With Darkness as Our Blanket

- by BiSciFiGuy

Pairing: Harry p. & Draco M.

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or character histories or places or anything except my own plot. No copyright infringement is intended. I am not responsible for any underage readers who come across this story.




Harry stretched as he stood up from the blanket he'd spread on the ground. In the distance he could see the school, the sun twinkling behind it. It's a really lovely day, he thought as he looked around the clearing. The school Quiddich pitch was just off to his right and he could see the Gryffindor team flying around the posts, they looked like flies darting over spoiled food. He checked his watch, Draco was still busy in class so there was time for him to go for a walk.

The walk down the hill was something he'd done many times before but it never really got any easier. Soon his footsteps had taken him back between the big, glistening marble blocks. His lost friends were all buried here. He smiled as he remembered that day, the day of the first anniversary of the Hogwarts attack. It had been one of the worst but greatest days of his life. He bent down to collect a handful of long grass stems, the thick bunch of them feeling cold in his hand. As he made his way to the familiar white tomb he cast a quick transfiguration spell and the grass transformed into a bright bunch of yellow tulips, his and Hermione's favourite flowers. He settled himself on the grass next to the tomb and placed the flowers in the little vase that was set in the stone.

In the Eleven years since he and Draco had been bonded Harry had only been to the graveyard on the anniversary of her death, apart from the day he went to Ron's funeral. His former friend had died five years after Harry had had him moved to St Mungo's. It saddened Harry that Ron had never allowed him to make amends before the end came, but it was much to late to think of that now. His life was moving forward, he was Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts now as well as twice a week teaching classes on war history, which was something he thought was of utmost importance. He still had the urge to sit next to Hermione's tomb and speak to her as though she were still alive but he knew the truth, much more now than he had known it in that year he'd spent deluded by grief into thinking her alive. He stood and patted the tomb once, Hermione's name etched on the side of the stone, Ron's just beneath hers.

"Goodbye". He whispered and made his way back up the hill to the blanket on the soft grass. Everything was set for the picnic, the guests just needed to arrive. Draco was still in the castle, teaching potions to eager students. The new first years were the first generation of Wizards who were born into a time of almost complete peace in the Wizarding world. There hadn't been any dark attacks or aspiring dark lords since the Hogwarts attack and Harry sighed. It was good to live like this, it was good to be alive.

In the distance he saw two shapes coming towards him from the castle. One was a tall, strongly built man and the other a short, petite blonde woman. Harry smiled at them as they arrived on the hill.

"Hi Neville, Luna". He embraced them both, taking the two brightly wrapped boxes Neville was carrying and placing them with the other boxes that were stacked on the grass just off the blanket. Neville was dresses comfortably in jeans and a shirt, his formal teaching coat hanging loose and open from his body. Luna, still her bubbling self was wearing a bright yellow cat-suit that clung to her body like a second skin, and a broad rimmed black hat with a gigantic sunflower on the top.

"Where are the kids?" Harry asked, he'd expected to see Loris and Delia, Neville and Luna's daughters, to come from the school with their parents.

"Oh, the headmistress' class is running late, I suppose that's why none of the children are out here yet". Neville explained. Headmistress McGonagall had given up teaching students several years ago and had begun a pre-first year course for younger students, those who chose to join the class would learn pre-magical tasks as well as techniques to deal with muggle situations along with introductory classes into War history and other subjects. It was the headmistress' pet project and Harry enjoyed sitting in the classes some times just to watch the children stare at her with fascinated eyes and hundreds of questions. Though questions about what it was like to have 'The Creep' always caught Harry off guard, even though he didn't have it anymore, even though it was eradicated thanks to his friend the memory of that time still cut through him like some ancient sword. He had eventually told Draco that he'd had 'The Creep' and the blonde hat taken it much better than expected. He'd feared their relationship would crumble beneath the weight but it didn't, it went through a rough patch for a couple of months but all was forgotten the moment Ginny had gone into labour.

As they waited for the rest of the guests to arrive Harry cast several time slowing spells on the food to prevent the plates from going cold.

"Wow, that's a nice spread". The smooth voice said behind him and Harry twirled around.

"You shouldn't sneak up on people like that you know?" Harry said as he tried to stare his friend down but before he could set his eyes in mock threat he noticed the other man behind his friend.

"George, who is this man behind you?" Harry asked as he embraced George, placing a soft kiss on his cheek in welcome. George had become one of Harry's closest friends after they'd met in the hospital, their bond being their shared history with Cedric. George blushed lightly as he reached out and took the man's hand. He was thin and a little taller than George. His light brown hair was spiked in every direction, the tips dyed blonde. He had pleasant friendly eyes that sparkled in the sunlight.

"Harry, this is my boyfriend Greg Sanders. Greg, this is Harry Potter". Greg reached out his hand and Harry took it, feeling the warmth of this new person, even though so many years had passed since he'd almost died of The Creep, Harry still sucked up new sensations like he was going to die at any moment, trying his best to remember every aspect of it.

"Nice to meet you Harry, George has told me so much about you".

"Good things I hope". Harry felt incredibly vain and idiotic for wondering why the man had such a strange look on his face, as though he was contemplating why there was such a fuss over Harry. Harry turned his eyes to George who in turn smiled his warm, almost loving smile.

"Greg is a muggle, Harry". Harry smiled back at them both and guided them to the picnic blanket and after introductions they settled down in easy conversation.

"Dad! Dad!" Harry looked up a second before a bundle of energy slammed into him, covering his face with kisses and drowning his ears with screams of joy. Harry tumbled back onto the grass and laughed as he lifted his son into the air.

