Stop fighting Over Me

Stop fighting Over Me!

I don't' own Tenchi Muyo. Scene: The same old thing. Ryoko and Ayeka fighting over Tenchi.

Ryoko: He's mine! (tugs on Tenchi's left sleeve)

Ayeka: Stop it, Ryoko! (tugs on his right)

Tenchi: Girls stop! Please!

Sasami: (hangs her head) It never ends.

Mihoshi: (trying to calm them down) Let's not fight! Why don't you try sharing?

Little Washuu: (holding a beaker) Would you cut it out? I'm trying to work here!

Tenchi: Help me!!!

Ryoko: Okay! (tugs on him harder)

Ayeka: Leave Tenchi alone! (tugs harder)

Sasami: They won't stop!

Ryo-ohki: (bummed out) Meow!!

Sasami: Yeah, I know!

Tenchi's grandfather: What's going on here?

Tenchi: It's all your fault grandfather!! Ayeka has the hots for me! If you hadn't left Juri, none of this would've happened! Aaaugh!

Ayeka: Calm down, Tenchi!

Tenchi's grandfather: (not in the least surprised) Oh…is that all??

Tenchi: No! Ryoko likes me too!

Mihoshi: Uh, don't forget me!

Little Washuu: and me!!

Sasami: Don't you like me?

Tenchi: (struggles out of the girl's grasp) Okay, just listen to me for a moment!?

Ryoko and Aeyka: (sighs) Oh, all right.

Tenchi: Now, Ryoko, I know you've been watching me since I was a baby and you've wanted to play with me, but when I found you, you tried to kill me!!

Ryoko: I was just playing.

Ayeka: Oh, well, he's mine!

Tenchi: Wait, Ayeka, you're an…well, an alien. And kind of, well, like my aunt! You're like 700 years older than me! Maybe it's okay for you to marry family on Juri, but on Earth, that's now how we do things!!

Ayeka: But Tenchi….your grandfather married a human….

Tenchi: Now, would you excuse me, but I have to go to school! (picks up bag).

Sasami: Here's your lunch, Tenchi!

Tenchi: Thanks….And maybe I will meet a girl, my own race and my own age!! (slams door behind him) Whew…I'd thought I'd never get them off my back.

Ayeka and Ryoko: (holding each other and whining)…iiii!! Tenchiiiiii!!!! Whaaaa!

End: Now I bet some of you might not like it, considering that you think Tenchi might look good with either of Ayeka or Ryoko and even Sasami! But, be realistic, would you want to get romantically envolved with an alien that's actually centuries older than you? I don't' care if Ayeka appears to be 17, she really is like 800 years old or something! And Ryoko's a demon or a 'space pirate' that she calls herself, but I always get tired of Ryoko and Ayeka fighting over Tenchi and he doesn't do anything to stop it!