yollie began to tease Davis. Before he could answer, Ken reminded him something.

"Hey! How about our deal?" Ken was smiling at Davis. Davis was losing his temper, his fist-closed and he was looking down.


"Davis, how about I kiss Kari if you lost this game?" Ken made a deal with Davis.

"As if you can beat me." Davis answered calmly.


"Uh-Oh, is he angry or what?" Tk was nervous about what's going to happen next. Is Davis going to punch Ken? Tk's been asking himself some silly questions regarding Davis's attitude. Just suddenly out of the blue, Davis smiled crazy at Ken like nothing is bothering him. But really deep inside, he is thinking that Ken will not kiss Kari, so he's not really into a great shock of what will happen next.

"What's happening with you Davis?" Yollie said confusedly.

"Ok Ken! Do it! I'm not the only one who will get jealous." Davis warned Ken.

The three was there, knowing nothing at all. Ken approached Kari, Yollie who was beside her thought that Ken would approach her. Tk almost fainted (OA?!) as Ken kissed Kari on her cheeks. It is just that he's already sleepy or just because he felt jealousy?

"Oh…" Kari felt little embarrassment as everybody's eyes was on her. She didn't know what to do, she glance at Tk who seems to be entering his own world. Kari sat down beside Tk and hit him softly on his elbow.

"What the hell…" Davis said. Ken made a peace sign and went towards Yollie.

"Ok, I know I ruined your plan. You can hit me anytime if you want." Ken whispered to Yollie.

Yollie was staring at Tk and Kari then she smiled mischievously to Ken.

"What are you talking about? My plans are perfectly working accordingly." Yollie said quietly. Everyone was sitting on the couch and seems so bored. "Operation Match Maker will now begin." She slaps Ken cheeks playfully.

"Come on Ken, I thought you wouldn't do it. It's reverse psychology!" Davis said angrily.

"Why not? A friendly kiss isn't that bad? Right Tk?" Ken smiled at sat beside Tk.

"Yeah. It doesn't matter at all. And besides, Ken is way too friendly." Tk answered, returning back to the old world.

"Anyways guys! Let's play something." Yollie invited everyone. Ken supported Yollie and insists to play before going to sleep.

"Come on guys! Anyways this is an overnight party." Ken said something to make everyone agree

"Ok…So what exactly are we going to play?" Tk asked them.

"Strip JankenPoy!" Davis suggested. Kari felt really creepy as she heard Davis's suggestion. She doesn't want to play that game anymore ever since she lost a match with Mimi and Sora. It became her trauma, for the only cloth that left on her was her under wears. Good thing that was an exclusive for girls overnight.

"Err…Davis, we can play another game if you want." Kari said to stop Davis on his desire.

"What exactly are we going to play?" Tk asked Yollie for the second time. Yollie cleaned her throat and began to speak.

"Dare a dare! The only thing here is to obey a dare. If you didn't obey a dare given to you, you will do the most difficult and impossible dare of all. Now before we start, I would like to set the standard dare, which you will have to be naked tomorrow morning." Yollie explained. Everyone's jaw opened, Yollie didn't make her explanation clear.

"Oh my mistake. That dare is for the one who did not obey the given dare." Yollie added. Tk was relieved and perfectly understood the instructions. He thought that Kari is safe from pornography. 

"You're mind is filled with GREEN stuffs!" Davis shouted.

"Dork! You're just too scared to accept the challenge! Look at them, they all agreed on me!" Yollie points at the three who seems so scared to protest. Davis just saw them smiling terribly, as he accepts Yollie's challenge half-heartedly.

"Fine! Who cares anyway? Besides it's just a game!" Davis answered. Then everyone sat properly, waiting for someone to volunteer first. Ken was raising his hands in slow motion. Everyone looked at him in awe. Yollie smiled devilishly at Ken.

"Alright you volunteered." Yollie announced. She looked at Ken and thinks something that Ken hates doing.

"What do you think guys? What kind of dare fits Ken?" She asks some suggestion to her friends before deciding.

"Can't think of something." Tk said.

"Hmmm…Gay TALK?" kari suggested.

"Nice idea!" Davis blabbed. Yollie's eyes were focused on Kari, and began laughing crazily.

"Now Ken! As a payment for kissing my angel friend… We order you to talk like a gay!" Yollie commanded. Ken gathered all his strength and said something.

"What the hell! So mean!" Ken shouted.