"Hello Georgie". Harry cried as the little blonde boy bounced up and down on his stomach, The dark green eyes reflecting the sunlight and shining like emeralds. He resembled Draco so much, except for the eyes and the nose, which he'd clearly gotten from Draco.

"Dad, today Professor McGonagall told us about how you and Daddy used to be enemies, is that true?" Georgie looked into Harry's eyes, his face anxiously anticipating the answer.

"Yes Georgie, we were, if you can believe that". Harry looked away from their son to see Draco standing above him, he also heard other children running towards them. Harry set Georgie on the grass and stood to embrace Draco, brushing their lips together.

"Hello Professor Dray". Harry whispered, Draco had just passed his final exam and the title was still very new to him. Seamus embraced him next, pulling him into a tight hug before the heavily pregnant Ginny waddled up to him and tried to get her arms around him but her baby bump was a bit too big for her to reach.

"Hey Gin, how are my god children doing?" Harry asked as he placed a hand on her stomach and felt the two little girls move beneath her skin.

"Kicking like crazy, I swear they are trying to move my organs, Seamus says their going to be great soccer players one day, though I don't think my girls are going to be doing anything like that". Both she and Harry laughed when a large group of children suddenly surrounded them, all had come from the pre-first year class and were all excited to see Harry and his family since Harry Potter had been the topic of the day.

Harry knelt down and welcomed the kids. Looking for the short little black haired boy he wanted to see. Neville and Luna's children were tugging at him, Ginny and Seamus' oldest daughter Calliope and her brother Jamey were clinging to his legs while Georgie was trying to climb on his back. Children loved him, no matter where he went they were always attacking him and trying to climb on him, as though he weren't a war hero but a carnival ride. As he stumbled around the picnic place he finally spotted the other boy. The sullen looking child with black hair and silver eyes who stood close to Draco, just staring at the "Silly Children" ,as he liked to refer to them.

"Spencer, Spencer, come here". Georgie's twin just cocked an eyebrow and tried to stare Harry down, something else he had inherited from his other father.

"Fine then, I guess Georgie is going to have to open all the presents himself". This got the boys attention and he made his way slowly towards Harry and after seemingly making a short calculation in his head jumped on Harry's back, clinging to both his father and his twin brother. It was just a bit too much for Harry to bear and he and the children toppled to the ground in a laughing ball.

Later in the day after Happy Birthday had been sung, the boys had blown out the ten candles on their cakes and the presents were opened and the food devoured, the children were playing magical tag in the open field while the adults sat looking down on them. Harry leaned his head against Draco's shoulder and the blonde slid his pale fingers into the tanned ones.

"This was the most perfect day Harry". The blonde whispered and Harry nodded back.

"I love you Dray". Draco lifted his head and caught Harry's lips with his own.

"I could just stay like this forever". Draco said in a seductive voice as Spencer and Georgie came running up to them, both heaving excitedly.

"Dad, will you tell us a story?" Georgie asked and Spencer nodded in agreement, something that hardly ever happened.

"Sure, get the rest of the kids here". The twins scrambled away and soon all the children were at the blanket, sitting around the adults.

"Which story would you like to hear kids?" Harry asked, this must be why they like me so much, I'm a great story teller Harry thought to himself.

"Dad, Tell us the one about how you saved Daddy when you were in the room of Requirement". Georgie asked. Harry loved how their children referred to their parents. He loved being called "Dad", it made him feel needed and strong.

"No Dad, tell the one about how Daddy was turned into a ferret". Spencer declared and Draco cast Harry a warning look.

"Don't you dare Harry Potter, living through it once was bad enough". Harry smiled at his lover before pecking him once on the cheek.

"I haven't heard this story before". George raised his voice from where he was laying on Greg's lap, Greg too seemed terribly interested in the story.

"Oh Harry, you have to tell it then, everyone has to hear that story at least once".

"Hey, is nobody listening to me?" Draco asked indignantly.

"No, not really". Seamus smiled broadly at Draco and winked at Harry, urging him to share.

"Harry, I will kill you if you utter one word about that".

"Now Draco, surely it wasn't that bad". Greg said from the other side of the blanket, he'd quickly become integrated into the little group, it felt as though they had known him for years.

"Not bad, you weren't the one who was forced into you friends pants you know". Draco pouted and folded his arms, it made Harry laugh since it was something their son's mirrored perfectly whenever they didn't get what they want. Harry decided to tell the story then and shifted himself carefully so he could see all the people present.

Ginny was sitting on the ground between Seamus' legs, leaning back against his strong body for support, her face flushed with heat. Seamus in turn was proudly stroking her belly, in less than two weeks their family was going to be two individuals richer.

George was on his back, his head propped up on Greg's folded legs, calmly waiting for Harry to start the story, a little challenge to Draco reflected in his eyes, daring the blonde to protest the story. Greg had his hand in George's hair, rubbing George's scalp leisurely.

Luna and Neville were both on their stomachs, propped up on their elbows. Luna's hideous hat was discarded somewhere behind them. As Harry watched the couple reached out almost at the same time and took hands, holding onto each other for the simple joy of doing so.

And then there was Draco, sitting slightly away from Harry in mock anger, trying his best to look grumpy and sour but a little telltale smile was beginning to form on his lips. Harry knew that soon the blonde would also be reeling with laughter, just like the rest of them.

Between the adult couples the children were scattered like little balls of joy on a playground, each eagerly awaiting Harry's first word. He smiled again and pulled Draco's hand to him and gently kissed the pale skin.

"It all started in fourth year, we were doing this competition…" Harry began and watched Draco's face turn to disbelief.

'Yes', Harry thought, 'This is it, this is right, this is perfect… This is the future I wanted".

~*~ Finis ~*~

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