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Desperate cries rang out.

"Move out of the way! Makio!"



Masamori ignored them all.

"He's not going to make it in time-!"

That was it.

Masamori swung around, for once nearly losing his calm as he fully disregarded the process of sealing the dimension, instead focusing on trying to save his subordinate from death.

But, everything was going to fast.

He wasn't going to make it in time!

"Don't lose your concentration now…Kekkaishi…" A sudden voice whispered, as faint as a dragonfly skimming daintily across the surface of a water .

Then everything slowed down, the sky above him rippled eerily, tinted with crimson. Suddenly a light wind caressed the side of his cheek, his eyes widened in surprise as a person landed lightly beside him.

A woman.

The end of her iris purple kimono fluttering slightly in an unfelt wind, the childish tinkling of bells reached his ears. Onyx black hair drifted messily around a pale face.

Pale pink lips parted.

"I spent a lot of time trying to locate you…and you lead me straight into battle at first meeting…' Irritation laced the melodic voice.

"Unbelievable…but I shall keep my complaints to myself for now…as you seem to be having some trouble…"

Was that mock he could hear in her slightly playful voice?

He was shaken from his thoughts by the following statement she made.

"Leave this to me…"

Piercing purple met fathomless black for a split second, Masamori was thrown into the seemingly fathomless depths of her eyes before the thread was ripped away as she glanced at the ayakashi.

"I won't let your men die…"

Then everything sped back up.

Masamori jerked sharply, eyes flitting to the side, there was no one there.

A hallucination.

Something akin to horror tore through his chest.


The ayakashi's paw was about to crush Hiba, who was lying helplessly on the ground, into a bloody pulp.

Abruptly, the akayashi froze, as if suddenly petrified.


Masamori couldn't help but stare, disbelief coursing through his veins.

Midnight black hair whipping lazily in the wind, the light tinkling of bells a shocking sound in contrast to the screams and howls.

She was standing there.

Beside one of the fallen members of his organization.

As if it was normal thing.

Kasumi stared at the akayashi looming over her with slight interest before lifting a hand and flicking her wrist in a somewhat lazy manner.

The earth trembled as the huge body crashed into the ground.

Everyone gaped.

The ayakashi.

The ayakashi they couldn't even scratch.

Was sprawled helplessly at her feet.

Suddenly the woman swayed dangerously and nearly tripped, but she managed not to, instead she spun around, a hand over the side of her mouth.

"Hey! Kekkaishi!" She called out, slight annoyance in her echoing voice.

"Didn't I tell you to not lose your concentration?" She quirked an eyebrow at Masamori's lack of reaction.

A deep rumbling grunt that grated at their ears unpleasantly issued from the ayakashi.

"Who the hell are you-?"

The woman's eyebrow twitched in annoyance before she once again waved her hand, but this time with more aggression.

The ayakshi was once again slammed into the ground, this time, with more force.

"Would you please be quiet?" Kasumi snapped, her patience running thin as she rubbed her temples wearily in an attempt to ease the throbbing pain of her headache.

"I'm trying to speak right now."

Sighing, she looked back up, ignoring the stares she was receiving and focusing entirely on meeting the blank black eyes that belonged to the Kekkaishi.

"Now, as I said before, I won't let your men die." Kasumi stated tiredly. "So, you can relax and go back to sealing that crack before more ayakashi come out which would be troublesome."

Masamori's eyes narrowed, his lips moved, however, his question was answered before it could even leave his mouth

"Whether you trust me or not is up to you."

"After all, I did just save this guy from becoming pulp didn't I?"

Masamori watched as a faint smirk curled the corner of her lips, her iris purple eyes taunting him before she turned her back on him.

His teeth ground together.

He had no choice right now.

Turning back to the crack, he focused his will one sealing the dimension.

Back before the ayakashi, Kasumi couldn't help but smirk at the disgruntled look on his face before he turned back to his work.

Turning her attention to the person- no wait.

She stared in shock.

A man.

A normal looking person.

Maybe only slightly older than herself.

Pale skin, ruffled black hair.

Nothing about him suggested that he was a human with special powers.

Her shock faded a bit and turned into guilty gladness.

'So there are people like me…I'm not the only one…'

Slowly, she knelt down beside him, slight worry invading her as she noticed how still he seemed. Carefully, she eased him onto his back, frowning at the blood that seeped profusely from the gashes.

'If I don't stop the blood…he's going to die…'

Calling upon her power was similar to dropping a stone into a pond, the ripples sending the tingles through her body. Lifting a hand, she gently brushed her fingers across the larger wound, watching as they slowly, but steadily sealed, leaving nothing but a bright red line.

With the main wounds sealed, Kasumi allowed her tense frame to relax, blackness tinted the edge of her sight as beads of sweat rolled down her back from the effort.

'Seriously…why…am I being so kind today…?'

Suddenly, the man let out a groan, his dark brows furrowed as if in pain before her eyelids cracked open.

Makio blinked blearily, the night sky met his sight along with the gagging stench of blood.

"What…?" He rasped, voice cracking.

Didn't he get crushed by that ayakashi?

What had happened?

"Oh? You're awake." A surprised voice issued from his side.

Makio craned his neck, his eyes falling onto a woman who was kneeling at his side.

Midnight black hair framed a pale delicate face, wide amethyst purple eyes peered at him with…


'Who...is she…?'

"Who…What…?" He was terribly confused, but his blurred thoughts were halted as a single finger pressed against his lips.

"Shhh…" Kasumi murmured softly, soothingly, quieting the man's questions.

She knew what it was like to wake up disoriented ad confused.

"Do not speak, you are injured."

The man fell silent.


"Now, I'm going to take you somewhere else, okay?" Kasumi explained calmly, watching as his unfocused eyes shifted, she could almost see his fogged mind trying to process her words.

'He must have received a concussion.'

After a while, Makio nodded, slowly, still confused.

"Okay, I'm going to have to move you now." Kasumi smiled reassuringly before reaching out and grasping his wrist.

Easing his body up slowly, carefully, just about to hoist him up when a hand clamped down firmly on her shoulder.

"Huh?" Kasumi glanced at the hand on her shoulder and followed it up.

Another man, his skin slightly tanned and his short blonde hair cropped messily. A generally approachable person was her first thought about him…

However, the great spiked bat behind him suggested something entirely different.

Kasumi was jerked out of her musings when he spoke, his voice strangely light and cheerful despite the situation.

"I'll take him."

"O-oh, right." Kasumi fumbled slightly as she passed the dazed shadow user over to the man, who she concluded was a friend of the person she had just healed.

The man hoisted the shadow user over his shoulder with relative ease, taking care not to jostle him and rip the wound she had spent a great deal of energy to heal.


The man was staring her down, making her squirm uncomfortable under his criticizing gaze.

Suddenly he spoke.

"I don't know who you are, but thanks for saving Makio."

Kasumi stiffened at his words, momentarily stunned, before quickly replying with a faint smile.

"You're welcome."

He nodded and began to walk away when Kasumi let out an exclamation.

"Ah! Wait a moment." The man paused and glanced back to see her smiling nervously.

"Um, could you tell the other to move away a bit?" Kasumi asked politely, as deep growl penetrated the air around them.

The man's gaze slid to the ayakashi that was beginning to rise back onto its legs, snarling ferociously as it did. Its wild scarlet eyes were fixed on Kasumi, burning with immense anger, a rage that made her shake inside like a leaf in a howling gale. The man glanced at her worridly, Kasumi could do nothing but offer a forced smile even as Aa bead of sweat rolled down her brow.

"Cause this is going to get really ugly."

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