"You only have to choose one, talk or be naked." Davis seems like annoying Ken. Ken hates gay things and never did socialize any gay at their school. But he would rather talk gay than going naked in front of his friends.

"Alright! What in the world would I say?" Ken made up his mind. Tk laughed at Ken's decision and so as Davis.

"Hell yeah! Just say anything gay-ish!" Yollie rejoiced.

"I know! Say something gay-ish to Kari!" Tk said. He thought that it's a funny revenge for Ken because he kissed his one and only love. Kari was laughing and rests her head at Yollie's shoulders. Ken cleared his throat and think of something to tell her.

"Alright! Here I go!" Ken gulped some of his 'saliva' (gross?) before talking. "Kari, my dear, well, here I am…Sis, I am truly very sorry for kissing a girlaloo like you. You know that guys are the only creatures made for me. Sis, truly very sorry again." Ken stop and closed his eyes, he still feels nervous. It was a minus point for his pride. Kari was laughing so hard, Yollie was stunned and so as Tk.

"Perfectly fits you Ken!" Davis began teasing Ken and slaps his back.

"Shut up Davis." Ken said irritated. Tk was laughing secretly; he was thinking that Ken really deserves a dare like that.

"It's my chance to pick someone right?" Ken asked Yollie. She stops laughing and nod at Ken. "Alright, I choose…Yollie! Of course!" he smiled. "Now, now…What should I command you?" Ken added. He thought of something to humiliate Yollie in front of everybody.

"Wait, I think Yollie can do something that you still haven't seen yet except for me." Kari interrupts. Tk was looking at Yollie who was looking nervous.

"Oh yeah? Heaven is so good tonight, eh? Alright Yollie spread your wings and do it!" Ken commanded exaggeratedly. Davis was curious also, he didn't know anything about Yollie besides being a computer geek. Yollie wasn't hesitating to do it, she was just afraid that Davis began teasing her if he found out that she can do something like that. Because she believes that being flexible is impossible for her. She stood up and went in front of the television.

"Ok guys, I don't want anyone besides you to find out that I can do this." Yollie said and did the Y-shape balance. Ken was speechless; he didn't know that Yollie isn't stiff at all. Tk was clapping his hands; Davis was thinking something that he could use to tease Yollie.

"Wow Yollie, maybe next time we will be seeing you in the school's dance troop." Davis finally thought something to annoy Yollie. But she didn't get annoyed besides she began a conversation regarding dance.

"That's if Kari will force me too." Yollie sat between Kari and Tk.

"Seriously?!" Ken asked disbelievingly.

"Aren't you just kidding Yollie?" Davis added on Ken's remark.

"She's serious. I was planning to join the dance group and I was telling Yollie to go with me." Kari explained to everyone. Tk was also planning on joining the group, but it changes his mind when he heard that Kari was also plotting to join. Deep inside him, he wanted to impress Kari, but when he learned that Kari will be joining, he decided not to continue.

"Wow! So are you going to quit the computer whiz? And pass your throne to me?" Ken said lazily.

"Not a chance! Back to the game everyone!" Yollie managed to change the dancing topic very fast. "Okay Davis I would like to test your courage." Yollie added.

Davis sits up straight and was waiting for his dare. He wished that it was something to do with Kari. While Yollie was thinking, Kari was bothering Yollie already.

"What's up with you? You're bothering me." Yollie faced kari. She was smiling sweetly and asked Yollie's permission is she could command Davis. Of course Davis' ears were clapping in excitement because Kari will give him a command.

"Alright Davis, because you and Yollie are almost like a cat and dog. My I see how dogs kiss a cat?" Kari ordered. She's smiling like it's the first time she did something bad.

"Kari, what's with you!?" Yollie's angry tone rose.

"What's up with what?" Kari asked back ignorantly. Tk was laughing, this is not the first time he saw Kari give a weird, silly command. Davis was in terror if he would kiss Yollie. He promised himself that the first ever kiss he will do is to Kari. But Kari gave him the command, and he doesn't want Kari to see him naked.

"Like, you are the one giving the command…TO ALL OF US!?" Yollie answered obviously.

"But Yollie, if Davis will not kiss you, he will be naked tomorrow morning." Kari was forcing Yollie and Davis to do it.

"Hell yeah to him!" Yollie disregarded Kari's point of view.

