"Don't you feel anything?" Tracey asked. "I…I… I just don't feel what I feel when I'm with Charlie. I'm sorry for everything." Tracey got up and left. Joey knew she was hurt but it was for the best that she ended it. She sat in the diner alone. Sipping her coffee wondering what her next move should be.


Charlie sat in the sand; she was upset, really upset. She couldn't believe that she had let the best thing in her life slip away so fast. She sat there in her own self pity and realized that not all was lost. That there was still a way she might be able to get Joey back. Joey did still love her, didn't she?

She sat up and headed straight to the diner. She walked fast wanting to get there as soon as possible. She wasn't thinking she was acting on her feelings. She had to do this. She didn't care what any one else thought. She had to put her happiness first. She marched into the diner and searched for Joey. There she was on the couch reading a magazine. Charlie marched straight up to her not even noticing anyone else. "Joey…" Joey turned around and saw Charlie. Charlie wrapped her arms around Joey's neck and leaned in and kissed her passionately.

Joey was shocked. It took a few seconds but then she reacted and kissed her back. "I love you Joey." Charlie said. "Ohh Charlie, I love you too." Charlie didn't care that everyone was staring at them. "Yes, that's right everyone. I'm in love with Joey Collins." She yelled at their audience.

Well… that's the end of my story. Sorry it was so short.

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