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The cloudless night was breathtakingly beautiful, the cratered full moon hung silently in the ink black sky that stretched on endlessly. Shimmering silver beams bathed the rolling mountains that stretched across in faint light. Yet the tranquil silence was not complete, the gently blowing wind carried the stench of freshly spilt blood, faint commanding shouts and inhuman screeches of fury.

Gleaming violet eyes shadowed as she tugged her straw hat further down her head, strands of black hair brushed just below her shoulders. The bells that hung from the ends of her white obi tinkled together in a light melody as she stepped down the sloped path way, avoiding loose footholds and the crumbling rocks.

She wore a deep purple kimono that had patterns of waves traced onto its hem that brushed against her ankles. Although it was not suitable to wear when going hiking up the mountains, her movements were still light and careful, not disturbing her surroundings the slightest as she passed.

Suddenly, something snatched at her foot, nearly causing her to trip and land on her face. But she managed to catch herself in time. However, banging her arm against a tree trunk in the process.

"This would be so much easier if I just cut all these trees down." She muttered jokingly to herself, straightening and rubbing arm tenderly.

"But that would anger you and this forest greatly." Her purple eyes glinted at the topaz eyes that stared at her from the shadows of the towering trees.

Kasumi bowed her head to the concealed being and murmured respectfully as she kept her eyes lowered.

"I apologize deeply for trespassing on your land, but I need to cross this place in order to reach my destination, please understand and overlook my actions. I do not intend this to be a sign of challenge of threat to your land." The golden eyes blinked before an echoing hiss echoed around the clearing.

Somewhat like a whisper of approval.

"Thank you very much." Kasumi bowed again as the local god allowed her to pass through safely.

She straightened as the god of the area in the form of an enormous emerald green snake slithered away into the shifting depths of the trees, allowing her passage through its domain. Straightening her wide brimmed hat with a single hand, Kasumi continued to trudge along the path littered by scattered rocks and leaves.

"I'm nearer…" The voice she had been hearing for what seemed like an age was now stronger, louder and more forceful than before, she sighed softly and rubbed her temples in weariness as her head pounded at the voice's persistence.

"Seriously... the constant calling is giving me a throbbing headache…" Kasumi complained quietly to herself.

Suddenly, the branched above her swayed and she caught a faint whisper.

'Chance!' Violet eyes closed as the surroundings were blocked out, leaving nothing but the drifting murmurs.

'A child…no…you are…' A sudden gale screamed through the trees, nearly knocking her hat off her head had she not been grasping it tightly.

"Sorry, I couldn't help but listen in!" She offered an apology.

Receiving no reply.

"Stingy." Muttering below her breath she once again began to trudge down path.

'That person…they seem to be fighting right now…against a lot of ayakashi…' Delicate brows furrowed as she sniffed the air.

'The stench of blood…is getting stronger…'

'I better hurry then…'

With that, the woman continued to walk along the path that would lead her to the end of her directionless journey and onto yet another path she was destined to walk down.

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