"Kari, you are a natural genius." Ken exclaimed exaggeratedly

"Yup! She sure is!" Tk agreed and faced Davis. "Now Davis, are you going to kiss? Or to be naked?" He added.

"Tsk! Oh brother. Here comes my worst-EST nightmare." Davis exclaimed nervously. He approach Yollie and was getting ready to kiss her.

"Oh geez Kari! You are totally going to pay for this!" Yollie's voice was about to break out and was about shed tears.


Somehow, she felt Davis's lips touched her cheeks. Instead of crying, she almost screams out loud and broke the silence beyond the neighborhood.

"You stupid of all the stupids!! GROSS!!" Yollie continued to scream as she was wiping her face. Davis was also wiping his lips. Kari, Ken and Tk were laughing so hard that they badly need air later on.

"What if you are the one to kiss Davis?" Tk teased Yollie curiously. Yollie froze in a moment and stares at Tk.

"EWW! GROSS-ER!" Yollie answered. She wasn't finished wiping her cheeks yet. "Since Kari is torturing us, it's your turn girl!" Yollie added. Kari was still laughing, seems that she don't care at all. She was chosen by Yollie to do a dare; Tk was excited to hear what will be the dare Kari has to do. Yollie suddenly stood up and pulled Kari up.

"This goes according to plan." Yollie whispered and went to the kitchen, she opened the door. Kari's nervousness suddenly rose up. Everybody followed them and saw a bunch of cockroaches. Tk began to worry if Kari will do it or she just might cry or faint badly. He knew so well that Kari's mortal enemy is roaches.

"Yollie..Tell me…something about this…" Kari was staring blankly on the cockroaches. Some are dead; some are struggling and there were even flying.

"Cool up! They are all dead. Now, clean up all of this." Yollie commanded. She handed Kari the broom and smiled mischievously.

"But…" Kari backed off and accidentally bumped Tk. "Well, what do you call that flying one…and…and that crawling one?!" She panics and hid behind Tk. Yollie looked at Kari and sprayed another insect killer directly at the insect; it landed right in front of Tk and Kari almost embraced him.

"Hey back off lover boy!" Davis shouted at Tk as he saw Kari hugging him. Tk smiled at Davis, and made Davis so annoyed. Kari approached Yollie and holds her hand.

"Fine! I'm going to do it. But stay with me." Kari said to Yollie.

"Alright" Yollie agreed. Kari went inside the kitchen and Yollie followed her. Tk was watching carefully, hoping that Kari would do well.

There she goes, sweeping dead cockroaches and even the struggling headless. Every time that there is a moving insect, she screams; it's like she's being attacked by a demon. Almost 15 or more roaches were being swept by our lovely Kari Kamiya.

"Uwaah! What's on my foot?!" Kari screamed as one insect crawls weakly on her foot. "Get off me you dirty headless! Get off!!" She was already crying. Davis wanted to help but Yollie said that she might do it on her own and no one should help Kari. Tk was just watching Kari as she was stomping her foot.

"Whoops…my bad Kari, it is still alive." Yollie began killing the cockroaches, while Kari was still crying.


"Y-Yollie…I think I'm done." Kari told Yollie. Suddenly there was another flying roach that passed by in front of her. Her face was flushed red and screamed out loud.

"Cut it off Kari. You can now go out of the kitchen." Yollie told Kari.

Kari ran outside as fast as she can and grab Tk's arm. Davis was eyeing Tk enviously.

"This is my worst overnight party TK!" Kari wiped her tears.

"Never mind it Kari, just remember Yamato's dirty room." Tk tried to calm Kari. Everyone waited Yollie on the living room. Once Yollie sat down, Kari began the conversation.

"I hate you! You know how I hate those creatures!" Kari said angrily.

"And you know how much I curse Davis." Yollie said back at Kari.

"Cut it you two!" Ken interrupted. "We are supposed to be having fun here."

"Just don't let me do it again. I'll hate you for life." Kari said shortly. Yollie looked at Kari and made a peace sign.

"So now, Tk is the last one to play right?" Kari asked everyone. Yollie looked at Ken and smiled. She turned to Tk and whispers something. After Yollie whispered, Tk's face was as red as a tomato.

"B-but Yollie…" Tk tried to protest.

"No buts… Please?! This is your golden opportunity." Yollie tried to convince Tk. He looked at Ken, who was smiling devilishly. His eyes reached Davis who seems innocent.

"You and Ken set this up?!" Tk whispered back at Yollie; she nodded.

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